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Top 12 Screen Recording Apps for Android Smartphone

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Are you fed up with your Android screen recording tools that do not have sufficient features to create and share your videos? Then it is time to say good bye to those worthless applications as Android now offers some really cool tools to help you with screen recording tasks.


No longer do you have to resort to those irritating screen recording tools as now you can avail a number of high-end screen recorders that offer a user-friendly experience. Whether you want to create helpful video tutorials or share features of your smartphone to your buddies, there are various Android-supported applications that you can sync with your phone and get started with your screen casting activities. Some of them deserve a mention here:

1. AZ Screen Recorder
One of the most popular screencasting tools for Android Lollipop users, AZ Screen Recorder has many usable features that make it a ‘must-have’ screen recording application for your Android device.

What makes it special is its ‘Magic Button’ that allows you to create sound recordings with a blank screen. Other notable features include video trimming,countdown timer and you can create videos with unlimited duration time.

2. Rec. (Screen Recorder)


One of the most beautifully-designed screen recording applications, Rec. is a screen recording tool with a functionality to easily record your screen that you can play with an Android phone. The application has bit rate button that you can use to time your videos.

The application allows you to capture your screen for as long as 1 hour. So, if you want to create a training video, you have enough time to demonstrate a topic and establish yourself as a thought leader.This application also uses a countdown timer for audio recordings so that you can get prepared before the recording starts.

3. SCR Screen Recorder
A specially-designed application for Android 4.0, SCR screen recorder is integrated with various features to support your screen recording needs. It allows screen recordings as well as capturing short videos using the front camera. However, you will need a root access to avail all these features of this fantastic screen recorder. Unfortunately, this screen recorder is not available on Google Play.

4. Unlimited Video Recorder


This is yet another popular screen recorder that makes it easier for you to record a screen using its various features. With this cool application, you can create unlimited videos recordings. It is a one-click application which means you can just click the record button and start recording audio and video files. It does not uses any watermark to create a recording video.

5. Ilos Screen Recorder
Nothing gets better than this screen recorder as you get both functionality and free features. Ilos screen recorder is created for Android Smartphone that features an easy-to-use interface to capture on-screenshots. With no hassles of watermarks, time duration and advertising, you can easily create screen recordings with just a click.

6. Telecine
Telecine offers a simple interface to record your audio and video screen files. It is an open source which means developers can add and amend features of this application to make it more functional.

Designed for Android Lollipop, this screen recorder requires no root access and you can create screen recordings by just clicking thestart button on the application. It is one of the most liked Android-based applications with an impressive rating of 4.5/5.

7. Shou
Shou is a screen capture application that enables its users to mirror their device on a TV screen to get a larger view. You can get easily started with this application with just a Google Plus account.All you need to do is to log in to Google Plus account and join Shou community and you will be able to get this free download from Google Play Store.

With this free screen recording app, you can create any type of screen videos and audio files to share with your viewers.It has an excellent rating of 4/5.

8. Mirroring 360
Want to migrate your data from your iPhone to your Android device? Then you need to download this cool screen recording application. As its name suggests, this application enables the users to mirror their data from an iOS-based device that you can transfer to your Android device.

It offers an easy and simple interface to users to perform their screen recording activities. Built with Air Play feature, the application makes it possible for users to share data from iPhone or iPad to any Android-based device.

9. Mobizen Screen Recoder
One of the most widely-used screen recording tools, Mobizen offers multitudes of features related to screen casting. From streaming video to your PC and recording your game play to sending messages and capturing screenshots, this application has range of features and tools to facilitate you with capturing and sharing your mobile data. You can get all these superb features for free.

10. Lollipop Screen Recorder
Lollipop Screen Recorder is one of the easiest tools to help you with screen recordings of your Android device. With its endless functionalities,for example screen orientation and screen resolution adjustment, you can do multiple tasks to tinker your screen videos. In addition, you can change bit rate, adjust screen resolution and even save your recordings on SD card.

11. Screen Recorder For Kitkat


Screen Recorder For Kitkat is a screen recording application that is available on Google Play for free. It offers variety of features to integrate with your screen recording gigs. With this application, you can:

  • Tweak bitrate
  • Set resolution
  • Launch countdown
  • Adjust video rotation

Screen Recorder for Kitkat allows you to create a screen recording for a duration of 180 seconds. You can see status of your recording on notification bar. Once you complete the recording, it will save in your screen recorder folder.

12. Screencast Video Recorder
Screencast Video Recorder is yet another fine tool for producing screen recording files. Known for creating high-quality videos, this application can be used to create a video gallery so that you can share your best videos with your social network on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. You can even add sound effects in a video to make it more compatible with your target audience.

Screen recording tools are a productive way to create videos that you can use to share knowledge with your audience.The above-mentioned 12 screen recorders are some of the best application you can use for the job.

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