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Top 30 Best Project Management Tools that Boost Productivity

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Project Management” is an often heard term in today’s structured businesses. It mainly deals with activities in context with managing the project like dividing the task into smaller milestones, assigning tasks to team, keeping a track on progress, utilizing advanced tools or innovative techniques to accomplish a certain goal.


To achieve an effective and fruitful project workflow, one needs to be capable enough to track and lead various stages of the complete project. Adding to this, digitization has contributed a lot to satisfy this need and boost productivity with various web-based tools designed by experts.

Bringing in the power of web-based project management tools helps you to drive an efficient growth in a long-term. Having to mention, below is a list of 30 best project management tools that you can consider while contributing towards your business growth.

1. Trello


This project management platform is in the form of a ‘visual board’ filled with Trello cards, lists, and Apps being used by your team. It has almost everything that you need to have a successful project management. You can easily open a Trello card to dive in detail for a specific task. Here, you can easily add your comments, attachments, labels, due dates and more in it. Furthermore, you can easily bring in more people to your board by simply drag and drop features. It has been favored by many startups and Fortune 500 companies as a most convenient way to collaborate between different teams.

Note: According to Google’s trend, Trello is among the 3 most popular project management tool that enhances your workflow while organizing & prioritizing tasks or projects.

2. Slack


Built on various security measures, Slack makes your project management simpler, productive, and pleasant. It allows you to create your own preferred communication channels varying on your project, topic or team’s need. This efficient project management tool gets you covered in every critical business scenario. Whether you wish to deploy code, finalize a budget, hire a new employee or measuring on A/B test etc., Slack assists you wonderfully.

Note: With Slack, you get a safe environment while managing organizational data due to its adherence to many security certifications like CSA, 2FA, SOC 3, NIST 800-171, and more. So, you can choose to have its support without worrying about the safety of your data.

3. ZOHO Projects


ZOHO Projects is a powerful web-based software that is being used by more than one million businesses worldwide. You can opt for this effective project management tool for planning projects, assigning tasks, communicating effectively with a detailed progress report on projects. One of the added advantages that come with ZOHO is its seamless integration with various other apps and 3rd party apps inclusive of slack, GitHub, Zoho CRM, Dropbox and more.

Note: The major aim of ZOHO projects is to favor your every project into a success story with its power-packed features.

4. Asana


It is a well-known project management system that offers you a friendly interface to be in a live activity stream. With its powerful dashboard, you can keep yourself informed on any changes or updates on your running projects and teams working with. Ranging from Marketing campaigns to product launch, you will get the easiest way to track all.

Note: A perfect web-based platform to plan and structure your work where you can stay in sync and execute the project easily without any friction.

5. Jira


Ranging from project management to issue & bug tracking and managing workflow, JIRA covers all. It offers you an out-of-the-box workflow that you can customize on your own as per your team’s work process. JIRA comes with an easy integration of hundreds of other developer tools that you are already using like Bitbucket, Confluence etc. This software is not limited to your desktops only and you can utilize it when you’re on the go with your mobile device. It offers you both iOS and Android-powered apps to fulfill this need.

Note: JIRA project management software is among the agile web-based tools that are being preferred for various software development and project management activities (real-time visualizations, reporting, tracking bugs & issues etc.)

6. Confluence


Confluence brings a new era of how teams work together on a project to maximize productivity. It allows your project to execute faster while letting you create, share & collaborate on projects all in a single place. It offers you a centralized place to support team & content collaboration and maintain team’s work in an effective manner. You will experience a whole new level with Confluence to create, publish, organize, share and get together teams to work on projects while progressing at a faster pace. This powerful project management tool is also available for mobile where you can easily track your team’s activity and maintain a perfect sync between desktop and mobile.

Note: Trusted by 40,000 users worldwide, Confluence comes with simple plans at simple pricing along with a 7-Day Free Trial.

7. Basecamp


A perfect web-based project management tool that helps you not to miss over tasks and deadlines while making workflow more efficient. Trusted by millions of businesses, ‘Basecamp’ allows you to try it free for 30 days. Its offerings include messages, real-time chat, to-do list, schedules, file storage, document, and automatic check-ins. It comes with an ease of work while rolling up the notifications of different apps in a single window. Unlike other tools, Basecamp doesn’t charge you extra for increasing users or businesses. It comes at a fixed cost of $99/month for your team.

Note: Basecamp is one of the most famous online project management tool that combines all the requisite features at one place and further, ensures that you don’t miss on anything.

