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20 Ways for Freelancers to Collaborate

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A freelancer works with a variety of clients. When you work as one, you need to be good at what you do. Besides that, the best way to attract more business is to collaborate with other freelancers. Many businesses are looking for a single place to get all the skills for their project. Collaboration really improves business prospects for the future.


A Meeting Place
Visiting a co-working space is the best way to meet some like minded freelancers. It extends a friendly hand and lets others know about your work. Meeting a person of similar profession leads to exchange of ideas and knowledge. It’s a great way to meet new people and collaborate. Meeting other people helps you do away with monotony of working alone and fosters creativity.

Have Online Meetings and Chat


Meetings are known to be an effective way of collaboration. Scheduling online video meetings can help you collaborate with peers and friends online. One can also benefit from the recording feature of online meetings. These meetings could be with clients as well. The videos can be used later for gaining knowledge and improving productivity.

Build a Network
For effective collaboration, one may create a network or group of other freelancers on social media and benefit from it. A network of similar professionals helps in solving queries and saving time. Helping each other, goes a long way in getting new clients and keeping the existing ones happy.

Embrace the Cloud


Exchange of files with emails can be a waste of time. Use of cloud tools can be very helpful. Cloud technology makes simultaneous updating and sharing of files easy. There a host of free tools online that make collaboration and file sharing very easy. Tools like DropBox and Google Drive are very helpful.

Write Guest Posts
Blogs are the new way of sharing stories and promoting the business. Writing a guest post or sharing a good piece of information on a blog, shows area of expertise and helps in creating useful partnerships.

In case of large projects which involve various areas of expertise, one should send out intake forms for other freelancers and refer them to the client. This benefits both sides of the business and allows everyone to work collaboratively.

Learn New Skills
To increase business prospects, one should always be updated about the latest skills. For this, one should keep in touch with fellow freelancers and and keep learning new skills. Helping them learn skills you know and learning what they know, can be very helpful.

Brainstorm via Online Tools


You can use tools like Murally to brainstorm with clients and peers. The tool allows users to work seamlessly within the same space and eliminate the distance factor. This enhances collaboration and improves work quality.

Research Together
Before starting a project, freelancers need to research about the company and the appropriate steps to take, for the right path of development process. Online tools like Search Team makes it possible to search content together and get to a common solution.

Use Project Management Tools


A project management tool that allows real time collaboration is very useful. Tools like Invoicera show the overview of the progress of the project and allow you to prioritize and assign tasks according to the one’s expertise.

Upload Projects Online
Many online tools like Scribblar allow you to upload a project and lets a selected number of users review it. You can add comments on the particular part of the project, provide feedback and collaborate efficiently.

As a freelancing team of software developers, team members need to work on coding of software together. Using online tools like Beanstalk help with online writing, editing and deployment of codes.

Teach a New Freelancer
Being a new freelancer can be very challenging. Finding a new customer and setting up a customer base is a tedious task in itself. To encourage collaboration, one should be open to teaching new freelancers and sharing useful knowledge.

Host Events
Freelancers usually work from home and barely meet up with each other. Hosting events like workshops, Q&A etc., encourage freelancers to get together and work collaboratively. This helps in networking and unifying the freelance community.

Bid Together
Writing an effective bid is very important in the freelance business, especially when many other freelancers are bidding on the same project. One can improve business by collaborating with other freelancers and bidding together for projects. This increases the probability of winning a bid and getting a new client.

Share Ideas
Exchange ideas for improving the business in the long run. This is helpful for you and your peers. A short meeting or a chat may be a good time saving way to share some great workable ideas for your respective clients.

Discuss Payments
As a freelancer you may find friends in your community with the same set of clients. Discussing payments and any other disputes related to these clients may help you solve your queries easily.

Share Resources
Using shared resources and space can be useful in saving on electricity, internet and other resources. Finding innovative ways to share resources with other freelancers is a great way to collaborate.

Work for a Social Cause
Working for a social cause helps you collaborate and meet new people. It not only gives you a sense of satisfaction for doing social good, but find people who may be interested in what you do. This is a great way to build your reputation and showcase your work.

Share Skills
Freelancers often find projects which include a host deliverables like – design, content and SEO etc. Sharing skills with other freelancers helps finding work that can be completed collaboratively. This is beneficial for the client too.

Collaboration is all you need to grow your freelance business. Being among the right set of people helps you find more clients and ideas. A good network helps you find solutions to your business problems easily and stay updated about the latest. Meet people, network and collaborate on a regular basis. This is absolutely essential for your freelance business.

Author: Veronika Tondon

Veronika Tondon is business enthusiast. She writes about emerging technologies and opportunities for business. She is working as a marketing manager with Invoicera, a leading cloud invoicing solution.

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