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Top 50 Sites to Download Free STL Models for 3D Printers

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Today there has such inventions taking place that have kept us amazed and one among them is 3D printing. It has become a widely used device that companies are selling highly-advanced latest 3D model printers which not only save our time, but make us eligible to design more complex designs. But, just owning a 3D printer is not beneficial till we do not have the material and the blue prints in the form of STL models.


Today, in this blog, we are going to discuss top 50 sites to download free STL models your 3D printing. Let’s dive into it:

1. Autodesk 123D


This suite is specially designed for hobbyists where a user can design their creations and share them with other users of Autodesk 123D as well. If you are a neophyte on this suite, worry not. Here, you can also find many tutorials from where you know about its working and features.

2. Yobi3D


Find free STL models from all over the website by using Yobi3D search engine. You can even filter the results by using min or max polygon.

3. YouMagine


Ultimaker is an open source 3D printing company that launched this community website “YouMagine” on 2013. From that day till now, this community website is filled with lots of interesting things to prints such as accessories for Anet A8, Lars’ v2 Ultimaker XY blocks, woodman, wall spool holder, and more.

4. GrabCAD

If you are an engineer and wants to develop the product faster, then GrabCAD is definitely best for you. This site will not only help in your project but also offer some great tools that help them to cooperate with their files. Here, you will also find a library from where you can access a plethora of free files which is developed by the engineers.

5. 3D Warehouse


3D Warehouse is extremely popular as the best 3D modeling software. So, if you are looking for product design, scale models, or architecture this platform is perfect for you.

6. Libre 3D


Are you a 3D printing fan and want to showcase your models with 3D design makers’ community? If yes, then Libre 3D is one of the best options for you. Here, you can find a plethora of best models of vehicles, animals, robotics, toys, food, tools, and art.

7. CGTrader


If you are searching for 3d CAD models then start using CGTrader. Here, you will get ready-to-use 3D models for your project. You can search them by typing the keywords, tags, category, or by providing an image. The search results which you will get are based on the number of views, likes, or download.

8. STL Finder


An exclusive online community for hobbyists, that wants to showcase their 3D creation for categories such as 3D printers, electronics, and 3D models.

9. Thingiverse


Gift your loved ones some innovative and fresh 3D collections such as flower designs, home designs, car designs, art, or any other thing as per that person preference or liking with Thiniverse 3D site.

10. Print Me a Sheep


Find thousands designs for 3D printers from print me a sheep. This website enables you to print them for any of your personal or business purpose. Apart from this, you can also browse numerous categories from this site such as leisure, medical, fashion, and more.

11. Cults 3D


Cults 3D offer multifarious 3D models which is arranged in numerous categories and collections. You can use these collections according to your needs. You can even search them with an ease by just typing the name of the category.

12. My Mini Factory


This is a repository where you can get more than 40 thousands 3D models. This website allows you to explore all categories and collections like toys, gadgets, garden, home, game, and more.

13. Redpah


In this website you can get more than five-hundred print-ready models available in multiple formats. The 3D models in this website are available in the number of categories such as animals, humans, electronics, etc.

14. RascomRas

This is a Spanish website which allows 3D makers to upload and share their creation. Earlier, this site is used to collect the fund for Indiegogo campaign but unfortunately it did not work.

15. Pinshape


It is a perfect destination to browse high-quality 3D designs. Here, you can browse or search thousands of 3D printable categories such as home, garden, games, toys, and more.

16. Shapeways

This is an online shop where you can buy high-quality 3D printed items or even sell your 3D model to them.

17. Repables

This website is nothing more than that a repository where you can upload, share or download your 3D models or collections.

18. Yeggi


It is basically a search engine for 3D models where you can find top 3D printing websites for files that are compatible with your 3D printer.

19. Free3D


Now collect your project images, parameters, files, and documents on this 3D model repository. You can even download any file from its library and edit them according to dates, category, download, and rating. But to enjoy this 3D experience, you need to join the community first.

20. 3DShook

It owns a catalog for 3D printed designs for numerous categories like fashion, office, icons, and more. You can download a free trial version and if you liked it you can buy it from the official website.

21. New Matter

This website is specially designed to bring 3D printing in every home, school, or office. You can find unlimited range of paid or free 3D models for the categories of home, toys, education, fashion, etc.

22. Sketchfab


This is a leading 3D and VR repository; it embedded with the latest and highly-advanced 3D creating and publishing platforms. Apart from this, Sketchfab is a publishing partner of Adobe Photoshop, Intel RealSense, and Microsoft HoloLens.

23. The Forge

This is a repository of free 3D printable models which is designed by Zheng3. Most of his models are either playing elements or showcase.

24. Fabribles 3D Models

This is a very small community of 3D printable fans, so do not expect to find a large collection from there. However, there are some unique models which you can download them free of cost.

25. 3Dagogo

This is a California based website that enables you to buy or sell 3D models. Here, you can also find out a wide range of completely free STL files for 3D printing.

26. TurboSquid


Create amazing 3D models with TurboSquid. Their main aim is to improve the creativity of designers so that they can provide high-quality library of models.

27. Free Dees

Are you finding a largest collection of 3D print files which are both simple and free? Then, Free Dees is simply the best. Here, you can find numerous 3D models for categories such as jewelry, miniatures, tools, toys, fashion, games, gadgets, and more.

28. Threeding

This website allows you to buy, sell, or exchange any model which is beat suitable for 3D printing. Moreover, if you want to just showcase your creation, you can do that too.

29. Gamebody

In this platform you can download computer games in STL formats. Here you can get error-free 3D models files which are optimized by all types of 3D printers.

30. 3DExport


This is a large online store where you can buy and sell 3D print model textures, 3d plugins, and 3D models which are using in CG projects.

31. Zortrax Library

This is an open library to download free STL files and use them on any FDM machine. You can share you models, experience, knowledge, and creative ideas with community.

32. STL Hive


Whether you are a school/college going student, a hobbyist, or inventors, if you want to download a high-quality 3D models for your 3D printers then STL Hive is best option for you.

33. Bld3r


Bld3r is a 3D printing social network which welcomes makers who want to feature their creation. Here, a user can vote the most liked creation. The most popular or most liked creation will attain the first position and get maximum exposure.

34. Rinkak


This is a Japanese store where you can find 3D models along with professional 3D printing service. You can only browse the products once you register with it.


DEFCAD is basically a website that works as a search engine for 3D Printable models and a community forum for 3D design makers. This website is launched by Defense Distributer in order to release the 3D printed gun plans.

36. Shapetizer

This is a Chinese marketplace where you can get a huge range of exclusive 3D print models in numerous categories like jewelry, video games, and more.

37. Instructables

This platform is not just for sharing your 3D models but it also offer to showcase the products of creator step-by-step. Here, you can get DIY, woodwork, and electronics projects.

38. IFind3D

This is the fastest search engine for 3D models, where you can find more than 904 thousands of 3D models.

39. NIH 3D Print Exchange

This platform gives you a chance to discover, learn, and create 3D models. This website provides some amazing tools which are perfectly suitable to share and your models.

40. XYZPrinting 3D Gallery


This website has a large collection of 3D models which are uploaded by its makers’ community only. You can download or upload the models.

These are top 50 free STL site with their URLs. Find the best suitable as per your requirement.

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