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Top 27 Websites to List Your Business Online

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If you want your customers to find you easier and learn about what your business has on offer, place your business information on the following top 27 websites and get your business listed online.


1. Google Places for Business

The top number one spot goes to Google Places for Business and one of your priorities when in need of listing your website online. Google is now the number one search engine as it receives over 8 billion searches per day. The advantage of listing your business with Google Places is that it is straightforward and free.

Your business will not only appear in the search engines, but on Google Maps as well. If your clients are happy with your products or service, they can leave you a review on your Google+ page. This helps you to build credibility, especially if clients leave positive reviews.

2. Bing Places for Business


Compared to Google, Bing Places for businesses fairs quite well. If users are not searching on Google the chance is that, they are using Bing. With Bing, you can register for free and it is easy and quick. You can add numerous company locations at a time and you can include your industry content such as videos, photos, and more.

3. Yahoo! Yext

Yahoo has been a popular search engine for many years and brings in millions of searches per day. The Yahoo Local Basic listing if free and you can include content such as photos and your business descriptions plus more for an additional cost. You can get the highest exposure for your business when listed on 40+ other directories for an extra amount payable to them.

4. Yelp – For Consumer Reviews

Yelp is the place to list as it is one of the websites that customers find reviews online. Create your own Yelp account and present your clients with great deals. Use the Yelp reporting tool and view different trade trends online!

5. MerchantCircle – Connect with Local Customers


If you are a small business and want to connect with local customers MerchantCircle is the online directory to do this. With them, you can connect with other businesses and they have some great free marketing tools to build your online business. Target your audience as it is geographically localised and has the ability to boost your listing when advertised. You can even host your company blog on MerchantCircle.

6. Yellow Pages – The Modern Day Phone Book

List your business with the Yellow Pages that is an organised directory that helps you with lead generation, advertising, and different online payment options. The Yellow Pages receives millions of searches all over the world per day.

7. The White Pages – Equivalent to Your Local Phone Directory

Make your business contact information available to over 250 million users via the White Pages. List your business with them and use their premium text message service for your mobile marketing. You can also receive sponsored advertisement opportunities to use.

8. The Manta Online Directory


Manta alone receives over 35 million visitors on a monthly basis. It is one of the fastest growing business directories. If you want to increase your website, traffic with paid trade optimisation packages this is the directory for you. Set up your account within minutes and let Manta highlight your products and services on your profile.

9. Citysearch – Entertainment and Leisure Listings

If you are in the entertainment and leisure business, you will want to add your website to Citysearch. It is free and updating your profiles easy once listed. They give you city guides in the most popular cities throughout the world. They have a vast network of partners, including MerchantCircle, Expedia and more. Your profile includes an exciting, welcoming message for your audience. The best is that clients can access the business listing through the mobile app as well.

10. – Free Business Directory

Another free business directory is and powered by They give their searcher’s information on about everything going on in different cities, deals, events, and information on trendy businesses. You receive added advertising options with coupons to attract clients. You also receive resources to ensure that your business is listed across the web correctly.


11. MapQuest – Web Mapping Service

Bring your local clients to your business with MapQuest. If you are trying to get your customers to visit your premises in specific locations they will help you get the word out there. They give users detailed information on driving directions to your business and costs you a weekly fee. You have a centralised dashboard where you can manage your listing across different sites and a paid service.

12. Foursquare – Popular Business Directory


Foursquare is a popular social networking platform and directory. With them, your clients can check in and leave comments leading to more clientele for your business. You can connect your twitter account so that users can tweet you and you can add a map where clients can check in. Alternatively, they have a popular mobile app as well.

13. Angie’s List – A Well Respected Directory

Angie’s list is a well-respected directory that gives customers accurate and reliable reviews. If you want to build an online reputation and receive positive reviews, best to get your business listed on Angie’s List. They give you online reputation management with the ability to read and respond to different reviews. Additionally, you receive helpful business tools included.

14. AskCity with launched a great local search application known as AskCity. On the screen, clients can map a route, make their dinner reservations online, or buy movie tickets with e-mail plans. Advertising on varies in price.

15. Kudzu – Similar to Angie’s List

By adding your business to Kudzu, consumers can find you in their local area. Add your contact information, website address, your area of service and expertise to your basic profile. All listings are free and you have different options available to advertise.

16. HotFrog Australia

HotFrog Australia is relevant to more than 38 different countries and you can add your company information free. It is a small business hub for all local businesses in Australia. You can take advantage of their NAP citation and Google Map presence where clients can leave testimonials and reviews.

17. StartLocal


Another local business directory that received millions of visitors is StartLocal. The only thing when listing with them is that you must have a physical address. You can manually edit your information and gives your clients the ability of leaving a review. You can also create a trade blog that your clients can follow.

18. AussieWeb – A High Web Traffic Platform

For high web traffic, AussieWeb is one of the elders in online business directories. The head office is situated in Brisbane. You receive a map of your business location, contact information, and contact details. Your visitors can rate your listing bases on your service and you receive social media exposure. This is a free local business listing.

19. Yalwa – Operating in 40 Different Countries

Yalwa gives your business a great exposure as it operates in 40 different countries. Visitors vote according to their experience with local business and are a free listing website.

20. BrownBook

This is an open and a local company directory for small to large trades. If you want to be found, list your details on the BrownBook, as it is a popular search engine. Add your business photos, video, and descriptions of your company. If you make edits or add information to your business, the listings featured on the home page.

21. Flying Solo

If you are looking for more than just advertising Flying Sol gives you a real community you can network with. Start your own discussion with other members. They accept guest posts as well. For exposure, they have more than 80,000 members and the best thing is that you can link back your posts to your website as stated in their guidelines. They draw attention to new clients and have an advertising system available at additional costs.

22. Oneflare – A Hybrid Directory

This hybrid and quote marketplace is a personal favourite of many people. They focus on selling leads and not much on basic listings. They have the Renovate Forum that gives more than 45,000 users access. It has also become the latest rage if you have an e-commerce website. They give you a clean interface and finding profiles is easy as well as the request quotes section.

23. Service Central


Service Central presents you with verified reviews. They have a system that sends unfulfilled job requests, making sure that each request gets adequate response. It may not boast the same type of SEO metrics compared to other marketplaces but generates loads of customers.

24. Service Seeking

Service Seeking is part of a growing network that gives you result driven results. Here you pay for actual sales leads and present you with a quote comparison and qualified leads to different service agencies. They present you with different plans at different prices and all depends on your type of industry.

25. Ersatz Australian Directory

The Ersatz Australian Directory is creative, interactive, and engaging directory. You can add as much content of your business as you like all free. Load sliders, documents, images, or videos for your clients to see and access at any time. If you want to improve, your search results add your listing with them by using your specific keywords in the name of your service or products.

26. DirectoryAustralia

Another directory is the DirectoryAustralia that used to be a free listing directory with a link to your website. However, recently you have to present them with a completed form with detailed information to receive a free quote.

27. Nationwide

Nationwide is a business directory of Australia. If you want to reach the local private sector, you can list your details with them. You can present your clients with your contact details and information related to your trade. This is not a free listing directory site and they give you different packages with SEO submissions.

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