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How to Backup and Export Email Contacts from Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Hotmail

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If you are planning to move to a new email account, the first thing you should do is backup and export all your existing contacts. Regardless you are using Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Windows Live Hotmail, all these email services do allow you to export contacts and save it in various formats. In today article, we’ll show you how to make a contacts backup of your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Hotmail.


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Top 25 Sites to Find Hot Trends and Popular Topics on the Web

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Which is the best website to find out what’s hot online? Living in today’s society, most of us want to stay informed of daily news and be updated with what people are talking about throughout the world. As a blogger, Internet marketer and entrepreneur, monitoring latest trends and hot topics are especially important when it comes to getting more traffic, conversions and sales to your website.


With the rise of social networking sites, search engines, and meme trackers, spreading hot news and latest trends through Internet has become easier than ever before. In today’s post, we’ve listed 25 best websites for you to spot and keep track of rising hot trends! These sites will provide you valuable trending information to improve your online business! Read more…

How to Turn on or Enable Safe Search Filter on Google, Yahoo! and Bing Search Engines

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Are you sharing the same computer with your children? Do you know that when your children surfing the net, they might expose to some sexual and violent contents? While no software filter replaces parental supervision, most of the search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing do provide filter for safer searching that can help to prevent adult content from appearing in the search results. Although SafeSearch filters are not 100 percent accurate, but they should help you avoid most of this type of material. Simply follow the step by step guidance below to enable SafeSearch feature on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


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