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Top 20 Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency Online Exchanges

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If you have been following the online news lately, you will surely have heard a little bit about Bitcoin exchange. The rave for this online currency and its value on the market has been the centerpiece of discussion on forums and message boards across the web.


Finding a safe and reliable platform to buy and exchange digital currency can be difficult, especially now that a single coin is valued at over $8,000. With all eyes fixated towards bitcoin exchange and the fluctuating marketplace, what are the best solutions for your trading needs?

1. BitFinex


As one of the largest and most up-to-date currency exchange platforms, BitFinex offers a good insight into the ups and downs of cryptocurrency. Following the site closely will allow you to stay in touch with the fluctuating marketplace and decide on which currency is worth pursuing.

2. CoinBase


The service itself is situated in San Francisco and offers fast and easy transfer of bank funds in order to facilitate the bitcoin exchange process. You can rest assured that CoinBase will provide a good bang for your buck when bitcoin value is concerned.

3. Binance


As a unique addition to the list, Binance is a Hong Kong based exchange facilitator that allows you to trade between different cryptocurrencies among themselves. This platform is built with brokers and accountants in mind, meaning that you can get very deep info on how the marketplace shifts from hour to hour.

4. Gemini


While the platform itself allows for bank transfers only when it comes to bitcoin exchange, it makes up for it in other areas. Gemini gives you full trade protection, customer support and loyalty programs that can make this facilitator your platform of choice permanently.

5. Kraken


Kraken allows for something very few platforms opt for – direct peer2peer exchange. This means that you are able to trade, barter and exchange currencies with real-world individuals without the system acting as your intermediary. Keep in mind that Kraken should be used by more experienced traders since it doesn’t hold your hand as much as other platforms.

6. eToro


The UK based currency exchange site has been around for quite some time and offers reliable exchange solutions. You can safely use PayPal, bank transfers or other forms of web payment to secure or trade your bitcoins. The site is also fairly beginner-friendly and offers constant support for the users in need of it.

7. LocalBitCoins


As a website that offers exchange possibilities for “all currencies available”, LocalBitCoins has a name to live up to. You can easily set up your country of origin and the currency you are willing to put in for bitcoin exchange which makes it more user-friendly than most platforms out there.

8. XCoins

A Santa Monica based currency exchange facilitator that allows you to use PayPal and bank account transfers for bitcoin exchange. XCoins offers security and investment options should you consider using their services in long-term.

9. 24Option

As the name suggests, the platform focuses on real-time exchange rate monitoring and allows for very lucrative bitcoin exchange rates. Monitoring the site closely will allow you to put your money or coins into good use and make a decent rate by trading them.

10. Paxful

One of the most open platforms on the list, Paxful allows you to pay and exchange currencies in a very wide range of methods. You can use everything from bank transfers to Skrill or Amazon account funds. This means that you can direct the cash flow to whichever platform you desire the most.

11. CryptoGo

A London based exchange platform which allows you to buy or exchange different cryptocurrencies and doesn’t restrict you to bitcoin exclusively. The site is known for being a secure place to trade and it accepts many different monetary currencies not depending on your country of origin.

12. Changelly

Czech Republic has also made a name for itself on the crypto market by introducing Changelly, a platform that boasts a plethora of options you will need as a bitcoin broker. One of the most notable features is that it prides itself in the satisfaction of customers, meaning that you can find testimonials and reviews which can attest for their quality and safety.

13. CoinMama

This exchange platform allows you to create a personal account which can in turn store all of your trading data for later analysis. You can also subscribe to the on-site blog to receive opinion pieces and different news about the marketplace that is cryptocurrency exchange.

14. Okex

If you are looking for a solid platform for crypto-to-crypto exchange, Okex is the place you should consider. With over 180 cryptocurrency options available for you to match and exchange, the platform allows for an unprecedented amount of freedom in your crypto exchange activities.

15. BitPanda

As Austria’s response to the growing need for bitcoin exchange platforms, BitPanda offers something very few platforms do – a specialized smartphone app. You can safely trade from a secure application that the platform owners have created for the very purpose of being the leaders in secure currency transfer.

16. CoinSquare

CoinSquare offers the latest cryptocurrency options for you to trade with, but it goes a step further than most platforms. The owners of CoinSquare have decided to enable precious metal and mineral trade as well, meaning that you can add an extra layer of trade on top of the already rich selection of currencies on offer.

17. LakeBTC

If you are shopping for a platform that offers fast, responsive and up-to-date user interface and information, LakeBTC might be the place to be. The platform offers a vast range of currencies which can be traded for bitcoins, meaning that people from all over the world can participate in the exchange safely and freely.

18. Liqui

If you are an analyst yourself and like to take your time when calculating the risk and reward of trading cryptocurrency then Liqui is the perfect choice for you. The amount of information and variables on offer is astonishing, offering real-time updates and charts that can help you determine whether or not a currency is worth investing into at that particular moment.

19. HitBTC

On the other hand, if you are looking for automation and bot implementation, HitBTC offers that option for you. You can manually optimize the trading patterns you want to keep an eye on through your personal account and let your specialized bots do the rest.

20. BTCMarkets

Lastly, BTCMarkets offers the trade of blockchain assets in a secure and safe environment. This Australian exchange platform boasts in transparency and customer support, meaning that you will always be presented with actionable and relevant information at any given point during the day.

In Summation

Opting for one platform over the other might be difficult given the fluctuating nature of cryptocurrencies today. However, try looking at several sites and compare their exchange rates as well as on-site features that can aid you in your cause.

Not every platform is built for everyone and mixing and matching their features might be what you need to make a profit from bitcoin trading. Take your time and study each trade platform carefully before choosing to invest into their currency exchange.

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