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15 Most Wanted Google Flights Tips for Cheap & Better Travel

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Google Flights is a product of Google which assist both the avid and infrequent travelers in planning their trips. These are the variety of tools offered by Google Flights:


1. Basic Searches


The fundamental feature of Google Flights is the basic search. It can be easily conducted as far as the traveler knows his destination, dates and other relevant details. The variety of best options will be displayed on the basis of information keyed in. The information can be more specified through the preferred airline, the payable amount, the time of departure and arrival, the maximum duration of flight and the number of stopovers.

2. Inexpensive Months to Fly


Google Flight also allows the research of the cheapest month to travel. This can be done by just plugging in the destination and choosing the flexible dates. The tab provides the graph as well as calendar view of the prices. The results will give the current prices of the month.

3. The Multi-Step Planner


Another feature Google Flight offers is Google’s Multi-Step Planner. It aids the person in organizing different flights if there is more than one stop involved. The travelers can easily choose the airline, time and other specifications. In order to conduct the cheaper month’s research, the person has to conduct one-way searches as it is not compatible in multi-step search.

4. The Map View


One more method to use Google Flights for investigating the destination is through entering the dates and departure. In return, Google presents a map of destinations along with their prices. It gives liberty to the person to freely scroll and zoom all over the world.

5. Destination Planner


Google Flights also provide a discover destination planner. It conducts research on the basis of some information from the person such as the areas which he wants to visit, the time period he wants to stay and the activities he would like to do (e.g. food and shopping). The provided information is processed and a variety of destination suggestions with their prices is presented.

6. Vacation Destination exploration through Region


The exploration through region is one more feature of Google Flights that ensures cheap travels. If an individual is uncertain about the city he wants to visit then he can conduct a search according to region for example “Europe”. He is just required to type it in search box, select the month and hit “Search”. Google will present all the cities in that specific region. It also gives rise to the search of city with cheapest flight.

7. Layover Cities


Another feature of Google Flights is that it searches a flight which has long layover in a different city. It lets the individual enjoy a completely different city on the way to his station. In order to do this, basic research is required along with the list of stopover cities in the “More” tab. Choose the cities and ensure that the duration chosen is “Any duration”. And in case “Any duration” is not chosen then, he can select the duration and look out for the longest flight. The longest flight mostly equals to the long layovers.

8. Airline Miles


Google Flights recently added a new option known as “Airline” Tab. It permits the flight search on the basis of particular airline or alliance. The alliance is rewards networking programs which involve some different travel reward programs. When a person selects an alliance of which he is a member then Google Flights will present the flights related to that network. Selecting and using those flights will earn him points.

9. I’m Feeling Lucky


“I am feeling lucky” allows the planning of dream trip based on the search history. When a person is uncertain about the destination then he can avail this amenity. To get access to this feature, the person must specify the dates, expand the map and then click on the “I’m feeling Lucky” button. Moreover, he can also select the ticket price and length of flight.

10. Money Saving Swaps


The Google Flights also acts as a travel agent. It helps an individual by giving tips. If he is searching for a flight and that flight has an alternative which is similar but less expensive, then Google Flights will inform him through tip bar. It provides the alternatives so the person can decide over it. The flight airfare may be less expensive due to its departure timings.

11. Best Flights


In accordance with different factors such as number of stops, different amenities, prices, speed and schedule, Google Flight sorts all the flights and informs the person about the best flight. The “Best Flights” box assist the person is deciding that whether nonstop is worthy or layover is suitable.

12. Saving the Flights


The save and search button in Google Flight Search enables the traveler to seek consultation from the other people before booking the flight. But this fact must be acknowledged that the price today will fluctuate the next day. Moreover, the Google Flight App also tracks the price of potential flight. This happens when the person hit the “Save this itinerary” button on the app. It monitors the flight and informs him as soon as price change.

13. Locations Flexibility


If an individual lives in an area where he has an access to a network of airports with departure and arrival facility then Google Flight will search for the best available deals at any of these locations. It assists the traveler in saving money.

14. Date Flexibility


In order to attain in-expensive flights, the traveler must be flexible with the dates. The research for the flexible dates can be conducted by entering the preferred flights and then clicking on the “Show flexible Dates” button. The price comparisons will be displayed with the aid of price graph, flexible date or calendar. The price graph presents the trends in flight cost whereas the calendar show the lowest priced flight in each day of each month. The flexible date’s option gives the combination of dates which give the best deal.

15. Notifications of Drop in Price


It is essential to track the changes in ticket prices during advance planning. In this regard, Google Flight assists the people. It sends a notification to the user whenever a drop or fluctuation in ticket price of a particular flight is observed. It lets the user save his itineraries. Moreover, there is a bar graph which shows the fluctuation of prices on the basis of holidays, weekends, seasons and other events. It aids the people in attaining the best deal.

The website contains a range of features and filters but for the booking of tickets, the traveler has to refer another website. It particularly helps the user in pre-planning and preventing the travelling anxiety for cheap and better travel.

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