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Modern Tech Tips for Effective Education

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Smart Classrooms Make Teaching Effective

We live in an advanced world where one can use effective modern technology to make class lessons interactive and fun. Here is a post which talks about the modern tech tips for effective education.


Welcome to the world of technology where you can simply click and get any kind of information within few seconds. Gone are those days, when internet connections were slow. How about technology integration in education? The revolution has already begun! There are smart boards in majority of the classrooms, and pupils have access to laptops and computers in school and colleges.

We do believe that the use of technology in education can make your teaching session fun and interactive. Using chalk or a marker seems like too much work! You can use several wonderful tech techniques to make your class engaging!

How Does Technology Improve Education?

You must be eager to find that out! If you are a teacher, or a professor, you must know that technology is an excellent way to bridge the gap between you and your students. It has multiple benefits, and it also gives you some relief from constantly standing and writing something on the board.


Teaching technology has transformed the education system! The world has become so advanced that students can take help from sites like There are writers, who make life easy for students, who are stuck with emergencies.

There are schools and colleges which have CCTV’s for the safety of the children. Students can even fill online application forms with ease! School and college fees can be paid online. In a nutshell, we are seeing the real fruits of technology!

Here is a post which talks about the several creative ways to use technology for effective education.

The List of Modern Tech Tips for Effective Education:

How to incorporate technology in your classroom? Here’s how you can do it with ease! Take a look at the modern tech tips for effective education. This will fill your mind with newer ideas to make classroom a fun place to be!

No More Ban, Please


We usually find teachers banning cell phones and YouTube. Do you know how much information is available on YouTube? This digital platform is not just about music videos. There are educational videos of wildlife, technology, history, mathematics, sociology, and much more.

Why are you blocking resources? You can show educational videos to your students. There is so much to learn from this platform!

Accessibility to YouTube and cell phones is necessary. We are not asking you to let the students use phones in class, but you can use YouTube to make classroom teaching fun and interesting.

In fact, pick a topic and ask the students to make a documentary or a video. It could be about law of motion or alienation by Karl Marx. Students can make video presentations and upload it on YouTube. This will benefit students from across the globe. What a brilliant idea!

RIP Blackboards

It is time that we put the blackboards on rest because smart classrooms are trending! You do not have to rub the blackboard or spend several minutes writing a solution. Think about the aged teachers, who cannot stand and write due to back problems.


Making a PowerPoint presentation is ideal! You can add images and even pleasant sounds to it. Your students will have fun getting an audio-visual experience! We live in the modern world, and one should embrace technology with open arms.

It must be hard to stand for hours and write on the board. When you make a presentation, your kids shall enjoy the experience. So, it is time for you to bid adieu to blackboards. Yes, we will remember them a lot as we grew up watching our teachers write on the blackboard. Nostalgic!

Let the Student be the Teacher

We are not asking you to hand over your duties to a student, but this tip will help you to build a healthy relationship with them. How? Majority of the teachers shy away from using new technology! Of course, the new tools and techniques are advanced, and it requires proper handling. Give the responsibility to your students to learn the new technology and teaching the rest of the class.


This way you will also learn to handle the new gadget in your classroom! You can give this job to different students, and they will feel wanted and responsible. This way the child will learn to appreciate the belongings of the class. Also, he/she will learn about the art of being responsible.

There is so much that even a teacher can learn from the student!

Movie Time for You and the Students


This usually happens in the Department of Sociology, Psychology or even Social Work. You may show your pupils relevant movies regarding a certain topic. There are movies made on social issues which would help the students to understand the societal problems. There are movies made on Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder.

Your students will find this experience helpful! Just so you know, you do not have to show a movie to them every single day. Choose one day out of the week for movie time with the students. You can have a discussion after the movie is over as that will open up the minds of the students.

You can even invite relevant people from the department to be a part of the movie screening in your class. Your kids will take more interest in your class.

Using Efficient and Useful Tools

A screen and laptop are not enough! Why don’t you introduce new tools in the classroom? There are blogging sites for students where they can post projects and views on a particular subject. One can make digital portfolios as this will help them to get noticed by companies.

We are trying to say that there are a number of tools which can improve the classroom experience. Your pupils will become engaged, and you will find that they are paying more attention than before.

Takeaway Advice for Readers

We do believe that you can transform your teaching methods and make it more interesting for your students. The world is advanced, and you should take the necessary steps to be as technologically sound!

Your pupils will enjoy coming to the class! You can even ask them to type the assignment and save paper. We are sure that you know that the process of making paper requires deforestation. It is a threat to the environment! In a way, technology is reducing the threat towards nature because paper comes from the wood. This leads to a polluted environment.

You can even create a quiz online, which they can fill via tablets. They have the power to fill out this quiz and submit it. Since you would have recorded the answers, you do not have to check each and every quiz. Technology makes life easy and stress-free. As we said, it bridges the gap between a student and a teacher. So, go digital and introduce new and improved techniques in the classroom.

Send emails to your students or even create a Whatsapp group for important announcements. We must say that technology has improved the education sector!

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