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Top 15 Uncommon Ways To Make Money As A Freelancer

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Starting a career as a freelancer can be confusing. There is no exact science to becoming successful. However, in one form or another it will require talent, skill and dedication. And everyone has his or her own attributes. We all have something to offer.


Whether you are looking to be your own boss or simply trying to make ends meet, there is likely a freelance opportunity available. There are plenty of new options with the advancement of technology and our online global communication. And there is a great satisfaction in the self-reliance that you will find as a freelancer.

You will have to be your own motivator, but you will enjoy the freedom that comes with making your own schedule and creating your own income. This list has narrows down 15 ways to make money as a freelancer that you may not have thought about. First identify your own strengths, and then review each source to spark your entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Write online content


Communication has shifted away from papers and tangible materials and launched full speed ahead into the Internet. The social media and marketing environments are constantly hiring freelancers (all levels) and sites like will connect you with hundreds of client opportunities.

2. Pitch a story
PichMe is a great site for budding journalists. If you have writing skills and an investigative spirit, this may be the place for you. The site initially vets all of their freelancers and connects them with publishers around the world that might like their story ideas.

3. Teach
If you possess the correct amount of education and skill level to teach online classes, then check out Flexjobs. The site lists online and telecommuting teaching positions and scans each one to ensure all postings are legitimate and worthy of your attention.

4. Write for academia
A site like EssayMama provides writers and graduates the opportunity to be a part of a professional freelance community. All of Essaymama’s writers must possess an adequate education and experience level and produce proofreading materials, essays, articles and more.

5. Tutor


If you excel at academics and want to find extra money making opportunities, review The site offers online tutoring and hires freelance experts in a variety of subjects. From economics, chemistry and business law to physics, astrology and social sciences, there is likely an area for you.

6. Sell your work
Sites like Etsy are popular, however many don’t realize how varied the products are. Members buy and sell many different types of handmade items. Do you have great handwriting? You may be able to create bespoke invitations. Or perhaps you make your own jewelry. Try listing a few pieces on Etsy to build brand awareness.

7. Use current profiles
Many people already have a Linkedin account, although many forget to review the site’s job listings. Members can use their existing Linkedin profiles to apply for various freelance jobs from writing to healthcare. And you will save time by not having to fill out new online resumes and forms.

8. Check Craigslist
You’ve probably browsed Craigslist before. But have you ever checked out the “gigs” section? Here you will find per-project and part-time work. The site isn’t just for selling items and finding apartments. There are plenty of worthy freelance job opportunities if you look in the right place.

9. Take photos
Freelance photo jobs is a site exclusively for photographers and offers an easy to use search platform. The site looks for available photography positions on the web and quickly connects users with appropriate opportunities. Even if you are an amateur, you may have the passion to build a solid career.

10. Calligraphy


If you are skilled with pen and paper, you may be able to work as a calligrapher. There are classes available for certification and event planners and designers hire calligraphers everyday. In a world of computers calligraphy is still a useful skill. Peopleperhour is a great site to check for these types of freelance positions.

11. Create websites
Guru is one of the best platforms for development and IT freelancers to find new work. There are over 1 million web and software postings and an easy to use profile builder. If you enjoy computer work and graphic design, search through their listings to find one that matches your talents.

12. Become a videographer
If you are skilled with a camera or excel at editing video, check out Mandy. The site lists worldwide freelance and per project gigs for the film, video and television industries. This is a great way for budding freelancers who want to work in entertainment to start building a reputation.

13. Share your voice
Maybe you already run a podcast, or perhaps you have a distinctive voice. Sites like Envato list voiceover jobs in video animation, design, radio and more. People rarely think of their voice as a talent unless they are singers. However, plenty of people make an income doing only voiceover contracts.

14. Babysit or nanny
Many people searching for childcare professionals will require an excellent education or previous teaching experience. If you have childcare references, then sites like Sittercity are a great place to find work. They connect babysitters and caregivers with families throughout the United States.

15. Interpret
If you are bilingual, use your language skills to make a freelance income. Sites like Protranslating consistently hire interpreters and translators from around the world, in almost any language.

Don’t let the idea of freelancing scare you. Whatever your talents, there is a resource or platform that will allow you to showcase them. And do not be overwhelmed at the start. Take what you have and what you know and start building your freelance portfolio today.

Research beginner rates and contract agreements and always reach out to freelancing communities with questions and support. You will also want to discover the right online tools to help you maintain schedules and to increase your productivity as well.

You can do it. You can succeed as a freelancer. And you will do so with spending little to no overhead. Use your life experience and make your work something you enjoy. Share your skills with the world and advance your career, lifestyle and wallet in the process.

Author: Kenneth Waldman

Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator, who draws his inspiration out of the traveling. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.

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