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Top 25 Free & Affordable Project Management Software

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In simple words, a project is actually a set of actions aimed at achieving the goal of creating a complex system with specified characteristics within a limited time & with a limited number of resources. The process of achieving a specific goal must be managed and monitored strictly because success doesn’t come spontaneously. As a matter of fact, project management is a special kind of activity, which includes planning, monitoring the performance of the staff working on it and correcting the plan by applying modern management methods.


These days, the development of modern systems (such as websites, apps, plugins, extensions, CRM software, etc,) is a multi-stage process with specific technical and organizational arrangements. The production technology has become more complicated, the volume of content consumption has increased, and the requirements for the safety of the functioning of systems are hardened.

So, business development managers, web designers and developers, Team Leaders, and organizations need project management software to take care of different activities and accomplish the project at the right time. Therefore, we have listed 25 top project management software at one place. Just see them and choose which you deem suitable.

1. Todoist


Todoist includes many elements for teamwork to promote projects effectively and increase the productivity of the entire team. It has an excellent tool for managing projects for small groups, which makes it a good choice for small businesses and organizations. Its user interface is based on the system of tags and colours, which facilitates the organization of various projects and tasks within the projects. It comes with a convenient chat feature that makes the communication between staff fast and crystal clear. This software works very well on almost all operating systems. It is a good choice for professionals working together online from different parts of the word.

2. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is an online project management solution which comes with excellent features and ease of use. It is an ideal software for start-up companies and small business organisations. It has a clear user interface. So, your team can easily adapt to its intuitive navigation without having any need for training. It comes with several tools for managing the customers’ accounts, tracking the time people spend on projects, monitoring projects and ensuring their timely completion easily and effortlessly.

3. Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects is a multifunctional platform with a responsive design. So, it easily gets integrated with other applications related to the performance that you use, such as Google Apps. It is available free of cost to all. But, to access all the features you will have to pay around $50 per month. Its free version allows you to manage teams, business, project, etc.

4. Trello


Trello is popular among professionals for its simplicity and straightforward design based on cards. It allows them to complete their projects easily and quickly. It uses minimalism to help teams organize and talk to each other smoothly in different projects. It is more visual. If you want to move the cards in different columns to update the status of various projects and teamwork, then Trello will be your first choice. It is suitable for teams that have small projects. It is easy to use, allowing you to work with it easily.

5. Wrike

Wrike may be your first choice if you want something that you can set up in a short time and start your work instantly. Teams that take a lot of work from their clients can manage from A to Z of their projects using this Business management software. It has a tracking feature, as well as integration with Zapier– a solution for automating web applications. Using its good customization features, you can change the toolbar and transform it into a more general management and collaboration solution.

6. Podio

Podio is very popular among professionals because it allows them to organize any communication tool for small businesses. It offers personalized options that allow businesses to customize projects themselves. With its help, team communication and configuring task management becomes easier. You can easily interact, track the project, perform tasks, etc, by using this software.

7. Asana


Asana is used by both small and big companies because it promises to help them to make rapid advancements in their work. It is actually a web application for project management, which allows you to run projects from start to finish. It has powerful functions and thoughtful design. So, professionals don’t need to spend their precious time on how to navigate on its interface. It’s a highly flexible software. So, a team can easily manage their everyday tasks & track everything related to workflows and information.

8. Wunderlist

It is a very useful business management software that can be installed on tablets and telephones and synchronized between them to work through the browser. New comments sometimes create a fuss in Email communications. The intuitive interface of this software allows visitors to join the chat almost immediately.

9. GanttProject


This software is intended for the formation of information bases and project management. With its help, you can divide the project and reassign the performers and terms. The project file can be downloaded using an FTP, which will allow opening and editing it to several users at the same time, but the problems of the relevance of editing are not automatically resolved. So, it is an ideal tool for individual use only.

10. Freemind

It is a specialized cross-platform program for creating diagrams and visualizing relationships between elements. Its prime task is to structure information about the project and to reflect it in the form of visual representations. Using this software, you can import/export files to JPEG, TextXHTML, XML, HTML, OpenDocument, PNG formats. You can also encrypt both individual project elements and the saved file to frustrate authors.

