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10 Android Apps to Automate Tasks on Your Smartphone

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One amazing thing about Android platform is a complete freedom to get various numbers of apps for both personal and professional use. There are more numbers of free apps available for the android smart phones providing various purposes to the users. It is no doubt that the android empowers the users to innovate. Such innovative android apps are also available for automating the tasks in a perfect manner. Those stunning apps can definitely push your android smart phone to do the various smart tasks automatically.


Innovative android apps for automating tasks:

1. App Cache Cleaner


Every application installed on your smart phone always takes more internal memory of your device. Most of the data of your mobile app is actually cached by the device memory in order to ensure it will load fast in future. It will probably slow down the smart phone’s performance. When you want to improve the performance of your android device, you can install this App Cache Cleaner app to clean your cache memory automatically.

2. ShipLock
When the android users think having the phone lock screen is very important but at the same time annoying in many cases, ShipLock is a right choice of application to be installed. It can automatically disable your lock screen when it runs on the specific Wifi network. This app also allows the users to skip the phone lock screen while running on your enabled home Wifi network.

3. Veils Auto Brightness


The android device might be shown little too dim or too bright for your eyes in particular environments. Veils Auto Brightness app is used to adjust the brightness settings of your device automatically depending on the light sensitivity.

Apps for call recording and regular tasks automation:

4. Call Recorder
Recording the phone conversation is very simple using this Call recorder app. It is automatically recording to conversation through phone and save it on your primary memory. Then, the users can able to send this phone recording through email. Based on your preference, you can delete these recorded conversations at any time.

5. Automated device


There are a few things which you will do every day. This Automated device android app helps automating those things which you do with your smart phone. Any of your tasks can be done automatically with the help of this app. For example, the users can automatically send a text message to someone once reached a particular location. Likewise, all your regular tasks can be automated using this android application.

6. MacroDroid
This specific android app allows device users to make the customized macro for automating your tasks on your smart phone. You can just use this MacroDroid app to silence your phone, turn off bluetooth, and disable data when you are at home, office, or anywhere. With the help of this application on your android device, it is also useful to set it for reading the aloud income messages and make the upload of phone faster to your preferable social network by simply shaking your smart phone. It also has the set of templates where you can get ready to use macros rather than creating your custom ones.

Free android apps for different tasks:

7. RepetiTouch
This android application allows users record your all touch events automatically. Then, you can just replay such touch events to do the different complicated and repetitive actions automatically for your needs. If you are using the free version of RepetiTouch app, it only limits you to 10 minutes of touch events recording time, no multi-touch input, and no loop mode. You can download and install the full version of this app for enjoying all features.

8. Llama
With this Llama android app, you can easily able to trigger a particular action on your smart phone when you are currently at the specific location. It is actually using the cell tower of your phone network in order to detect the location of your smart device. This android application is not actually the GPS dependent but triggers the bluetooth headset for making the connection with your smart phone when you are in the morning walking/jogging, or automatically trigger your reminder to buy the groceries if you are currently near to the preferable grocery shop.

Other android apps for automating tasks:

9. Atooma


Many android users might be familiar with the IFTTT android app. If you know about this particular app, then Atooma will be very simple to use at all. This specific android mobile application is actually using the different conditional events through the DO and IF. With these options, the android users can able to make your own and customer action rules & triggers. The interface is basically color coordinated in order to make it simpler and easier to setup triggers and rules for various actions. If you don’t have any idea to setup the personal rules, then you can easily download the rules or draw the inspiration from the other users of Atooma app.

10. AutomateIt
For downloading or creating the action rules to automate your android phone, this AutomateIt application is very helpful. It helps running the specific tasks automatically for any of your personal or professional purpose. AutomateIt app allows users to setup the triggers from the likes of time, activity recognition, or the location triggers for showing up the launch home screen, notification, and more. If you don’t know how to setup the action rules to automate the tasks in your android device, you can use this AutomateIt application which comes with the readymade rules market. From this rule market, you can easily download and use the rules setup for automating the tasks in your smart phone. When you are downloading the rules from this platform, it actually requires points which the users can obtain by creating customized rules, sharing rules on your preferable social media networks, and inviting the friends to buy and use this application.

All these 10 apps are very useful and have advanced features to automate your android device to do various tasks.

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