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How Bharti Airtel is Leading in the Internet Revolution in Modern India

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Bharti Airtel, a name that has become synonymous with telecommunications in India, has contributed immensely towards bringing the internet revolution to India. Today Airtel is one of the leading telecom operators in India, Airtel’s journey reflects the incredible transformation of India’s digital landscape.


For over a decade, Airtel has continued to break barriers and has been a digital frontier in India’s digitalization. In this blog we will explore how Airtel has been leading this fascinating process, focusing on the Bharti Airtel share price and how it reflects investor confidence.

Bharti Airtel’s Journey of Internet Revolution in India

Here is the journey of this telecommunication company.

Bridging the Gap: Mobile Phones to Mobile Internet

Bharti Airtel was established in 1985 when mobile communications was still in its initial phase in India. Through cellular services, the company not only transformed the concept of personal connection but also set the foundation for the Internet. Mobile phones changed from mere tools of calling to a doorway of the new world of the Internet.

The Dawn of Mobile Internet

Airtel was a pioneer in offering mobile internet services, through the introduction of the 2G and 3G technologies in the early 2000s. This shift enabled users to access their emails, browse websites, and even social networks – all through their small mobile phones at the ease of their homes. Airtel offered mobile internet at an affordable rate and this helped in increasing the number of internet users in the country.

4G Revolution and Beyond

Airtel further extended the innovation with the launch of 4G services in the year 2012. This change in the speed of mobile internet resulted in a significant increase in the consumption of online content. From streaming videos to downloading large files, 4G connectivity opened doors to a whole new world of digital possibilities. These innovations resulted in a big jump in the Bharti Airtel share price as the firm benefited significantly from the increasing internet market.

Investing in the Future with 5G

Being one of the pioneer telecommunication companies in India, Airtel is currently advancing in the implementation of 5G, offering 100 times faster download speed than 4G networks and significantly reduced latency. This would change the world of internet connection in India. Airtel has been planning and investing in 5G infrastructure to stay ahead and shape the future of digital communication in India.

Bharti Airtel’s Impact on Digital India Initiative

Bharti Airtel has played a huge role in the implementation of the Digital India campaign started by the Government of India. By facilitating affordable internet access and promoting digital literacy, the company played a crucial role in empowering individuals and businesses across the country. This aligns with the national agenda of using technology for growth and development.

This has reflected in the Bharti Airtel share price positively over the years.


It can be seen trading around Rs. 1390+ as per Bharti Airtel share price chart on Dhan.

Overall, investors have been optimistic about the company’s expansion into digital services and its ability to capitalize on India’s growing internet user base.


The journey of Bharti Airtel company is a testament to India’s evolution in the digital ecosystem. The company has remained consistent in its drive towards innovation from the introduction of mobile connectivity to providing high-speed internet. Airtel has been a big part of India’s revolution towards the digital world.

The company’s aim to invest in innovative solutions and its vision of creating a digital nation are the reasons behind its huge success. To invest in the stock market, open an account with Dhan.

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