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Top 5 PHP Web Development Trends that Created Waves in 2013

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The need for developing customized web applications and mobile applications has encouraged entrepreneurs to switch to different web development and mobile app development platforms. There’s been a sudden outburst of web development tools that weren’t in use in the previous years.


Scripting is considered to be the root of every web development service and hence it becomes vital to choose a scripting language that aids in the development of web applications that’re capable of fulfilling the varied requirements of the client. PHP has become one of the most widely used scripting language that’s been utilized for developing web applications, that rank high on quality and usability scale.

What Makes PHP a Special Web Development Platform?


Today, it’s quite easy to find a web developer who uses PHP as his/her programming language. Well, there are good solid reasons behind this growing popularity of PHP web development platform. If you’re one of those who aren’t familiar with what makes PHP a special web development tool, here the reasons for your reference:


Unlike other web development platforms, using PHP for developing websites and web applications doesn’t require you to pay any cash on buying a license for using PHP codes and frameworks. The open source nature of this programming platform makes it a budget-friendly option for individuals and enterprises, looking for highly dynamic websites/web apps, with a limited budget allowance.

Convenient Technical Support

While using PHP web development tool, if you tend to face any technical issues then seamless support by experts is just a mouse click or a phone call away. You can easily access the online forums, blogs etc, where you can find the solutions for problems faced during PHP web development.

Massive Code Library

As compared to other web development tools, PHP has a massive code library, making it convenient for the developer to find a function for almost any type of problem that may crop up during the web development process. This, in a way marks the faster development process and an enhanced ability to focus on website instead of having to re-invent the functions on a repetitive basis. Visit this for an access to Google APIs used for PHP development.

Platform Independent

In contrast to other web development platforms, PHP is platform-independent in nature. In other words, PHP can run on almost every type of operating system ranging from Windows, Unix and Linux to Mac OS. This feature of PHP makes it one of the most sought-after programming platforms.

5 Best PHP Trends Which’ve Brought a Revolution in Web Development in 2013

Each year has witnessed an emergence of a new PHP version. The very first version of PHP i.e. 3.0x was released on 20th October 2000, followed by PHP4.0.0 released on 22 May 2000, 4.0.6 released on 23 June 2001 to the most recent version 5.5.5 released on 17 October 2013. For a detailed list of PHP releases, pls. refer this.

With passing years, new versions of PHP have been introduced in the world of PHP Web Development. PHP developers have embraced these releases and used them for their benefit. New PHP versions have witnessed new trends that’ve been adopted by developers, who love the coding language. Here’s a look at 5 of the topmost PHP trends that’ve created waves in the Web Development domain in the year 2013:

Flash Web Design

Giving due importance to the concept of designing visually interactive websites, PHP developers have started designing Flash websites, using the PHP web development platform. Realizing the truth that the importance of flash websites would never fade, a majority of PHP developers are always on a look out for innovative flash web designs that can be used for building brilliant flash-enabled websites.

Responsive Web Design

Highly interactive websites are need of the hour. Internet users will tend to stay longer on a website that’s interactive rather than the one that’s built using complex functionalities. PHP has come up as a website development platform that’s preferred for developing interactive websites.

Improvisation of PHP Traits

As per the current trend in PHP web development, every means is being used for improvising the traits of PHP from one frame to another. This is done in order to make the coding language more useful and efficient for the PHP coders. In addition to extensive support available for MySQL, multilingual platforms and web servers, MSSQL, XML, LDAP, Drupa etc, the extensive aspects of PHP are also put to use by the renowned PHP Development companies.

Inculcation of Special Effects

PHP developers put special emphasis on including special effects within the developed websites. Extending the boundaries for special effects, these developers are using Parallax scrolling method that’s capable of providing a more animated look and feel to the website. PHP coders use this methodology for placing the images and banners in a way that when the same are scrolled down, there’s a 3D experience for the visitor.

Gluing the Header Bar to the Top

This is one of the most popular trends followed by a majority of PHP developers. As per this trend, the developers fix the header bar to the top to provide an easy access to services, without the need for scrolling up on a repetitive basis. This website development approach also aids in brand promotion, wherein the brand name is stuck onto the header to gather customer attention.


Web Development trends keep on changing with the changing web requirements. The trends, which we follow today, might be a thing-of-the-past tomorrow. You can find all the reputed Web Development Companies working with all the innovative trends in the PHP development domain. Apart from the in-built features of PHP, the programming platform makes use of frameworks such as Codelgniter or CakePHP, which work best for meeting the varied needs of website owners. It’s not surprising to know that the growth rate of PHP is much higher as compared to that of other programming languages. Therefore, it’s time for you to move towards PHP and not away from it because the language has definitely created a WIN-WIN situation for both, developer as well as the client.

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