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20 Best Product & Service Review Sites from Experts

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Expert reviews for products and services can be a great insight for the consumer when making a difficult choice on a purchase. If the product or service is expensive it can be especially difficult for regular customers without in-depth knowledge to make a purchase and choose the best course of action. There is a large number of sites on the internet who deal in reviews so you should always look for a few reviews on any topic you want so you can compare and cross reference.


In this way, you will also avoid sponsored reviewers and the subjective opinion of a reviewer. The person reviewing some product or service is a person after all and no matter how big of an expert he or she is they can have some subjective preferences that would not suit you as a user of the product.

Let`s check out some amazing sites that will definitely give you and educated opinion on whatever you want to get!


Epinions is a great starting point. It is basically a review library and you can find many reviews here on anything you can think of. Basically, it would be a difficult challenge to find something on this website you don`t at least have one review on. The sheer amount of information on this website is a good recommendation for it to be your go-to place to start your research.

2. Cnet Reviews


If you are in the market for some electronics Cnet is the place for you. Cnet staffers give a great overall review of all sorts of gadget reviews meant for business as well as personal use. There is a bit of input from the users as well to get the complete picture but mostly if you are looking for expert advice on a large variety of gadgets, Cnet is the place to go!

3. Sazze

A lot of review sites don`t have the most polished looks. The emphasis Is on the sheer amount of information available mostly gives these sites a bit of a cluttered feel. Where they fail Sazze shines as it is incredibly easy to use with a nice looking and practical interface. There are featured products on the main page and from there it is easy to navigate to a large variety of reviews on many different products.

4. Reevoo

Reevoo is a good little site that has more focus than most sites that do reviews. It falls into the category of better-looking sites with better user interface. Reevoo has a few categories that you can choose from, it focuses on phones and computing, entertainment, home & diy and toys and baby. It also has a combination of professional expert reviews and user experience.

5. Crowdstorm

Crowdstorm is a great little site that allows you to either browse products and reviews yourself or you have an option to seek expert help on any topic or product category you want! Less appealing and a bit more confusing to use than others on this list.

6. Digital Photography Review


If you are into photography this is the place for you. It is common knowledge that a good camera and equipment for it can be extremely expensive so you need to do in-depth research before you decide to spend big bucks. It has amazingly detailed product reviews and comparisons, basically, it has everything you need to buy the best camera for your money!

7. CompareSix

CompareSix does exactly what its name implies. You get product comparisons in the form of charts and various different useful information. It has a large roster of categories to choose from and it is easy to use!

8. The Verge

The Verge is one of the industry giants when it comes to tech reviews. A trusted source of all kinds of information you will find everything you need that is tech related on the Verge. They follow the latest trends and are always up to date on newest gadgets!

9. RoadBikeReview


Another solely focused review website RoadBikeReview is the place to go if you are looking for a new bike. Basically, any kind of bike you want, track, cross, city this place has expert advice on what to buy and what specifications you should go for.

10. PC Mag

On PC Mag you will find expert advice on anything pc related. They have spread their area to mobile devices and other interesting tech but still the go-to place if you are looking to buy or build your pc or to get a laptop.

11. Caranddriver

Car and driver focuses on cars mostly. You will get great car reviews, comparisons from the same car classes, mileage to the gallon, the price of maintenance and much other useful information when choosing your next garage pet.

12. Ebestpicks


Ebestpicks has plenty of categories on anything you can imagine and It categorizes well and gives expert advice on anything you can imagine! It is a trusted source of reliable information and expert comprehensive reviews.

13. Wired

Another famous online name, Wired`s in-house experts will review for you all the latest tech and cool gadgets like smart shoes, smart clothes, and many more interesting stuff. Phone and pc comparison and reviews are their bread and butter.

14. Comparaboo

Comparaboo is a sort of a review search engine. You search for a product or service you would like to get and it pulls the results from hundreds of professional articles and user reviews to give you the best rated results on lowest possible prices!

15. Slant

Slant is a great product review site with a very specific search engine options that make your search better and customizable for your needs. For example, best mobile games that are free to pay and without in-app purchases. Awesome!

16. Which?


Which is a great comprehensive product review site that has plenty of expert information in a well-rounded package. It is mostly for UK users, be advised!

17. Angie`s List

Angie`s list is a great professional grade reviewer site on various services that are mostly related. It is very user-friendly with even phone support if you get truly stuck and can`t get find what you are looking for on your own.


One of the best-looking websites for reviews in my personal opinion. Everything you need is there just a click away. It has the usual categories but in the sea of so many others user interface truly counts for something!


A nice overall choice if you are looking for a comprehensive review site that has a lot to offer when it comes to products and services as well. Nice looking and easy to use and navigate.

Using these websites, you will get the information you need to make an educated informed decision on whatever product or service you are looking for and for the best price. Always remember to cross-reference a few to see which products are best overall regardless of the site!

Uros Pavlovic is a strategic sourcing manager with a strong background in HR. Besides this, he is a passionate freelance writer and digital marketing expert and a partner for a few startups.

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