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Top 30 Websites for Listing Your Company & Business Online

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Listing your company on the web is one of the most important things to do for your company. Business listings lead to more exposure and of course, provide an outlet for a client to review and share their experience. Take a look at the best 30 places to list your company below.


1. Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business

The Yahoo! business directory has been one of the top business listing choices for years, today the Yahoo! small business directory is known to be Aabaco Small Business. This company has purchased Yahoo!’s business directory and enhanced the directory allowing more listing options for the average business owner.

Advantages of Listing: Aabaco will list a business across 60 other directories on the web.

2. BBB

The BBB is a great web directory for businesses to be listed in. The BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. This is a trusted and quality directory to list your business in.


Advantages: BBB has a review page for clients to share or report companies. Unlike other business directories on the web, the BBB Rates a company from A to F.

3. Yelp

Yelp is one of the most popular and active business directories that your company should be listed in. There are over 100 million business reviews around the world on yelp.

Advantages: Yelp is a great visual directory that provides clients easy access to find services of their choice. Yelp also has a launched popular app that is used by millions of active reviews.

4. Google Business

Google is one of the most trusted and number one ranking search engines in today’s time. Having your company listed on Google businesses should be a priority. When a visitor types in your website on Google Search, a company profile will be listed on the right-hand side.

Advantages: Business listing will be placed on Google Maps. Google Business will allow clients to review businesses on Google Plus.

5. Bing Places

Bing is the second most used search engine. Bing Places offer a quick and free sign up for companies to get listed.


Advantages: Companies can showcase media items (photos and videos) on Bing Places.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform that allows business owners to connect with one another and share their business details.

Advantages: A company may claim their business ownership on LinkedIn and connect with all their co-workers, mutual business connections, form groups and share their personal resume right on their business page.

7. Yellowpages

The big yellow phone book has now upgraded to the Internet. Yellowpages enables a company to list their primary details on its web directory. This organized phone book receives so many hits a day, that it is likely for a company to receive a lead.


Advantages: Yellowpages receives over a million searches a day. Yellowpages also has great advertising options that reach many customers.

8. Whitepages

Whitepages is another greatly trusted source to list your company. About 30 million businesses have been listed in Whitepages today. Whitepages is a large database that includes phone numbers, home addresses, and company contact information.

Advantages: A client will know that your business information is up to date if seen that it is listed on Whitepages. Whitepages has sponsored advertising options.

9. Facebook

Facebook has billions of users active every day. With so many active individuals, a company should create a custom business page on Facebook. Future customers will base a companies popularity and reputation on its Facebook page likes.


Advantages: Facebook business page allows customer reviews, likes on the business page, and has a platform for a company to share new posts! Facebook has advertising options that target customers with the related likes in the desired business industry.

10. Map Quest

Map Quest is a prominent local directory to list and claim your company profile in. Just like the name, this directory pinpoints a business address on a map. Map Quest is known for bringing businesses local clients.

Advantages: This listing allows the regular business owner to include company photos, updated business address easily, and even give parking directions on their business profile.

11. Foursquare

Foursquare is the newest and ever-growing social media platform that is excellent for business popularity! This social media platform keeps track of live clients that have entered into a business location. Foursquare also allows business owners to list any special coupons through their Foursquare company profile.


Advantages: If a client has gone to a business address, he or she can ‘check in’ and it will show on the public Foursquare business profile. Foursquare will record the count check-ins.

12. Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is a trusted place to list your business. Merchant Circle provides free marketing tools for companies. This site also offers a place for clients to review a company and an opportunity for the business owner to respond back to their company reviews.

Advantages: Easy to sign up. Merchant Circle has millions of visitors a month!

13. Manta

Manta has over 20 million website visitors each month. This is a directory that keeps expanding in popularity. Excellent for local listings and increases customer trust level. There are 1,000 companies joining Manta every single day.

Advantages: A company has the option of uploading company logos and releasing specific business details, recommendation letters, and social media accounts on their public company profile.

14. Angie’s List

Angie’s list has been around for a very long time. With age, comes respect. This is yet another quality web directory to claim your company profile on.

Advantages: Angie’s list provides a category based divide for business. Example, it is easy for the average client to search for a company in terms of category (Location and Service Type). Angie’s list also has a messaging center, which allows clients to personally message companies.

