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27 Real Estate Websites & Tools for Property Agents, Realtors & Brokers

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Being a successful real estate agent is not as difficult as you thought if you know how to fully utilize some powerful websites and tools available on the net. These real property online resources are very useful in helping you to reach prospects in your region, negotiate the best price for sellers and get the latest market info, trends and pricing data.


Previously we’ve posted an article introducing some useful real estate sites and tools to assist home buyers finding the best bargains. Today, we would like to share a huge list of popular sites and powerful services for realtors instead. If you are looking to sell or rent your house, you can be your own agent by using below 27 tools to get the best deal!

Useful Websites for Professional Realtors


City-Data provides a comprehensive information and statistics about all US cities. It covers almost everything from real property prices, crime data, and cost of living to local poverty details and air pollution. All you need to do is search on the site by using the name of city, state, county, or zip code. City-Data is perfect for those who want to do real estate marketing research.

Yahoo! Home
Yahoo! Home is one of the most comprehensive property listing sites on the net. It offers home sellers, buyers and renters all the necessary information, tools and other real estate resources. Whether you want to sell house, do market research or get a loan, Yahoo! Home is the place to go.

Google AdWords
The Google’s PPC (pay per click) program is one of the easiest ways for real estate agents to generate more leads and sales. Through the advertising service, you can target your prospect buyers by both keyword and location, and determine the cost based on your affordability and campaign’s objectives. Another beauty of it is that you can track the return of investment in real time with all the necessary conversion data.

Google Maps
Needless to say, Google Maps is considered the best online map you can find on the Web. Not only you can use it to find out the exact location of any property, but you can list/display properties on the map giving a clear picture of the property’s surrounding area to your prospect buyers.

This is online property management software that you can consider if you want to be a professional realtor. It offers all-in-one solutions from marketing, management to accounting, helping you work efficiently on a daily basis.

Google Earth
With Google Earth’s 3D satellite imagery, you can list your property in the service’s KML data format to target sophisticated customers/home buyers. It’s also a perfect tool to do real estate research and presentation.

Google Places
Most of the people search real property information, professionals and brokers through Google. Thus it’s important to register and submit your business listing on Google Places to make sure that your business information and contact details appear on the search results.

Google SketchUp
If you want to create or modify a property model in 3D for presentation purposes, Google SketchUp is the place to go. You can even place them on Google Earth allowing your customers to visualize its surroundings better. The online tool has numbers of video tutorials and comprehensive Help Center assisting you to get started easily.

Agent Evolution
Agent Evolution lets you create a professional real estate agent website powered by WordPress. To help you get started easier, Agent Evolution provide you with training, video tutorials and live Webinars, teaching you how to create and share content effectively on the site and across social networking sites.

Google Maps API
If you own a website to sell or rent property, why not consider to adding interactive maps using Google Maps API? With the listing details displayed on the maps and satellite imagery, it visually helps the potential buyers to get their right home easier and faster. Additionally, Google Maps API can be used to display the location of your office with the necessary direction info.

Real Property Listing Websites


A widely used real estate site where you can find homes, rent apartment, check mortgage rate, and get advice from professionals.

Trulia is another great site to find homes for sales and rooms for rent. It gives you comprehensive real estate market information, trends and insight assisting you to find out where’s the best place to buy, invest and rent.

HotPads, the map-based real property site makes listing and searching home for sale or rent an apartment a breeze.

This online real estate brokerage site displays all the property information you need to know before purchasing any houses. Additionally you can search realtor database, past sales reports and previous buyer’s reviews.

On the ZipRealty site, you can find current MLS listings, professional realtors, homes for sale and current real estate trends.

Craigslist is the largest classified ads site where you can find almost everything. Housing wise, you can find home/apartments for sale, housing swap, offices, parking, rooms, sublets, etc.

Street Easy
This is a great site to search New York City’s real estate and Manhattan apartments for sale/rent.
On, you can find local information, check your home’s market value, and find your dream home or high ROI property.

This is “for sale by owner” real estate site that provides property listings in the US and Canada.

Estately is MLS based real property website listing comprehensive and accurate homes for sale.

Another real property site to search best homes, find professional realtors and check home’s market value.

Top Websites to Find Home, Apartment and Room for Rent

The site offers any kind of houses for rent especially apartments and condos. It displays videos and photos, even with 360 degree views.
As the name implies, is a very popular site for searching house or apartment for rent, by city, state, zip code, and other options.

Apartment Ratings
The site offers reliable reviews and ratings of apartment by renters. It’s one of the best sites to find home/room for rent.

This is another good site to find homes for rent. To find an apartment best suits your lifestyle needs, you can enter location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

PadMapper is a location based search engine where you can find the best apartment or house to rent. All the listings are taken from hundreds of sites including,, etc.

Roomster is roommate search engine that lets you easily find affordable rooms and friendly roommates.


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