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Top Web Development Trends You Need to Checkout in 2013

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In this ever-changing virtual world, it has become mandatory for web developers to find out the latest and trendy ways to enhance the overall look of their websites. Web development, a decade ago, was just a simple static display, but now it has turned out to be more dynamic with the emergence of new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and some other breakthrough in the field of web development. Earlier the trend was focusing on media capabilities but now the trend has totally shifted to better usability and aesthetics.


Generally predictions are tough and when it comes to an industry which is changing with the blink of an eye, it is really going to be a challenging task. Well, we have now stepped into the New Year 2013 and why don’t we go out on a limb and make some predictions on web development trends for 2013? Certain things are arguable while others are irrefutable. Who knows what is going to be in and what is going to be out from the trend list 2013. The top web development trends that could make their way in 2013 are:

Responsive Web Design


No doubt, responsive web design will be one of the top 2013 web development trends. In simple words, it is an approach to code websites so that they can fit on all screen sizes and resolutions, whatever may be your device, a mobile phone or tablet or desktop. With the growing population of mobile internet users, if you want to serve desktop and smartphone users, no other go, you need to develop a responsive website. Also it is a cost effective approach for web developers as you don’t have to spend money on designing different websites for different devices and screen sizes.

Vertical Scrolling

Yet another 2013 web development trend evolved from mobile device usage is vertical scrolling. It benefits the users with a more user friendly, efficient and interactive way of experiencing a website besides allowing easy navigation options. Apart from this, there is a huge expectation about vertical scrolling of menus and buttons. This means, as the user scrolls the page down, he should be able to access the menus without having to return to the top of the page. Likewise, page elements such as shopping carts, social media buttons and calls to action should move as the user scrolls down.

Designed Typography


Website developers are no longer restricted to standard typefaces. They tend to beautify their designs with stylish and creative typography to enhance both the aesthetics and usability of the website. Typography affords the web designers a vast pool of fonts to choose from but they have to use them consistently so as not to distract the users. With younger demographics giving more importance to stylishness and trendiness, our prediction is that 2013 is going to be the year of typography.

Parallax Scrolling

The next fast growing web development trend 2013 for interactive websites is parallax scrolling. This feature creates a fascinating faux three dimensional effect. This technique has been in the industry for sometime but earlier it was associated with video games only. Here the images are placed on different layers and scrolled on different speeds to create an amazing 3D effect. It not only makes navigation simple but also grabs viewer’s attention and makes scrolling a kind of fun.

Large Buttons

As the usage of devices with touch screens are getting popular with every passing day, we can totally expect the trend of large buttons in this year 2013. Large buttons can make tapping easier and they can also enhance the visual appeal of the website. This in turn increases the click rates on mobile devices. This web development trend has a downside too. Using large buttons can slow down your website but if you generate buttons for your website using CSS3, you can avoid this problem.

Full Page Background

The trend that has emerged in last half of 2012 and that will continue to rock in 2013 is full page background. This design trend is definitely a great treat to photographers or fans of photography. Using high quality photographs or artwork in the background emphasizes the personality of your site’s brand. It is indeed a great way to create an eye-candy impression and gives your website a crisp, clean, modern and a long lasting visual impact.

Branding over Designing


Businesses mainly focus on making their brand noticeable. 2013 is expected to focus more on branding instead of simply designing a website. All the elements of your website should complement to your business goals and messages. Your visitors should be able to recognize who you are and what you do within seconds. Web designers are expected to concentrate more on choosing designs that will compliment the brand itself or enhance the beauty of the logo.

Videos on Landing Pages

With few seconds of time to capture your visitor’s attention, having large chunks of text explaining your product or service is deadly for the life of your site. It is surprising to hear that YouTube touts over 800 million unique visitors each month and there is no denying that videos are incredibly popular. In 2013 we look forward to see more and more websites using videos on landing pages to capture the attention of the users. Gone are those days where textual content rule a website. This is now replaced with highly engaging, shareable video content that will make a huge impact on visitors.

Well that was a glimpse of web development trends that you need to checkout in 2013. Most of these trends are already under fire among the web developers and web designers. Try to apply these trends in your website to keep your web presence fresh and to stay ahead of the curve, and that should be your New Year resolution!

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