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Few Web Design Practices to Leave Behind In 2013

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Designing website for the business is very important, because it gives unique identity to that business as well as you. As a professional web designer you should adapt yourself for the changing trends in the web designing field. Then only you can able to survive in the more competitive world.


When designing your website you should always consider the new trend which is available in the design world. If you can’t change your design accordance to the new trends simply you last your valuable customers.

In the year end of 2013 you should leave behind some of the old practices in the web designing.

Avoid Automatic Image Slider Stuffer

Most of the testing result shows that automatically changing images doesn’t have any impact of your web design. They only affect the value of your website as well as it distracts the visitors. So try to avoid this kind of web site designing ideas.

The simple example for this one is some years before famous apple website uses this kind of automatic image sliders to their website. But now they changes the design and it looks like when you entered their homepage it will show one feature after you reloading your browser it automatically load another feature. This kind of things makes user to stay long time of your website.

Flash Animation and Loading Time of the Page

Few years back Flash is the only way to display your video and animation in right away, since HTML 5 comes to the market. HTML5 reduces the impact of displaying the video contents and animation. It has lot of future in it.

If you are using Flash design to your website it will affect loading time of your website. We all are living in the faster world and we don’t even want to wait for single minute. If your website takes time to load your content means there is lot of changes are there to people gone for another website. These things only happen in Flash designing website.

Load filters and splash pages also some of the barrier to quick accessing to your website information. So try to keep your site loading time as much as quick and easy to the visitor to find what they are looking for. Don’t waste their time for waiting to the loading time of your page. Your visitors should be able to find what you are offering in a matter of seconds.

If you have nice intro about your product means make sure that it contains a small button to skip the content and gone for a next page. HTML 5 allows these things very easily. But using Flash in your design it doesn’t offer skip content or image to your visitors.

Lacking of Contrast

This one is different from all other methods, because lacking of contrast is never acceptance from the plenty of designers. Because it doesn’t shows clearly about your product or services as well as about your unique identity.

Simple example for lacking of contrast is that, designer using white type on light blue background like similar color combinations that are not much visible to the customer.

Always make sure that your typography uses right combination of contrast to stand out from the background and allows your visitors to make sense of your information in a right away.

Excessive Skeuomorphism

Skeuomorphism is the design practice of making your elements as looks like their real life counterparts, when they used well and it can produce the greater results. But using these technique too much can produce the highly irritation to the customer. Stitching and giving the leather bound layout without any reason makes no sense to your designing. So try to use it wherever it is needed.

If you want to design the natural looking website, then find the right ways to be fresh and creative. If in case it is not possible means then only you can use skeuomarphism as alternative one.

The simple for this one is Microsoft website design it uses metro interface and looking very sleek and modern as well as highly intuitive user experience.

Forcing to view PDF documents

Forcing your visitors to read the PDF document is one the design practices you should leave behind. Because most times viewing the PDF documents are not much that convenience to the viewer.

These PDF documents some time needs heavy loading, some technical capability or some other resources like extra plug-ins wants. So the customers won’t have enough time to wait for reading the PDF document and they simply switch on the other website.

Always try to produce your much of the necessary information in the form of simple HTML file. If you think that your website necessarily needed PDF document then try to provide them in a single navigation and split them various link and provide to the customers. So they don’t want to wait for a long time to read the document.

Certain typefaces

Using of certain type fonts to displays the content is very essential one for web site designing. Because it’s simply shows the designer effort and creativity to the visitors. Using bulk fonts let you make your loading time high. So that avoids fonts like comic sans and monotype cursive fonts to your designing. These fonts give negative impact to your customers.

The current trend for designing website is simple professionalism only. From the metro look of the website you need readable typefaces across different screen devices and standard typefaces like Helvetica is enough.

Web fonts and services like Type kit is the most useful one for web designers. So that designer can now use rich typography and design what they are thinking from their heart.

These web fonts allow the web designers to utilize high degree of scalability. So here you can use generic fonts and also using graphics for the beautiful typefaces. Before coming of web fonts web designers only allows using fixed size fonts and this one restricts the usability and accessibility of the webpage.

These are all the simple things you should leave behind in the year of 2013.

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Jessica Pretty is a passionate Guest blogger who loves to write inspiring and exciting matter. Apart from blogging, she is a content writer in a leading Web Company in Chennai.

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