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Schema Creator WordPress Plugin – An In-Depth Introspection

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Schema creator plug-in is sending ripples in the world of web. They are high precision as well as streamlined plugin facilities which are highly accredited for the seamless capacity of simplifying the vital process of adding schema data to the texture of a WordPress interface. It is also figured that the plugins or the widgets ensure that the schema data is going to settle well with the contents which have already been published on the open source online WordPress platforms.


When it comes to the issue of effectiveness and benefits web designers and online marketers have strong grounds to cheer. Let’s make it an occasion to fathom out some of the most vitals aspects concerning this particular widget. Read more…

10 Useful Open Source Web Design Tools for Developers

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Web designing is not for the meek hearted, or for those who don’t wish to be bothered with new developments. At no time in the history of internet and its evolution web development has stood constant even for a moment. The only constant in web is change. Early during the development of internet, every utility had to be bought individually. Things are vastly different today as more and more software come under open source development.


Typical examples of successful open source software include the likes of Linux, Joomla, XAMP, Apache, and WordPress, and so on endlessly. The advantages of open source are, they are modifiable, free to use and there is a vast community of developers to guide and support you in implementing the software. Another advantage, and most important of all is that thousands of users worldwide work improving the applications, and that means newer releases at more frequent intervals. Read more…

10 Best Online IDEs for Web Developer to Code When On the Move

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Nowadays, smart phones and tablet computers are everywhere. These Internet-connected mobile devices are too good for connecting people, web browsing, playing games, watching videos and listening to music. Apart from communication and entertainment purposes, mobile devices can also be used for work and that includes web development. If you happen to be a web developer who is always on the move, instead of bringing your heavy laptop everywhere why don’t you develop websites using tablet or smartphone while having a coffee at Starbucks? Isn’t it cool?


Online IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) are the common web development platforms embraced by many web developers who code using their mobile devices. Read more…

15 Free, Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage Servers

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If you happen to be a web developer running multiple websites on a dedicated or VPS servers, then you should consider using a dedicated control panel for better web server management. This also applies to bloggers that run several blogs and online portfolios simultaneously. A customizable, flexible and dedicated control panel helps to fulfil bloggers’ various needs, allowing them to manage multiple servers from one control panel, easily and effectively.


Here we’ve gathered 15 powerful and reliable web hosting control panels that are specifically designed for Internet service providers and IT professionals. Do let us know in the comments box below if we’ve missed any worth-sharing hosting control panels. Read more…