11. Google Docs


It’s a Google’s gift to all professionals. It is actually a free online software which allows you to create documents, sheets, presentations, slides, etc, online and use them to keep your business going at all the times. It can also be used on mobile devices which supports voice typing, allowing you to create documents easily and effortlessly.

12. Slack


It is a web-based service (also available for desktop, iOS and Android applications) to easily communicate with the team, clients or users. The simplicity and speed of the application make it a nice alternative to Skype. It can be used on any device and share files quickly. You can use it free of cost until you exceed the limit on messages.

13. TrackStudio

It is free up to 5 users. It allows you to install on your own server. It is a Project, task, documentation, and files management system, available in free and premium versions. Software developers and IT companies are its main users.

14. Worksection

It is an excellent software for task management. With an easy-to-use feature, both experienced as well as new professionals can easily use it for business management. It has a calendar (integrated with Google) and time recording feature. You can connect it with an FTP. It gives notifications about important projects and deadlines.

15. Pivotal Tracker


Always keep in mind that frequent communication between the team leader and staff leads to the elimination of mistakes in the development process of web products and the creation of unique commodities. Pivotal Tracker is an agile management tool that focuses on communicating with the software development team and allows you to keep your business up without any hassle.

16. Freedcamp

Freedcamp has organized workspace for instant viewing of the whole project, setting and assigning tasks using “stickers” and a calendar. Apart from this, it also offers add-ons for CRM, invoicing, bug tracking and making wiki pages. It helps you to prioritize tasks, split all projects into separate tabs and complete them easily & effortlessly.

17. Project Kaiser

It is a very useful web-based project Management software for IT companies. you can use it totally free of cost up to 5 users. It helps you to Schedule Tasks, Track Tasks Execution, Keep an Eye on Spent Time on projects and manage Unlimited Projects Hierarchy easily and effortlessly.

18. Bitrix24


Bitix24 is a very useful software, which acts as a helping hand in task management, project planning and execution time, visualization of information on the calendar. It gives you the ability to share documents, create virtual working groups and receive notifications. It can also be used as a CRM system.

19. Smartsheet


It is a serious tool for project management. Professionals use it to create charts for projects, set tasks and assign them to project participants, set deadlines and monitor progress, and attach files and a million more. Many companies use it a tool to boost their productivity up to a great extent.

20. Microsoft Word Online

Gone are the days when people use to create files on their laptops and computers. The trend of using offline MS office is slowing down. Now, folks use Microsoft Word Online to create documents easily and streamline their workflow instantly. The only drawback of this is that you can’t use on mobile devices.

21. Skype

In companies and business organizations, Skype is widely used to send/receive files, make audio/video calls, organize meetings, and manage different business operations. It is available to all totally free of cost and can be used on both PC and mobile devices.

22. Workingon

It is an online service that allows you to notify other team members with short posts about the tasks and their statuses that you are currently working on. This software is simple and fast. With its help, you can cope with the task of instant communication and solve problems related to the project management.

23. Process Street


It is an ideal software for managing business processes. It allows you to create workspaces, set tasks, make checklists and SOP (standard operating procedures), monitor the processes in the company, establish rights, plan activities and manage projects with colleagues easily and effortlessly. You can’t sort tasks by execution dates and performers. There is no possibility to download projects and checklists in any way.

24. SprintGround

It is an excellent free tool for task managers. It allows you to plan sprints and releases, tracking progress, working on projects with the team. You also get notifications about bugs in your projects and requests for new features based on user feedback.

25. OneSoft Connect


It is a good software for HR- and Task Managers. It allows them to create a profile for each team member and manage tasks, monitor performance and workload. It can also be used as a CRM system.

Final Words

Web applications for project management is an excellent resource for all companies and business organizations when they need to juggle deadlines, resources and any results. It helps them to ensure the effective operation of different business activities easily. These are some free business management software for companies. Just go through them and choose any business management software as per your needs.

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