8. Freshdesk


Freshdesk, one of the latest and best cloud-based software that offers you almost everything that you need to track and handle your projects with one go. Its core features are inclusive of smart automation, intuitive & feature-rich interface, SLA management, agent collision detection, scenario automation, and shared ownership. Freshdesk’s inbuilt capabilities help you to increase your team’s productivity while automating your repetitive tasks.

Note: Whether you wish to unify & manage a multichannel approach (email, phone, social media) from a single platform or worried about state-of-the-art data security, Freshdesk serves your diverse needs.

9. Smartsheet


Project management and team collaboration become easy with this web-based software. It helps you to easily assign tasks, manages calendars and other works, sharing documents etc. via a spreadsheet like an interface. Now you can manage your project work, results, and processes in a real-time environment. Whether it is an enterprise tool or apps like Google, Salesforce, or Dropbox, you can easily connect it and extend your smart sheet effectiveness.

Note: Smartsheet enables you to get your work done impactfully and without any hassle while providing your business with an exceptional speed to grow.


monday-com-project-management makes it easy to get your team on board to manage project work a better way. A board concept followed by it allows you to list tasks & projects and connect it to your assigned team members for a specific project. To customize and enhance your workflow, it allows a seamless integration with different tools like Dropbox, Zapier, Google drive and more. Over 36,000 teams are already using this tool to remain organized, focused and on track while completing projects on time.

Note: You can make this tool handy with mobile app that aims to provide workflow management power in your pocket too.

11. Airtable


Airtable is the best choice for those who need a complete flexibility in their work. Its various built-in templates and app-like functionality allows you to manage project’s workflow efficiently and perfectly. Irrespective of your team size, Airtable comes free of cost with a limited basic functionality that you can extend with its paid plans along with increased storage and support. Its native desktop & mobile apps allow you to streamline project’s workflow with easy to use features like in-app edit, collaborate comment in a real-time environment.

Note: Counted on by several world’s leading companies like Pinterest, TIME, Shopify etc., Airtable is the best choice to make when it comes to achieve reliable, secure, and productive project management.

12. Wrike


With 17,000+ happy customers worldwide, Wrike is being favored by many top brands like Google, L’oreal and more. This web-based tool allows you to get centralized communication with real-time reports & statuses of every single project of your team. No matter where you are located, Wrike helps you with a real-time work management to be efficient in project handling. A winner of commercial innovator of the year 2018, Wrike is the best desktop application and cloud-based work management software for high-performance teams.

Note: It is a perfect fit to create, plan, collaborate, report and customize everything in one place that you need to have an organized project completion.

13. Teamwork Projects


Founded in 2007, this software provides you with smarter workflows and effective communication within team to achieve a high-performance project management. Teamwork projects have almost everything that you need to manage and monitor a project from its starting to an end. It offers you easy time tracking, Gantt charts, effective task management, and quick high-level task or project reports.

Note: This web-based project management tool is suitable for every size of business. Its enterprise offerings are also doing well with the higher level of support & security layers.

14. Podio


With an uptime of 99.99%, Podio offers you every feature that you need together while executing a project. It uses cloud service to give an online environment where you can easily create your own apps while using its drag-and-drop feature for business needs. While using this tool, you can tailor your business processes that are unique to your team. It ensures efficiency and effectiveness in one place with an easy to use admin and faster communication between teams. Podio is well-supported on iPhone, Android, and iPad apps so you can harvest its power over there as well.

Note: Founded in 2009, Podio allows you to sync your project teams to achieve a smarter & structured workflow.

15. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a powerful online project management tool that provides you with a unified and interactive platform for work management. It supports group chat, Gantt charts, Google Docs, document management, video conferencing, and task automation etc. This software boasts of 4,000,000+ active organizations that are currently leveraging its power to enjoy their work and collaborate with teams. With over 30+ tools, Bitrix is a perfect choice for social collaboration, time management, workflow automation, communication & management tools for your project team.

Note: Bitrix24 is suitable to everyone’s needs irrespective of their size and budget. You can opt for any of its plan like Free (for small businesses), Plus ($39/mo), Standard ($99/mo), and Professional ($199/mo for a large enterprise) as per your project’s requirement.

16. MeisterTask


MeisterTask is a refreshing and intuitive project management tool in the form of a visual board. It enables you to manage and monitor your project activities while a seamless team collaboration with a unique workflow. It offers you numerous third-party applications’ integrations along with an API that can allow you to create your own integrations as well. While working with MeisterTask you can create your convenient dashboards or project boards as per your project’s need.

