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Top 30 Price Watching & Tracking Tools for Online Shopping

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E-shopping has changed the way to shop products for consumers. People love online shopping pattern because they don’t have to leave their home, spend money on fuel, make extra time to shop, and visit distinct vendors in a day. It just makes sense to them to go online shopping site and add the product to the cart, make payment and wait for the delivery at home. After getting online shopping tips from experts, consumers or shoppers take interest in discounts, price drops, cashback offers and similar treats.


Tracking such offers is a difficult job and not all buyers have that much time for this job. To help them with this, experts are sharing numerous online tools to help them in tracking the lowest price of their desired products. These tools will also help in grabbing the best deals. Some tools will send email or push notifications to the users, so that they can instantly access the big sales and discounts.

Navigating to website, you will see product search bar on the website. You just need to mention the name of the product you desire and it will open its search accordingly. You can avail the feature of low-price tracking in the website. Major shopping spots are Amazon, Shoebuy, Crocs, Walmart and other top stores.



Navigating to website, you can avail features of low-price tracking and product search with filters. Shopping spots offered by this website tool are eBay,, Shoebuy, Walmart, and other online stores.

3. Nextag
You can track the low price products, make product search and deal search on Nextag.

4. Shopsavvy
If you want to shop like a smart buyer, you must use Shopsavvy for online shopping. This application runs on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. You can easily see when there are sales at main stores and get latest discount offers and deals update. It also works as a barcode scanner and SKU finder.

5. BuyVia
If you are planning to shop tech products this weekend, download BuyVia to your Android or iOS handset. This application is known for its comparison features and notifications. BuyVia compares product prices at national and local outlets and allows you set up alerts for products.

6. PriceGrabber


You can visit Pricegrabber website online and shop auto parts, appliances, electronics, books, baby products, furniture, movies, music, industrial supply and more. All the categories are listed on the webpage.

Other than this, if you want to go mobile, you can download pricegrabber application in your android, iphone, or ipad device and start using.

7. CheapShark


It is the website where you will find the best prices on digital game downloads for your PC. CheapShark keeps the track of game prices in popular stores like Amazon, Steam, and GamersGate. It is a right site to compare digital game download prices and get the cheapest game deal online.

8. InvisibleHand
This website gets the lowest price on flights, shopping, rental cars and hotels. iOS users can install its application to their smartphone and devices and use it as a price comparing tool to shop distinct things and services.

9. CamelCamelCamel
This is a free Amazon price tracker that monitors products range and notifies you when prices drop. It is an online website that compares prices of the products live.

10. Purchx
This application is available for iOS and Android mobile. It scans products inside store, compares products simultaneously, sees online vs. local prices, and provides reviews to the buyers. Use this Purchx and explore its more features.

11. ScanLife


This application works on iOS and android devices. ScanLife offers business products a voice and helps brands create direct interaction with customers. It is a mobile engagement platform that integrates next gen QR codes. It has real-life user reviews of services and products.

12. Shopping Notes
It is a shopping bookmark tool powered with price comparing engine. You can save your favorite products that you see across the internet and this tool can alert you whenever the products’ prices get changed.

13. Walmart Saving Catcher


As the tagline suggests, it is your saving dashboard that helps in comparing prices of the product. You can download this application on your iOS and android device and scan your store receipt and let the app compare the prices and check the result.

14. My Alerts
You can use this website tool and find products on sale by Site, Brand, or Product category. This website based price comparing tool ensures users about lowest product price. You will get notification about lowest price offers via email.

15. Trivago
Trivago is a price comparing website for hotels. You just need an internet connection and find hotel deals online at Trivago.

16. TripAdvisor
You can easily find and book your best hotel deal on Trip Advisor. You can avail deals related to flights, hotels, restaurants and other things at this webpage.

17. My Smart Price
You can search millions of products from local and global stores at MySmartPrice website.

18. QuickScan
Users of iOS and Android can use QuickScan application to scan barcodes. By scanning the codes, they won’t just find the best rates, but also get inventory status, coupons and are able to make shopping list.

19. Now Discount
With the help of NowDiscount application, iOS and android users can avail online prices from their local retailer. It is a revolutionary app that offers shoppers the ability to access great deals from trusted local vendors.

These are the top price comparing tools available for mobile and website users. You can use these tools and compare prices of the products and services you desire.

Other than these tools, there are some more price comparing tools that you can use:

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