15. Hot Frog

Hot Frog has over 1 million visits a month. Hot Frog doesn’t limit companies when it comes to adding details! Hot Frog promotes companies and states that each business can add as much detail as they would like on their profile.


Advantages: Easy sign up. Search engine friendly. Hot Frog includes keyword tracking tools.

16. City Slick

Just like the name, City Slick provides companies a slick way to list their business and target local clients.

Advantages: Provides other related listings on every business page. The average person on City Slick can search a company by typing in a key phrase, entering a zip coding, and selecting the distance from that zip code in miles.

17. City Search

City Search allows business owners to list their company or claim their listing easily. Companies have the option to add special events onto their City Search business profile.

Advantages: Links related companies. Allows questions and answer options for customers on the business page.

18. The Business Journal

The Business Journal offers the most accurate business news and allows companies to claim their business profile. The average company profile listing on this website shows a visual Google Map on the right-hand side that points out a companies location, displays business hours, web URL, phone, and allows business to write a small description of their services.


Advantages: Popular and trusted domain. Sections companies by location, category, and list if a company has claimed their profile with a green check.

19. Kudzu

Kudzu is another growing online business listing platform. It allows companies to claim their profile. Kudzu includes real company success stories on its website! Kudzu allows client reviews to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

Advantages: Kudzu has very interesting advertising opportunities. The average AD will show a company photo, video, description, phone, and review.

20. Magic Yellow

Magic Yellow is another essential business listing that every business owner must have on the web. Magic Yellow provides a business owner the option to claim or add a new listing. Magic Yellow gives options to any web visitor to share a business profile through email, print or sending a text.

Advantages: Magic Yellow showcases recently added business directly on the Magic Yellow homepage.

21. EZ Local

EZ Local is a business directory that targets local searches. It provides company multi-tag options and allows a business to add tons of detail from payment options to special services on the company profile.


Advantages: Unique Picture filter. Any business owner can claim a business profile for free on EZ Local.

22. US Directory

The US Directory is a trusted source that lists companies located in the US. It allows companies to track their company profile/viewer search activity easily.

Advantages: Provides an easy map view of company location. Allows the ordinary viewer to send the company profile with a text message.

23. Dex Knows

Dex Knows is a user-friendly business listing directory. It separates companies into different categories and has an alphabetical filter on the web page. Dex Knows allows business to add multiple key phrase tags to increase their listing visibility search.

Advantages: Business owners can track their online reputations right from Dex Knows dashboard.

24. Discover Our Town

Discover Our Town is a visually creative web listing. The home page shows the US map and categorizes each state by a different color. This directory is known for its listing format. The Discover Our Town directory provides a business URL redirect directly on the title tag through the listing search.

Advantages: Shows the people population in every state.

25. Map Creator

Map creator allows business to list their company easily. Map creator places a company location on a map with a checkered flag and displays their profile on the left-hand side.


Advantages: Easy search. Innovative way to find a company’s location.

26. Get Fav

Get Fav is map business listing. When a web visitor searches on Get Fav, they will select their location, select the type of business, and Get Fav will display multiple listings of the type of business selected on a large map.

Advantages: User-friendly web visuals. Easy to map view.

27. Thumbtack

Thumbtack provides an efficient way for the average user to search a business. Thumbtack is a great place to list your business. Upon search, a web visitor will go through a series of questions to determine the right service for the visitor.

Advantages: Questioner. Thumbtack allows key phrase search and lists key suggestions.

28. YellowBot

YellowBot is another great listing site to list your business. YellowBot provides an easy sign-up form, attracts customers to your profile, and allows a company to tag their profile with tags.

Advantage: Allows a company to list business reviews from other website listings.

29. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a US and International listing site that has millions of website visitors a month. Trip Advisor is one of the most popular places to list your business.

Advantage: Trip Advisor provides a regular web visitor options to purchase multiple services on the site such as a Hotel, Rental, Restaurant, and other Services at once.

30. SuperPages

SuperPages is an online business directory that provides local listings to companies across the nation.

Advantages: A company can claim and edit their listing easily on super pages. The SuperPages listing allows a company to add photos, videos, hours of operation, language spoken and payment options on their profile.

List your company in any or all of the listing provided above to increase company reputation on the web and gain customer exposure.

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