Note: MeisterTask is a smart and agile approach towards a fruitful project management. Also, its Freemium plan, as the name suggests is free of cost basic plan that offers you an unlimited no. of tasks, team members, and projects.

17. Microsoft PPM


It is a product of Microsoft that allows you to work from anywhere in context with your project & project portfolio management. With this, you can easily manage team schedules, plan resources, and collaborate with all stakeholders of your project. Irrespective of your business size, it is a valuable tool that allows you to have more control over your business projects, automate processes, and so on.

Note: Microsoft PPM is built on agile methodologies to give you a complete control over development projects while leaving a great impact on your business.

18. Taskworld


Fred Mouawad designed Taskworld (a SaaS platform) to facilitate your task planning & project management, team communication, collaboration, analytics & security, measure task progress along with performance metrics (to execute team evaluations). Currently, it is being used by over 4000 companies across 50 countries. Taskworld’s interactive board allows you to organize work the way you want it to be while saving you from recurring tasks.

Note: Taskworld is a smarter way to ensure a visual tracking, sharing and measuring your project’s performance in real-time changes.

19. Freedcamp


Powered by cloud computing, Freedcamp helps you in project budgeting, resource and task management, teamwork and many more. Freedcamp is a web-based project management software that comes with a free trial though limited to some applications like files, tasks, and calendars etc. Being used by millions of people, Freedcamp has remained quite simple & intuitive team and project collaboration tool.

Note: Freedcamp provides you with a better way to stay organized while handling any number of projects with an unlimited storage.

20. Agile CRM


Agile CRM project management software offers you a seamless integration of sales & marketing activities that ease down the sync between project’s tasks & its timeline for better project management. With this software, you can sort tasks based on categories, add or view tasks and notes, and other options to check task’s status.

Note: Agile CRM comes with an easy to use drag-and-drop tool that makes it easy to manage your day to day tasks.

21. KanbanFlow


KanbanFlow is an amazing project management software. It simplifies your complex or lengthy workflow while boosting your organization’s productivity. Its self-explanatory and enriched virtual board offers you a broad overview of your present project’s situation. An easy to manage To-do, Do today, In progress, and Done sections keep you relaxed with less stress. It offers you a real-time environment where you can collaborate with different teams, track your time spent on each task individually, analytics & reporting etc.

Note: With KanbanFlow’s powerful integrations with other supportive systems, you can deliver more value to your project.

22. Mavenlink


Mavenlink is a modern project management software that helps you to easily connect with teams, individuals, projects to boost business profits. It offers you collaborative workspaces for remote teams, differentiative client experience (project schedule updates, invoices etc.), improved project’s performance (a great control over budget, team activities etc.), run each project as a P&L, advanced analytics and up-to-date view of performance trends and upcoming needs and many more.

Note: Mavenlink is a perfect blend of transparency, connectedness, and enhanced performance while jumbling around with various tasks of project management.

23. TeamGantt


TeamGantt is an intuitive and super easy to use project management solution to ease out your daily hassles. With its drag and drop scheduling, you can create Gantt charts online to plan different tasks for your project. You can easily centralize every piece of information, documents, conversations, milestones on a single virtual platform.

Note: TeamGantt is a straightforward & simple to use web-based solution to streamline your complete project management requirements.

24. ClickUp


Clickup is one-stop solution for all your project management related tasks. It offers you three different ways to view tasks (list view, box view, and board view). Its streamlined workflow helps you to assign comments, make changes to multiple tasks simultaneously, customize features, rich formatting interface to get rid of the complexity involved in project. With over 1,000+ integrations, Clickup allows having a seamless connection with other application such as Github, Harvest, Zapier, and more.

Note: In the year 2017, Clickup has been awarded as the best project management app that helps you to overcome many hurdles faced throughout the project.

25. Redbooth


Managing teams’ communications and tasks assigned has become easy with Redbooth. This web-based project management software helps you to organize, communicate and visualize project’s success in a virtual board. Redbooth is also mobile-friendly with a support from two powerful interfaces i.e. iOS and Android. You can easily access every app, extensions for desktop, email, and browsers via its mobile platform.

Note: Trusted by 620K teams, 1.9M projects supported and 39M tasks achieved successfully, Redbooth gains a favorable position among other competitors.

26. Clarizen


Clarizen project management software empowers you with an intuitive and flexible UI that perfectly fits in your working style or preferences. With this, you can get configurable workflows, in-context collaboration, automated business processes, dynamic reports and dashboards in a real-time visibility to make accurate data-based decisions. This robust software also holds enterprise-level functionality to ease down their most of the day-to-day workload in a potent manner.

