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15 Best Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression

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A recent research on US.Net habits suggest that if any webpage takes longer than a second to load, most of the users will have already clicked elsewhere. Amazon, one of the leading retail marketers, has calculated that a page load slowdown of mere one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales per year.


In one incident some time ago, Amazon has already paid the price of slowdown. Presence of video, images, CSS files, Javascript files etc can cause your site take more time to get loaded. Thus the need of an image optimizing tool comes into the picture. We have listed a few exclusive apps that are really effective when it comes to image optimization.

Nowadays, image compressor tools are essential owing to their ability to compress, edit and resize your images without any hassle. These tools support a number of image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF as well as resize them in order to meet your requirements. This allows websites and web applications get loaded faster for the users.

So, we have compiled a list of best image compressors that resizes images of various formats for your websites and deliver a lot better user experience to website visitors. These tools help in compressing your website’s images, save bandwidth and improve your site’s performance.

Here are the best image compression tools:

1. Tiny PNG


With this tool you get advanced lossy compression for PNG images with it preserving full alpha transparency while it reduces the file size as it selectively cuts the number of colors and bytes that are there in the image.

Its effect is quite invisible, though it makes a huge difference when it comes to file size as it takes 24-bit PNG files converting them to the way smaller 8-bit indexed color images that stripe all the unwarranted metadata.

This is among the most-admired image size optimization tools and there is a reason behind it as enables you to make a choice between lousy (picture quality reduction) and lossless (same picture quality) compression. However, lossless compression is restricted to JPEG and PNG images while the file savings are a lot smaller.

Meanwhile, the option is there for you in case you want it and it is not offered by any other tools, except one. So, in case you are keen on using both lossy and lossless compression then simply go for You don’t get bulk upload images, however, and the single file sizes are restricted to 10 MB.

3. JPEGMini


It’s a patent-pending photo recompression technology which allows you to reduce photographs sizes and doesn’t affect their perceptual quality at all. This technology functions in the arena of baseline JPEG and results in files that are extremely compatible with any browser, photo software or device supporting the standard JPEG format.

Yahoo! Developer Network offers this online service useful in optimizing your images and it uses lossless compression techniques. This way, the file size gets reduced without altering the look or the visual quality of an image. The uploader is supporting JPEG, GIF and PNG files having maximum sizes of 1 MB. You get the optimized results that are there for download from a temporary URL valid for up to 30 minutes afterwards.

It’s a free program you get so that images could be optimized for the web in an effective manner while it comprises of an easy-to-use interface that compares the original with the optimized image in real time. This way, you instantly get the resulting file size. RIOT is lightweight, fast as well as it offers robust features for advanced users while supporting many formats and features automatic optimization selecting the most appropriate format and parameters.

6. PNG Gauntlet
Using PNG Gauntlet optimizing PNG files is a lot easier while it’s available for Windows and brings together PNGOUT, OptiPNG and DeflOpt. This proves to be extremely helpful in creating the smallest files without reducing image quality.


This program converts JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files to PNG, giving individual progress bars to each file and it highlights the file that’s compresses currently and offers a status bar that keeps track of the total bytes saved.

7. CompressNow
This free online tool is helpful in uploading images from your computer and chooses a compression percentage while downloading the optimized image. It supports formats such as GIF, JPG and PNG while enabling the drag and drop of various images from your computer having a maximum upload of 10 images and a maximum individual file size of 3 MB.

8. Trimage
It’s a cross-platform tool that allows you optimize PNG and JPG files with the use of OptiPNG, PNGCrush, AdvPNG or JPEGOptim, as per the file type. Trimage losslessly compresses on the highest available compression levels, removing EXIF and other metadata. Using it you can download for a number of platforms comprising Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

9. Shrink Pictures
Resizing pictures is easier with Shrink Pictures as well as it chooses the level of compression applied. It supports formats such as JPG, GIF and PNG. Selecting the maximum image dimension, applying special effects and downloading the optimized images have now become a lot easier with this tool.

You get privacy as you use an automated script that’s helpful in removing any processed images from the server.

10. ImageOptim
This tool is a lot useful in optimizing images as it finds the best compression parameters and removes unneeded comments and color profiles. This is helpful in handling PNG, JPEG and GIF formats.


You can use them easily by just dragging and dropping images or folders into the windows and then you can optimize in-place. It’s easy to drop files on ImageOptim’s dock icon that uses the Service menu in Finder (on Macs) and it can be launched from a shell script.

11. Image Optimizer
This tools that you get from Dynamic Drive allows you to easily optimize GIFs, JPGs and PNGs as this way images load a lot faster. It’s easy to convert images from one file type to another and it has an upload size limit of 2.86MB. Just enter the image URL or upload it from your computer, choosing your image conversion, optimizing it and then simply download the results.

12. JPEG Optimizer
This free online tool is helpful in resizing and compressing your photo and images so that the bandwidth can be reduced and then you can use them on blogs, forums and emails. You just have to download the image you are keen on optimizing, choose a compression level (from 0-99, with the default at 65, pick your needed image width (in case you prefer resized image) and then click “Optimize Photo.”

13. JPEG Reducer
JPEG Reducer is helpful in shrinking the sizes of your images as this makes them load faster and functions by using lousy compression. However, you may fail to notice the changes that have taken place. Upload your image or enter its URL and press “Reduce it”. This way you can view the compressed images and thumbnails and right-click the image in order to save it.

14. Shrink O’ Matic
This Adobe AIR application is helpful in batching and resizing images in an easier way while it handles JPGs, GIFs and PNGs. In order to resize the image, you just have to drag and drop them. Customize the setting and choose the output sizes, rotation, name, location, format and watermark. EXIF data is supported as this way you don’t end up losing information when the images are processed.

15. Optimizilla
This image compression tool is quite cool and it enables you compress .jpeg and .png image files in a quicker and easier way. It allows bulk compression as well, as you can upload around 20 images at a time. Besides, when you compress the images, you get to choose to download them separately or together in a ZIP archive.

This tool is amazing at controlling the quality reduction and allows you use a convenient slider that indicates how much quality needs to be reduced on a scale of 1-100. The slider previews the compressed images in real-time making it easier to judge whether it has sufficient quality or not.

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