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Top 20 Best Flight Search Engines to Find Cheapest Airfares

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Are you one of those persons looking for the very best deals when you plan your next vacation, business trip or necessary connecting flight to get you on your way? Besides finding the deals that your friends post on social media there are many sites that will help you find outstanding deals on cheap airfare and much more.


We are living in a new age where the coupons that your grandparents clipped out of the newspaper are almost obsolete and you find the very best deals online and often last minute to fill the plane. Flying last minute can work out the cheapest way to fly but don’t count on it, if the flight is filling up the prices will be much more expensive.

You can find some really good last minute deals using these sites or you can plan far in advance to find the cheapest time of the year to take that flight. Whether you are a spontaneous thrill seeker or you are a strategist that needs to have everything preplanned this list of top 20 best flight search engines to find cheap flights is here to help.

1. Google Flights


Google flights is arguably the easiest interface to use when searching for flights. Perhaps the best feature is the flexible dates, you can view on the calendar the prices for flights on all dates making this the perfect tool for finding the best deals according to the date. You can also look at the price graph to see future price drops or watch for certain times of the year where flights are cheaper. Another magnificent tool is the map which shows the prices to all locations on the map if your searching for a nearby airport that offers a cheaper flight. Google flights does a search of all the available airlines that offers flights to your selected origin and destination and sorts them by price, departure, duration, arrival, airline or number of stops. Google then directs the user to book directly with the airline.



Cheap Flights works “with over 300 partners to bring you better travel deals” You can find cheap deals on airline tickets in the Top Flights section which shows all the destinations that are trending for cheap tickets at the moment. The website conveniently lists the top 5 widest range of deals for cheap flights to North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. The website also offers travel tips, vacation packages, hotels and car rentals.

3. Expedia Flights

At Expedia you can “search for over a million flights, hotels, packages and more” Of course Expedia offers flights as well as bundle deals, hotels, cars, cruises and things to do. If you join rewards are given and the more you use the website the more you save. Expedia was founded in 1996 and has many subsidiaries including Orbits and Hotwire.

4. Flight Hub


Flight Hub offers travel guides to popular destinations, for instance if you wanted to go to Cancun they have some useful information on the website, the handy guide tells you how much things cost in the area. “Based in Ontario, Canada, Flighthub is one of the Canada’s fastest growing online travel companies.”

5. Travelocity

At Travelocity you can sign up for a members discount to save an extra 10% on hotels or more. Like most similar websites you can bundle flights, hotels and car rentals to save money. “Here at Travelocity, we believe that fulfilling travel experiences begin not only with choosing the right destination, but having the right state of mind.”

6. Cheap Tickets

“Cheap is good” Cheap tickets offers an additional 10% off on select hotels with secret bargains when you sign up for an account. The website features many top deals where you can find some great deals for certain travel times.

7. Cheap Air


Founded in 1989 Cheap Air has sold over 3 million airline tickets and has a team of 90 members. A unique feature shows all the amenities that the flight offers such as video, wifi and reclining seats. Cheap Air is the first online travel agency to show train schedules alongside air searches allowing clients to find cheap deals on rail transport.

8. Sky Scanner

Sky Scanner is simple and just offers flights, hotels and car rental. Founded in in 2003 Sky is a private company with over 770 staff members.

9. Kayak

In 2013 KAYAK’s app made the Travel and Leisure’s list of best apps for business travelers. On the Kayak website you can sign up to get price alerts sent directly to your email. One useful tool on the website is theExplore option that shows all the budget tickets located conveniently on a map.

10. Orbitz

orbitz-flight-search regularly offers discount promotion codes to save instantly on hotel and flight packages. You can also sign up for travel deals with Orbitz Rewards loyalty program, you can use your rewards immediately on flights, hotels and packages. For more saving you can sign up for an Orbitz Rewards Visa. The company is owned by Expedia and was founded on 2001 in Chicago. The blog highlights some great travel articles to get you excited for your next vacation.

11. One Travel

One Travel offers millions of cheap fights on 450 plus airlines. The website has a unique feature that allows the user to Travel by Theme, for example, senior travel, gay travel, student travel, military travel and weekend getaways. New to One Travel they offer a rewards program that gives you a bonus 500 points just for joining. You can call or book online 24/7.


The website has last minute flight deals and offers discounts for groups of 10 passengers. One of the features of the website that can be useful is the flight tracker designed by Cheap O Air. The website books hotels, car rentals, cruises among cheap flights. A few unique features are 4 star hotels under $99 and flights under $199.


Last has the most options of all the websites allowing you to book spa, theatre, attractions, holidays, villas, cars, hotels and flights on one website. The company’s headquarters is in London and the site offers deals for people in the UKdealing in the pound. Last Minute is the official partner of X Factor television show.



Save up to 80% off at Save70. The company was founded by three friends with experience in online tourism. You can call 24/7 for savings on flights, hotels, car rental and cruises. A tip that is on the website is that airlines put out fare sales on Tuesday, making this the best day to book a flight for less.

15. Seat Guru

Seat Guru is operated by Tripadvisor where you can also find deals on flights, hotels and tourist attractions. The site is best used for finding reviews on restaurants and tours. The forum is also a great place to find information on traveling to certain locations getting the insiders views. Seat Guru gives you information on all the airlines seat width, pitch and comfort so you can make the best decision in finding the most comfortable flights, best for long flights.

16. Price Line

Price Line specializes in offering deals with in the United States but also offers deals all around the world for flights, hotels, cars and cruises. Price Line is known for having William Shatner as the spokesperson, star from Star Trek and several other movies. The website claims to offer 60% off on last minute hotels.

17. Make My Trip


Make My Trip specializes in vacation packages in India but offers travel around the world. Offering the best deals in domestic air fare in India. You can also book rail, hotels, holidays and bus ticket on the website. If you are in India looking to book you can visit one of their Branch Offices.

18. Yatra

“Creating happy travelers” Another website dedicated to offering the lowest air fares in India and beyond.

19. Vayama

Vayama focuses on international travel and has been in business since 2007. Rent cars and find hotels around the world. The company offers some great deals to South America.

20. Red

Red Tag offers the best deals for Canadian travelers wishing to travel domestically or internationally. If you are looking for a Canadian Vacation this may be your best option and in your Canadian looking for a vacation then this a great place to start looking.

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