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Type “Do a Barrel Roll” on Google to Have a Big Surprise

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Have you ever heard “Do a barrel roll”? The phrase has become a hot topic on Twitter and other social media. Guess what? It’s an Easter egg on Google Search that you must check out and share with your friends!


All you have to do is type the phrase “Do a barrel roll” in Google, and you will see the search results page tumble around. It’s very interesting! The same thing happens if you search for “Z or R twice”.
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If you are lazy to search the phrases, simply click here to see the instant effect for yourself. However please take note that it might not be working on all web browsers since the page spinning effect was built in HTML5. You may use Firefox or Chrome to get the best result.


Where are the phrases come from?
Both phrases are references to Star Fox 64, the classic 1997 Nintendo game. Peppy, the game’s veteran space pilot rabbit, tells hero Fox McCloud to “do a barrel roll” (a feat accomplished by pressing “Z” or “R” twice) multiple times throughout the game.

Who created the “Do a barrel roll” query?
The “Do a barrel roll” query was created by a Google software engineer with the primary goal of entertaining users while showcasing the power of CSS3, a presentation feature of modern browsers. And the good news is the query that causes the search page to spin will remain in place for a while.

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