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12 Sites to Send Free Sms Text Message from PC to Mobile

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SMS messages have always been a vital source of text communication in the world, and despite the enormous popularity of many smartphone message app, SMS still stays in the top priority. Most of the companies in the world still rely on SMS when they try to communicate with their clients.


SMS is considered as a secured source of communication, and most of the banks depend on this service when they are sending any kind of private messages to their clients. People mostly believe that SMS can only access from mobile, but there are many websites that allow users to send SMS from PC to mobile.

All the telecommunication companies charge a minimum amount of Rs 1 for sending an SMS comprising 160 character which is quite high, and that is why most of the resent in using SMS. So many people opt for free SMS text message option provided by the various site that allows user send a message to mobile.

The only thing they need to make an account on the site through PC or laptop or mobile with the browser. If you go to the internet, you will find a lot of websites offering free SMS option to their users, although most of them have a restriction which you implies that you can only send a limited number of free SMS.

Best Sites to Send Free SMS Text Message from PC to Mobile

If you are looking for sites that will allow you to send free SMS text messages from your PC browser to any mobile, then you should go through the following points. It will depict name of 15 sites providing that kind of service:

This is one of the most popular websites in India that allow its users to send free SMS to any mobile without any charge. This website even lets you send SMS to users of other countries like UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Kuwait and Saudi Arab.

This is another popular site in India that provide free SMS option to its user although before sending one need to register themselves on the site. This site allows its user to send a group text to their friend or family along with the freedom to choose favorite messages from the dashboard.

This is not a well-known free SMS text message website in India, but it is gradually emerging in the market. This site allows users to recharge their mobile servicer and in return, they even provide credit points the users. Before using their service, you just need to register on the website.

Site2SMS is grabbing the attention of most of the youths in India as it not only offers free SMS option but also online voice calls to any mobile phone. To avail their service, you won’t need to register on their site.

A Free SMS
Nowadays, many new SMS sites are coming out with exciting perks, and A Free SMS is one such site. This site allows users to send unlimited SMS to mobiles belonging to almost everywhere in the world including North and South America, Oceania, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

SMS Fi is slightly different website than others on the internet as it offers a different type of unusual services. It not only allows you to send free SMS to any mobile but also you receive all kind of news from India as well as international. It even provides many recipes to its users. is not a popular website in India, and it shows delivery with real time feature. It allows everyone to send unlimited SMS to any mobiles in India although the character is restricted to 160. The best part of this site, it doesn’t promote ads.
This website works in the same manner as other free SMS sites, but you can only send a text to a mobile phone located in India. The best part of this site, it allows you earn credit by giving the option to participate in the various events, and these credits can be used to recharge online.

It is a unique free SMS site, which allows you to send unlimited text to any phone in India without any registration. It also allows you to send flash SMS and send SMS in a different language.

This site not only gives you the freedom to send free SMS to any mobiles phone in India, but you can also even get alerts for many offers. Sending bulk SMS is another feature of this site, and you advertise ADs on this site.

SMSloop is an emerging website which follows all the rule levied by TRAI. It allows the user to send unlimited SMS without any monthly cap and get a reply in their inbox provided in the site.

This free SMS text message service site that offers the varied type of SMS service to its customers. Apart from standard SMS services, it even allows users to sell or buy mobile and book cab.

Apart from sending free SMS to friends or families, you can even avail the option of sending bulk SMS for various purposes. This site allows its user to recharge online and the targeted number is recharged without any delay. The sites mentioned above are names of free SMS text messages websites through which you can send unlimited messages.

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