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Top 20 Product Reviews and Service Ratings Sites You Can Trust

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Do you often shop online for items or services? It can take a while to browse through page after page of information on each product or service and the reviews that so many people put up are often tough to weed through to find honest thoughts or ones that pertain to exactly what you need. It can be very frustrating to weed through the reviews online. Do you know how to sort through reviews to tell which are real and which might be phony?


It isn’t always easy to determine which websites are the most reliable when it comes to finding great product or service reviews. You could spend hours searching the internet for those websites or you can take a look at these 20 best product and service review sites. Skip the search and go right for the best review sites out there.

Product Reviews


Before purchasing a product, it is good to know what others think of it. It is especially important if the item costs a lot of money and is new on the market. Nothing is worse than not being informed about the quality of it!

1. Consumer Reports

A very detailed website, Consumer Reports provides reviews on products, services and safety. It is open for consumers, like you, to post your reviews of these things. This way, when other want to use the same service or products, they can be informed.

2. Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon, if you want to purchase through them, has thousands upon thousands of reviews on millions of products. Read the reviews that people leave, know more about the product and search to compare prices, it is an all-around win-win.

3. Reviewing This

A website dedicated to showing you just about every product, service or item you can think of. With categories that cover just about every topic, you can find the item you’re looking to learn more on easily and effectively. Do a simple search and be brought to the exact product, complete with links to buy them right on Reviewing This.

4. Epinions

Have you ever wanted to know how good that kitchen appliance was? What about that electronic gadget? You can find reviews on every product you can think of right on Epinions. The website is always looking for others that want to add their reviews, as well.

5. Good Housekeeping

Not as thorough as the others, Good Housekeeping does provide great information on household, garden, tools, kitchen, clothes and more. It is also great for searching specific products or requesting reviews of specific products making it ideal for those searching for a reputable website with honest reviews.

Caregiver Reviews


Finding a caregiver for your children or pets is important. Hiring just anyone is not recommended, though. It is important to find reputable caregivers for the needs that you have. These websites have shown that they provide thorough background checks if requested, as well as honest reviews from people who have used the services of the caregivers.


One of the most known caregiver review websites out there, they have multiple sections of professionals provided a wide range of care services. Sign up for a free account and browse the thousands of caregivers that can provide a wide range of services. Get matched with the perfect one.

7. Caregiver List

Caregiver List is a thorough website that provides caregivers with employment opportunities, but also matches seniors with the perfect ones. Providing thorough background checks, as well as considering the caregiver’s work history, it is an ideal place to find the perfect service for your loved one.

Construction Service Reviews


The work that is done to your home is important. Hiring the right contractors to do the construction work is just as important. Read reviews from other homeowners that have used the services of those by you. You’ll be thankful to know which are worth hiring and which might not be.

8. Home Advisor

Just as the name implies, this website is one that advises you on everything that has to do with your home. From contractors to plumbers, electricians and more, you can learn about the local professionals in your area and how they rate with Home Advisor.

9. Zillow

Zillow is known as a website for searching for houses, they also provide reviews on contractors and other home professionals. This helps you make the best choice on which is highly rated for your area, as well as what others thought of them.

10. Angie’s List

Very popular across the web, Angie’s List is dedicated to sharing information about professionals on a large scale. Contractors are just one of the many, many professionals they rate, review and share experiences with.

11. Contractors Today

This website not only lets consumers know where to find contractor licensing information in all 50 states of the United States, but it also provides referrals for licensed contractors in a variety of contractor areas. Areas of service range from Air Conditioning specialists to Window Contractors and an assortment of areas of expertise in between.With the help of this website, you can learn which contractors in the area are great for your construction project.

Business Reviews


Ever wondered what that business was up too? Want to know more about what they do? How does their service rate when compared to other services like it in the area? All of this can be known through the help of these top-rated business review sites.

12. Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a big website that so many know of and use. You can find in-depth reviews of businesses from consumers and the website also checks businesses to find out if they’re reputable or not. This gives consumers more safety when working with any company out there.

13. Bing Places

Just like Yelp and Yahoo, Bing Places will give you a list of information on every business you can think of. Just search for the business to get their contact information and read reviews from customers or clients they’ve worked with in the past, easy!

14. Yelp

Yelp is a business tool for so many small businesses, but it also helps consumers locate and learn more about those businesses they’re interested in. In an easy to use interface, you can even put your own reviews down for others to see. Whether the experience was good, bad or anything in between, have it published to help others.

15. Yahoo! Tech Reviews

Yahoo works in the same way that Yelp does. It provides a public place for the company to advertise their services or products, but it also gives consumers a way to share their experiences with these businesses. A large marketplace of consumers and businesses lurk here, giving you a good chance at finding exactly what you’re looking for.

16. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a little different on the way they do reviews. Former and current employees can rate the business based on the way they treat, pay and work with employees. If you’re considering a job at a business, check Glassdoor for more information straight from other employees.

17. Foursquare

Foursquare is a common social site for people to check into their favorite places and share with others. It has since upgraded to allow users to share more personal feelings and thoughts about the companies. If you regularly use Foursquare, check out their new review section.

18. Manta

Allowing businesses to get listed, it provides users with a way to search for just about any business near them, read information on the business and even read other’s experiences. The site is clean and laid out nicely, so you never need to worry about not being able to find what you’re looking for.

B2B Reviews


19. G2 Crowd

Even businesses need help searching for the right tools. With G2 Crowd, all those software platforms and various business services are unveiled. You can skip the expensive choices and go straight for something affordable and works great according to reviews from other businesses.

20. Hundredx

Hundredx is a business that works for businesses. Providing valuable feedback on the business, gathering consumer reviews and placing them in one area to help the business get more business, the reviews they provide are all placed on their website.

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