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15 Really Unusual Ways to Make Money Online

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Admit it. You are daydreaming about finding a revenue source by moving your office to your home. However, we assure you, your wish of working from home is not a feature that highlights your lazy side. On the contrary, putting your dream into practice requires self-management, a high level of adaptability, and an entrepreneurial personality.


Nonetheless, there are many ways nowadays to avoid the office and plunge directly into the freedom that comes with being your own boss. And we have the Internet to be grateful for this. Some revenue sources require just a strong Internet connection. All other limitations provided by daily commute, office policies, and managers vanish.

But before embracing the new lifestyle online revenue brings about, you should research what the Internet offers you. We’ve done our homework ahead and narrowed the options down to 15 unusual ways to make quick money online. Read them through and choose whichever ways suit you best starting today!

1. The Wicked

We are starting our unusual list with a strange money-generating platform: The basic idea behind Fiverr is that you put your skills at the disposal of your clients in exchange for five bucks. And you can perform any gig, and that means literally any kind. This is where the unusual way of making money kicks in.


Besides the usual and normal jobs, like graphic design, writing or marketing, they have a job section entitled “Fun & Bizarre”. Here you can make that odd skills of yours known, like parkour, face stretching, good sense for pranks, and actually make money with them.

The most popular gigs searched by clients are funny videos, unusual portraits, messages, and logos placement or funny chats for a limited time. Brainstorm with your savage side a little bit and see what crazy idea you can change into a quick revenue source.

2. Rent your own place to strangers is the luxury version of couch surfing. You don’t have to own an entire block or hotel or even an entire apartment to start making money through this online platform. Simply create a profile of your room, describe the location and what you can offer to your clients (basic things, like a parking lot, hygiene products, towels, cooking pots, etc.). Once your room gets rented, organize a home party with your best friends, and you are all set.

Don’t forget to play the role of a good guide for your clients. If they enjoy their staying, they will return next year or even recommend your place to their friends.

Bonus: When your city hosts an international festival, you might say you just hit the jackpot. During these festivals, accommodation becomes a necessity, and the renting fees will go through the roof!

3. Sell your smartphone photos


Thanks to the fact that phone companies are explaining the outrageous prices of their smartphones by incorporating professional cameras, you don’t need other expensive tools to become a photographer. All you need to start selling your photos online is your charged smartphone and a seller profile on online websites or phone apps like Foap, Twenty20, Stockimo and many others.

4. Be a friend in need

Friendship is not free of charge anymore. made sure that everyone can reach a friend when they need to, but in exchange for a fee of course. You don’t have to pay to create a profile, and you also have the option to decline a friend request if you want to. Just wait for the clients to contact you to set the price, location and hour, and that’s it!

5. Blog Comments

While building a solid blog to get paid from advertisements implies daily blog posts and constant marketing efforts, you can avoid all that by taking a shortcut: paid blog comments. Any respectable blogger must stay updated with its blog’s reach, so the number of comments is of utmost importance for them. This is when they decide to hire help. Sites like will bring you such kind of gigs, and the average payment is $0.08 per comment.

6. Get funding for your crazy idea


A man once got $55,492 from people across the world as funding to make a potato salad! Kickstarter is an online platform that helps you get funding for any kind of project you want. Of course, you need a good idea, great marketing skills and repay your funders with something in return.

7. E-commerce has always been around the block, but it never gets old. Search your house for odds and ends that you don’t need anymore. There are high chances someone out there is in desperate need for your old things, so why not starting a small business of your own?

Also, there’s no need for you to have stuff in the first place. Simply take advantage of the bargains you can find on the Internet or garage sales, and then resell them at a higher but still convenient price.

8. Become an e-teacher

You are sitting on a golden egg, and you don’t know it. Nowadays, English has become the universal language. If you don’t know English, you can’t be a functional Internet user for example, as almost the entire body of online information is written in this language. So, there is a high demand for English teachers. With the help of Internet, you can find students online and teach courses.

9. Post your courses online


If you do not have the skills a teacher needs to cope with his students face to face, but you have solid knowledge of a certain domain, there’s still a way for you to make money online. You can create a video of yourself teaching a lesson. There’s no need to find students for this and repeat your lessons over and over again. Just upload your videos on websites like Udemy, Coursera, or Codecademy and then wait for the revenue to come in.

10. for the win!

Everybody wants to be different from others nowadays, and they buy products accordingly. Handmade products are best fitted for this kind of situations. is the perfect market that connects handmade designers with interested clients. So, refresh your handmade skills and let Etsy do the marketing for you.

11. Enter the T-shirt business

All you need are white shirts and your crazy design ideas. All you have to do is build a t-shirt stock and gather an audience on online sites. is a useful online platform to start your business as it will help you deliver your products across the whole U.S.

12. Change your keywords in domain names

Learn your way around Google Trends and find powerful keywords from certain business domains. Create domain names with them, and sites like or can bring you a nice revenue of even five digits!

13. Put your perfect hair curls to work for you


The Internet is such a vast online world that you can even find websites specialized in selling hair! The guys from are there for you at every step of your listing, and they also offer you useful tools like the Hair Calculator Tool.

14. Answer everybody’s questions is another useful website for our strange list. Who ever thought that having the answers will bring you financial benefits? This website has as its aim to answer every question, but they also need knowledgeable people to help them with that, and this is where you come in. You get 10 to 20 cents for every answer you post, and you can choose when and what questions to tackle.

15. The return to homework

However, this time, you won’t do it for free. There are many students across the U.S. that need help with their huge pile of homework, and you can help them from the comfort of your home. Websites like are what you are looking for in this case.

So, now that the Internet seems vaster to you and more diverse in terms of uses, how are you going to benefit from it?

Author: Dustin Ford

Dustin Ford writes about technology, marketing, and social media. He enjoys sharing his reviews for Technology Dreamer.

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