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3 Best Websites to Find Lost or Stolen Camera

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You probably already know that there are quite a number of apps can be used to track lost smartphone. Through these apps, you can also retrieve important data and information stored in the phone even it has never been found again. While finding a lost smartphone sounds easy, what about digital camera? What would you do if your camera was stolen or if you’ve lost it somewhere?


Unlike smartphones, there are neither tracking apps designed for digital camera nor GPS receiver built in it. In the event that your camera goes missing, is there a hope you can get it back? The answer is yes. Just like your digital camera’s unique serial numbers, every photo taken with it has an EXIF data. So imagine if the thief posts photos taken with the camera on the web, this allows you to search such photos and track your camera down. Here are 3 awesome websites you can try to get your lost camera back. Good luck!
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Stolen Camera Finder


If your camera is stolen, chances are the thief might use it to snap photos and upload to the web. With the help of Stolen Camera Finder you will be able to track down your camera and retrieve it back. The online tracking service lets you use the serial number stored in your photos to search for other photos that taken by the stolen camera. To get it started, all you have to do is drag and drop your photo to the middle of the page in grey. You will then see the results of camera model, date and time the photo was taken, internal serial number as well as others photos taken with your lost camera on the Web.

camerafound is a platform where people who lost their camera can meet with those who found a camera. The website features a Google Maps which allows people to use marker pinpointing the spot where the camera was lost or found. Other than that, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are integrated with the service which makes sharing of lost and found cameras easy. There are only 4 simple steps to use the service. Firstly you’ll need to update your profile, secondly place a marker on a map, third step requires you to post an advert, and finally upload a few photos to the service.


Just as the name implies, helps users to recover missing camera.
The web service searches photos published on the image-sharing sites like Flickr and extracts unique serial numbers from the EXIF metadata contained in the photos. So if you lost your camera, try CameraTrace to track it down by scanning photos taken with it. Other than that, CameraTrace also offers Lost & Found tag which you can stick it on your camera or other electronic devices. This helps finders to get in touch with you.


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