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10 Essential Things to Remember While Doing Ecommerce Web Design

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Online shopping is becoming a standard of living and is turning the norm for quite a few people, utilizing the World Wide Web to help them deal with their busy scheduled lives. People enjoy the comfort of online shopping sitting their home and purchasing the things of their choice. This is the only fact why people like online shopping. Well businesses with ecommerce websites are running more successfully as compared to any other online business.


If you are a businessperson and are dealing with the selling and purchasing of thousands of products then designing an eCommerce website for your business is the best thing you can do for enjoying your profits. Here in this post we will talk about some necessary things that you should remember while designing your ecommerce website. Let us have a look:

Offer Discounts and Other Offers


Discount coupons and various other schemes attract visitors. Users are always looking for minimum rate for making a good purchase. Heavy discounts and other interesting offers on products like buy 2 get one free kind of are always helpful to grab more and more visitors. This scheme always works to make increased and happy customers.

Describe Your Products in Details


Yes it is very important for you to describe all your products in details so that customer should get all the information about the product that he/she is looking for. Lack of information can make your visitors to reach some other website making a loss for your business. You have to entice your customers that they do not only hit the button saying ‘buy now’ but also to visit only your website whenever they have to buy something online. Hire some good product description writer having experience because they know how to fix right keywords into the descriptions to make your users spend and come back for more.

Do Not Force Them to Register

Some websites ask for registration first when customers want to browse their websites. This is not a good practice at all. Nobody has enough of time to register first for browsing your website. So make it free to browse your website so that customers should feel free to take a trip to your website and enjoy purchasing. Half of your potential customers run away when you ask them to register some kind of information.

Nobody Clicks on the Form Which is Available

Time is money for every single person. When you have to deal with online shoppers make things easy for them. The easier you make your online shopping experience with them the more you are helping yourself. You are saving yourself from the trouble that your customers will move to some other retailer. Giving them an option for one-click order will always appeal them when they are searching for one particular product and they do not have much time to make it around.

Provide Important and Complete Information


It is important for you to provide all necessary and important information to your customers when they want to buy products from your website. Lack of information can lead to a bad impression on your visitors and they will lose interest in your website. So always provide full and complete information to your users to make them purchase your products and visit you again and again.

No Contact Information Provided

This is the worst mistake that any eCommerce website could ever make. Providing no contact information means providing nothing to your customer about whom they are dealing with. Your contact info makes them sure that you are an existing firm and people are making purchases from your website. But if there is no contact information provided how anybody on this earth is going to reach you for buying products from you? Providing contact information is essential.

No Bad Designs Please!

It is okay that you have to stuff your products and services to your website in order to explain each and everything to your buyers but things can be managed in an organized way. You can always adjust and place your products in a well maintained way and design your website that is attractive, appealing and worthy to deal with. Generally customers do not like to open bad website in terms of designs, content, images and so on. So always make sure that your website is designed really well to grab your customers quickly.

Design BIG BUY buttons


In order to stuff everything on your website, designers reduce the size of the “BUY” button on your website. This is actually wrong. What if a person could not see the ‘BUY’ button? What if he got irritated and chose not to buy products from your website? This is a big loss. So always design your website and the BUY button in such a way that it should be highlighted and buyer could see it very easily on your website to make his/her purchase.

Easy Order Processing

Do not complicate the process of ordering for your visitors as this will annoy them and they won’t make any purchase. They do not want to get stuck with a number of information providing forms and various other details before buying things. Hence provide them with an easy order processing in order to make their interest longer for your website.

Listing your website with Relevant Web Directories

Make it simple for clients to find your site. This could be possible by making it sure that your business site is incorporated in all the important web directories accessible on the web. This is equivalent to “word of mouth” in this eCommerce business. Be seen. Niche postings in web directories will lead clients to your e-business door.

There are generally two types of directories – those which are free and those for which you have to pay. While these free directories can offer you great connections, they have backlogs and this implies it will take some time to rundown your site. Go for paid directories. This will guarantee you that your website is having high-quality traffic.

With the discussed points you are completely ready to design your eCommerce website. If you get your website designed keeping all the given points in mind, surely you are going to mark a difference in the field of eCommerce business websites. Every business has some rules and these are some rules for designing a perfect eCommerce website.

Author: Kristy Bernales

Being an effective and imaginative web designer in Melbourne, Kristy Bernales is working as a senior Developer with WebdesignXperts – eCommerce Webdesign Melbourne Firm. After designing websites, she prefers to write blogs and articles related to website design and development.

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