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20 SnapChat Fails That Can Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Mistakes happen! Mankind has been falling flat at stuff since our species existed. But, dissimilar to our primitive forefathers, who used to keep their embarrassment up to themselves, we’re sufficiently lucky to live during a time where we can share our screw-ups with the whole world and that too with a single tap. To know what we mean, go beneath.


Snapchat made it possible. But, it’s damn disgrace that Snapchat is intended to make all our recordings and photos to vanish after a couple of moments. A ton has been lost because of this feature. Well, there is something called screenshots. Thanks to it!

We have gathered some Snapchat fails to make you laugh. Some of them are painful, and every one of them is painfully funny. Just check out these hilarious fails below and laughs out loudly:

1. The Height of Awkwardness


Nothing could be funnier than this in an early morning lecture! A dark pink and black outfit is not so hard to carry, but when something like this happens, it undoubtedly is. Seriously, who wore it better?

2. Yes, It is Its Right


This lady is obviously prepared for a day out or a night on the town. She has her cosmetics all spread out, she’s wearing great pants, and her hair curler is prepared to curl her hair! But, the hair curler isn’t connected yet…

No wonders to why girls take so long to get ready 😀

3. This is Complete Death


OMG! Somebody please call the cops. There has been a death. A death of a gorgeous and delicious ice-cream.
The first story is quite evident of how eager this snapper is to jump into this cone; but had say goodbye to this heavenly summer treat! May his cone rest in peace!

We could help giving it a loud tribute.

4. The Spoiled Cat!


Cats indeed are pompous and self-centered by nature. We cannot stop giggling and adoring this cute cat that’s busy with its iPad, in its yurt.

5. Go and Get a Life then


Though we’re sad for this Snapchatter, this seriously tickled our funny bone! We all want to chill out by the pool, the power of social media has got us so engrossed in it that we tend to fake our presence at places!

Well, buddy we really hope you chill out on beach someday,but, not like this! 😀

6. What’s Next?


Parents go to all odds to spend time with their kids. But this is what happens when they fail. We seriously hope it wasn’t the mother of the child capturing this!

7. FIFA or A Girl is Waiting for You


Game versus Girl! He’s definitely got his priorities straight! We cannot stop laughing at this!

8. We Felt Bad for You Man!


Nothing can explain miscommunication better than this picture. While this man wanted just ketchup as a sauce on his burger, the staff thought he meant sauce and nothing else. Be careful while giving an order, next time. Meanwhile, you can laugh at his luck!

9. I Think Soap is so Cheap here!


Tdaaa … A Soap Cloud! While we cannot stop laughing, we pity the person who is going to clean the house.

10. The Security Deposit is Must


Well, I will definitely demand higher security deposits after watching this.How did that pan’s lid insert itself in the roof? A few riddles we’ll never know the answers to. Good luck to the Snapchatter, while disclosing that one to the landowner.

11. Eggs Eggs Everywhere!


We believe we are not eggsagerating if we say that this looks like a fussy bad day at work. These eggs cannot serve any purpose now, instead of giving us a laugh.

12. Cruelty at Its Peak


At times, life just truly doesn’t seemto be going your way, even at a restaurant.

13. What’s Happening?


Mismatches happen and then this happen! We can imagine how much she’d be punned at her school that day!

14. Careful Painting is Important


Careful driving prevents accidents, and securing the lids of the paint containers help in unnecessary painting of the interiors of the car. Our pity with the driver for scathing off the painting.

15. It Must be Their Last Washing


Seems like someone used petrol, instead of detergentfor washing clothes.

16. The Art of Photo-bombing!


You know that photo-bombing is not just a pun by humans; even the seagulls are good at it! We cannot stop laughing at how amazing this seagull looks relishing the ice-cream.

17. The Enigmatic Accident


Such a remarkable display of driving unskillfulness! No wonders to why women are known as such great drivers.

18. Yay! We Found Nemo!


Snapchat filters are love. While there are numerous amazing face swap fails out there, this one is making us laugh our stomach out.

19. The Birdy Love!


We have seen couples kissing while taking selfies, but this one is amazing! Call it a peck or a kiss of love from this feathered friend; the sight makes us go ‘aww’ and ‘hahahaha’ at the same time.

20. Poor Pelican Had a Bad Day!


We cannot stop laughing at this sight! The poor Pelican certainly would have commiserated himself for biting Grandmom. Our condolences with him!

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