Note: With a great list of awesome tools, Clarizen is suitable for businesses of any size while enabling better team collaboration and team management.

27. Timecamp


With an aim to provide you with a better time & project management, Timecamp allows you to overcome the issues related to erroneous project reports, wrong time tracking agendas and more. Adding to this, it comes with an easy integration with some other tools like Asana, Trello etc. to improvise the managing in more efficient way. Timecamp enables you to create and track unlimited no. of projects and manage teams & tracking time spent on each one of them collectively.

Note: Timecamp is a smarter approach to project management that will help you to face unpleasant situations in handling a project.

28. ProofHub


Many leading organizations like Disney, Netflix etc. are using this versatile project management system to lessen the stress from their teams. It is a web-based project management tool that comes packed with powerful project management tools like GanttCharts, workflows & boards, white-labeling, multilingual approach, task management and many more. It brings down your different teams, clients and every project related communication in a single place.

Note: ProofHub is a perfect option for growing teams who work together towards a common goal.

29. Zenkit


Zenkit is the best destination for collaboration and project management where you can bring your data, team or any project related stuff and grow with us. It offers you the right combination of tools like Kanban board, list, calendars, tables, etc. Whether you are working for your customers’ growth or for your own, Zenkit has a solution for all.

Note: Zenkit is a name associated with power; a power of mobility, collaboration, synergy, growth, and security for your complete project management process.

30. Paymo


Ranging from the pain of project planning to task management and time tracking, paymo addresses all the project managemet needs. Its powerful team scheduler and leave tracking module shall help you to reduce work overload throughout your complete project in a real-time environment. It is best suitable for small businesses and freelancers who wish to manage their projects in a real-time environment without any hassle.

Note: Paymo is the best app for business professionals who wish to overcome the major problems of project management like poor planning, inconsistent team communication, and lack of team collaboration etc.

31. Deltek Vision


Deltek Vision is a web-based software that helps you to manage every single aspect of complete project life cycle. It ensures you an on-time project delivery with the highest achievable level of profitability. It offers you an easy-to-use resource and project planning while showing you every single piece of critical information or targeted & configurable project report to drill-down your strategies on time.

Note: Get a real-time visualization of project’s capacity & utilization across the company with Deltek vision to mind your steps throughout the project.

32. Samepage


Samepage is an online project management tool that is specifically designed to scale & support your projects irrespective of sizes. With this tool, you can optimize different areas of like creating work schedules, meeting agendas, conversations, files, discussion topics and more. On a single platform, you will get collaborative project management tools inclusive of real-time document collaboration, team chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and many more.

Note: Samepage is an easy-to-use and easy to navigate online workspace that has multiple useful features that provide an extremely valuable contribution in project’s success.

33. Targetprocess


With this flexible software, you will get a distraction-free visual to manage your complex project work. Targetprocess allows you to customize your board or build various boards with the tasks that you want to see or concentrate on for planning and progress tracking. This project management software provides you with a free of cost service desk where you can submit any kind of request, add comments, multi-channel ecosystem, and manage requests of any kind (support tickets of customers etc.).

Note: Targetprocess is available for both On-premise and SaaS platforms with more than 60 apps’ integration. Its insightful data visualization and real-time synchronization help you to streamline project’s workflow and accelerate the final delivery.

34. GanttPRO


GanttPRO helps you to save time on project planning & management with a rise in teamwork efficiency. It holds the basic Gantt Charts features along with the team management software that means you can implement the efficiency of those charts in planning & controlling multiple projects. Starting from managing team and tracking their progress online, you can set roles, assign tasks to individual team members, do automatic scheduling, and add attachments & comments etc. with this powerful tool.

Note: With GanttPRO, you will get a structured approach to handle different projects online as per your need and convenience.

Final Words

In this article, I have included a well-researched list of best web-based project management tools. This is a complete work of personal research, tool’s reviews, and ratings. Choosing a suitable online tool for a business may vary from one another depending upon the project’s requirements. So, it is suggested to check every aspect of the tool like pricing, features, and other offerings prior to making a purchase.

At last, I hope that you find this list useful and would end up in finding out the right tool for your business that can manage your tasks while boosting project’s productivity & profitability.

Author: Kapil Arora
Kapil Arora is a skilled web developer at The Brihaspati Infotech – Web Design and Development Company. Besides analyzing technical requirements of the clients, Kapil also writes about conversion rate optimization and other strategies for success.

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