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18 Sites to Find out What’s Hot and Trending Online

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Everyone wants to make the most out of the hot and trending online topics. With the whole world now connected, it might become difficult to find out what subjects are the most popular. Gaining insight is easy, but gaining meaningful insight is a lot more difficult. These tools will help you spot the hottest topics in any given niche so you’ll never be out of the loop.


1. Postris


Formerly known as Repinly, Postris is a tool that helps you sort out what’s hot and trending on Pinterest. Pinterest itself is an invaluable tool in this, but it can get difficult to sift through all of the content yourself. Postris does all the hard work for you.

2. Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme is like a Wikipedia for memes. Not only does it provide explanations and context for each new meme, but it also charts their history and trending patterns. It also highlights recent memes and trending topics.

3. Trendsmap

Twitter is one of the go-to social media platforms for discovering trending topics. But not all subjects are alike, and Trendsmap lets you see which ones and keywords are hot right now by region or country in real time. It’s immensely useful if you’re working with a diversified audience.

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is perhaps one of the most complex hot topic tracking tools out there. It uses a massive database, and the interface is quite easy to use. It also tracks influencers and can point out the types of content that are most popular for a given topic.

5. What the Trend


At first glance, What the Trend is just a tool that helps you spot trending topics. You can search by country to see what subjects are hot and where. But it also allows you to understand why these topics are trending. It’s extremely useful when you have a culturally diverse audience, so you don’t accidently misuse a topic.

6. Google+ What’s Hot


Google Trends is already probably one of the most used tools when it comes to spotting hot topics, but Google has one other trick up its sleeves. While Google+ might not be the hip new social media platform it was meant to be, its What’s Hot page can be a great alternative to Google Trends.

7. Product Hunt

Finding out what’s fresh and popular is not just about ideas and keywords. If you’re interested in E-commerce, Product Hunt is the place for you. It works like any trend search engine, but it focuses on products, rather than ideas.

8. Facebook Trending

The Facebook Trending sidebar has received mixed reviews since it first showed up. But since Facebook is now the largest social media platform, it’s a tool you’re going to need if you really want to know what’s hot and what’s not on the internet.

9. Quora

Quora is a social media platform with a more specific focus than Facebook or Twitter. It brings together users and experts discussing a wide variety of subjects. And you can use these conversations to track subjects that are of interest within a community, and how people feel about these topics.

10. What’s Trending


A pretty straightforward online tool, What’s Trending allows you to see the most popular post on a wide variety of online platforms. It’s a very handy tool when you need to do some quick research. The types of topics it looks at are mostly entertainment related.

11. Social Mention

Social Mention is a social media search engine with a twist. You can look up a term and see how many times it was mentioned across social media platforms. But it also offers other useful insights, such as what the users’ sentiments towards that topic were. It’s beneficial when trying to distinguish between positive and negative trending topics.

12. Similar Web

The main purpose of Similar Web is to give an in-depth analysis of your own content, who’s sharing it, where they’re sharing, and what you could to improve it. But it also allows you to track trending topics based on your interests and needs.

13. Alternion

Alternion is a pretty recent product. It’s basically the Swiss Army Knife of social media. It allows you to connect all of your social media accounts into one place. You can also track trending topics you are interested from that same vantage point.

14. Trendspottr

Trendspottr is specifically designed to help you make the most out of trending content. Not only does it point out hot topics, but it can also even help you make predictions and spot influencers to help you stay ahead of your competition.

15. Omgili

The Oh My God I Love It search engine or Omgili for short, is a simple, yet effective tool to find out who’s talking about what, when and where. It’s very simple to use and a great alternative to more complicated tools, when all you need to know are the basics.

16. LikeButton


This app is powered by Facebooks own Like button. The basic function of LikeButton is to allow you to add a Like button on your website, to connect to your Facebook account. But it also provides useful statistics and analysis of trending topics and lets you see how your content fares on social media. It’s a nifty little tool you should consider investing in.

17. YouTube Trends

This list would not be complete without the Youtube Trends Dashboard. While everyone looks at the Facebook or Twitter to spot trends, Youtube is sometimes overlooked. But it’s definitely one of the most powerful content sharing platforms, and one you should really keep an eye on if you truly want to know what’s hot.

18. IceRocket


The key to finding the hottest trends that appeal to your audience is to divide and conquer. As a social trend research tool, IceRocket helps you do exactly that. What makes this website special is its Big Buzz feature, which highlights the most popular articles, posts or videos for any given topic. That way you can see which topics are trending, and which influencers are helping to spread the word.

As the world of social media evolves, so will these tools. Many of them might seem pretty basic right now, but given time they’ll probably evolve in new and surprising ways. If there are any useful tools we’ve left out, feel free to add them.

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