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Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out for 2016

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Few inventions have profound effects on our lives, like the way we work, play or either socialize, and smartphone is one of such inventions. Evolve with the features of sending text or emails, the inclusion of cameras, navigation, entertainment, ordering food and lots more, no one could expected that this small device will eventually become the necessity of life. As the technology and devices are changing drastically, so do the methods of marketing.


In 2015 the traffic from mobile devices has exceeded the numbers come from desktop users, this new trend of internet usability has opened the new avenues for marketers to reach customer, now intent marketing professionals are creating dialogues, and forging relationship with customers in an irresistible manner. There were the days when we have top-down communications for days with the customers and badly aligned campaigns for customer outreach, today we have immense data than ever before, to create innovative marketing strategies, below we will discuss some mobile marketing trends that will work in 2016.

A Shift from Customer-Centric to Customer-Obsessive


Mobile data seems to be very useful in drawing valuable insights about costumer behavior. To win the race of customer centric marketing we have already bordered the limit of obsession, we are now at the edge where we cannot precluded the wave of mighty data come to us, besides using this for making useful insights. There are very few things with customer keep with them all the time, smartphones make this possible to seal the deal with costumer anytime anywhere. Companies are working hard to maximize the benefits from this tiny but huge marketing channel, but ultimately they will be the customers whose fondness will matter not the brands, that’s why we will see the a shift from customer centric to customer obsessive marketing in 2016.

Search Engine will Show More than Result Pages

The most widely used search engine“Google” already parades videos in results for search quires, and they have also performed an experiment of video ads. Other search engines and different social media networking websites like Twitter and Facebook have already allowed these types of ads in the form of vines and auto-playing videos. But for instance, Google is still in the phase of analysis, what will be the opinion of users on video based ads. If user shows receptiveness for this idea, we will also see apps sharing the portion of result pages. Although we already receive apps recommendations from directories, but apps as the result of quires in SERPs will completely take the apps stores and directories to the next level.

In this year, we will also see a major shift in mobile search mechanism, as UX and UI experts are researching on how we tap, flick and how we gesture on mobile devices, to create a search interface that will be fit for tiny screen sizes.They are in process to transform the search mechanism which is bit frustrating on smartphones due to typing and scrolling. With the availability of enough data on browsing habits of mobile users, we will soon have a result page with much diversified results. It will contain full optimize results that also enlist apps by third parties which will not recommend any particular brand, but show precise results according to customers preferences in terms of price range, color, location, size and much more.

Integration of Apps, Social Media and E-Commerce Platforms


Some famous social networking websites have already laid the strep in the e commerce arena. In 2016 we will see some major incorporation; and social networking platforms will also be the ecommerce marketplace. Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” and Instagram’s “Shop Now”, shows the initiation of social media as e-commerce outlets. Many recognizable social networking platforms will blur the lines in apps, social platform, and e-commerce in the year ahead.You might hear that notion that; users don’t purchase on social media, as social media, mobile and e-commerce is integrating, there is an opportunity to turn that notion around by hitting the right combination between buying and browsing buttons.

Mobile Apps will Evolve as a Reflections of Lifestyles

Mobile applications had come up with lots of more features and place themselves as a necessity rather than an option in recent years. Bandwidth has been identified as a major issue in the consistent adoption of application so far. Crazy sparecharges and insane data caps limits the ability of brands to think forward and or be more creative. Nowadays, we have an app for weather updates, another app to monitor the fitness level, and one app to get reminder about the pickup of children from school. In 2016 apps are expected to come up with more integral features and less about discrete features. There may be an app which work as a fitness journal, displays the weather updates before you are going out for jog, and also reminds you when there is time to pick kids from school. It may sound unbelievable to us, but not to the developers.

Provided that there are limits on how much data can be download, apps will continue to position themselves as a more lifestyle attachment rather than a usable thing which can be quickly uninstalled for any next big thing. Thereis still much bandwidth available with mobile plans, but you have to ensure that app in your smartphone is making most of it. The app you download should deliver the value in terms of life style. The more these apps will reflect our goals, our likes and dislikes, more we will use these apps beyond the anticipation of mobile application development companies who created them.

What will be the Next Big Thing?


In 2016 the potential in mobile technology seems to be bursting, and will cross the boundaries of wearable technology to the mobile automation systems like Siri and Cortana. At the end of this year we will have to analyze how these trends have performed or did something new or extraordinary gain the collective attention or just fizzle out? In your opinion what will be the next big thing in the field of mobile marketing, you can share your thought in comments below.

Author: James Bradley

James works at Appaustic a leading Android app development company. James is responsible to manage all online marketing service and build social presence of the company.

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