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10 Automation Apps for your Android Smartphones

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People love Android phones, as they give you the freedom to customize your phone whichever way you want. Developers nowadays are pushing themselves to the fullest. Almost everything has an app. In fact, reminders and automating of tasks is no longer an issue either.


Below, we’ll discuss a few apps which have made the lives of Android users convenient and automated.

1. SkipLock
Lock screens are an essential part of your phone. You might press a button accidentally. Someone unwanted can even access your phone if it’s not locked. But at the same time, lock screens can be a pain. You’ll be required to open your phone every time you need to do a certain task. This can waste time. It will also test the level of your patience, depending on your temperament.

SkipLock is what its name implies. It allows you to skip your lock screen to do your work. It depends on the locations you choose. Your device will automatically detect your location via your Wi-Fi.

So, depending on whether you are at home and connected to your Wi-Fi, it’ll allow you to skip your lock screen. You can manually add the lists of Wi-Fi networks. That way, SkipLock will allow you to skip your lock screen depending on whichever Wi-Fi you’re connected to.

2. MacroDroid
This application allows you to automate a specific task by setting up an action on your phone. It’s called a “macro.” You can use it for a variety of functions like turning off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, silencing your phone, or reading your messages aloud.


You must anoint a trigger for each task. But if you can’t, or aren’t good at such things, you can always select a ready-made trigger.

For example, you can simply shake your phone to directly upload a picture on any social network. You can configure an action to add more limitations according to your will.

3. AutomateIt
AutomateIt also allows you to automate certain tasks depending on your location and specific timings. It simply detects any change that occurred in your device, which triggers it to notify you.

For example, it can set up settings if you plug in a headset, receiving a call or message, draining your battery, or opening your Wi-Fi. These actions are called rules. You can either set up your own rules or download them from other users online.

If pops up notifications or displays the home screen if any change occurs in your device. It also warns you when your battery is low and other such changes.

4. Llama
The good thing about Llama is that it does not require the use of a GPS. It simply detects your location based on the cell tower of your device.

You can set up tasks depending on each location. If you pass by a particular place, it can alert you of any reminder you had set depending on the place, like buying milk or picking someone up. It can also send your phone to airplane mode if you’re in your office or in a meeting.

It can automatically connect your Bluetooth headset when you go for a walk or drive in your car. It makes your life much more relaxing. You’ll never have to worry about remembering something because this application does that for you.

5. Condi
Condi also manages the tasks on your phone. It also triggers your phone to perform actions based on time, location or a particularly defined trigger.

What makes this different from the other apps discussed here is that Condi also allows your friends to help you by sharing their tasks via links. There is no need for a registration or a social network.

Depending on your location, it can open a prompt you have already defined, like a navigation app if you’re driving. It also does other tasks too. For example, it can adjust your screen’s brightness. It also plays music when you plug in your earphones, forward your messages, setting up the volume, controlling your Wi-Fi, and a lot of others.

6. Velis Auto Brightness
Increasing the brightness in your phone drains your battery faster. The Android phone’s auto brightness doesn’t always work that well or is that accurate.


Downloading Velis Auto Brightness in your phone can manage the display according to light sensitivity. It judges the overall ambiance level and the environment.

In this way, you’ll never have to worry about constantly changing your device’s brightness again!

7. App Cache Cleaner
The longer an app is downloaded to your phone, the more cache it creates. It’s cached by the memory of your device to load the application faster each time. It slows down the performance of your phone and affects other applications.

That’s where the App Cache Cleaner comes in. You don’t have to worry about the cache created in the backlog of your phone. You can set it up to clean your cache automatically. You can set up the intervals you need to clear your cache from every six minutes to the next seven days.

8. Changelog Droid
It’s always a hassle to keep opening up your app and checking for new updates from the developer. Changelog Droid notifies you of any updates in your app by running in the background. This way, you’ll not have to worry about constantly checking for new updates.

Not only this, this app also installs new apps. It can uninstall any app as well. It can even open the system information page of it and directly launch the Play store page of the app for you to update.

9. RepetiTouch
RepetiTouch can record all your actions and store them for future use. If you perform complicated touch actions which take you time and focus, you can easily store them and replay them anytime in the future.


RepetiTouch requires you to “root” your android phone to use this app for free. It has a limit to the free version, which records up to ten minutes of recording time and no multi-touch input.

The full, premium version has no such restrictions and you can use it to your heart’s content.

10. Call Recorder – ACR
Call Recorder does just what it says; recording your calls. You can automatically record long, important phone conversations in your device and listen to them anytime you want. It also allows you to email your recordings and deleted the ones which are not as important.

You can also mark particular recordings to prevent them from being automatically deleted. It provides password protection of your recordings and includes features such as auto email and search.

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