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10 Things Successful Business / Commercial Website Must Have

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Is your business website successfully pulling in visitors, keeping them around and has a potential for converting them to customers? If your business website is a more than an online placeholder, it’s now the time to start putting it to work so it will be easy for you to grow your business and take benefit of the huge potential customer base for the web market.


Today, more than 90% of customers are accessing the website from their laptops and desktops, and also from their tablets and smartphones. This article will help business owners make sure that what your business website must needs– that help companies increase their profits. Read more…

How Brochure, Banner and Book Printers Can Establish Themselves in the Business

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Technology has undergone tremendous leaps of progress over the last few years. Several new industries have come up, and the classic industries have been completely revolutionized and revamped with new methods and new technology.


A prime example of this is the printing business, which has gone into overdrive ever since digital printing became an accepted industry standard. It is an industry which is growing exponentially day by day, with new applications, technologies and prospects emerging every single day. This is as good an industry as any for an aspiring entrepreneur to set up a business. Read more…

10 Tips to Protect Your Business Idea and Website from Theft

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It is very easy for people to steal your ideas in the creative market. When something attracts attention, people are pretty much bound to steal it, make it their own and generate profit from it. Here are some steps you can take when someone steals your idea.


(Image Source:

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5 Important Things Every Business Owner Should Know before Creating a Logo

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A company logo is a unique identity marker that separates your company from other businesses. When it comes to developing a logo for your company, it is important to put genuine thought into the creative process. In many ways, your company logo is the symbol that others rely on to know they are dealing with products or services your company stands behind. Before jumping feet first into the process of creating your company’s logo, there are a few things you should know that will impact the design on which you will ultimately settle.


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Latest Marketing Cloud Technologies and Their Implications for Your Business

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Some cloud based technologies have become the norm in certain operational areas – for example ecommerce sales channels, cloud based systems have very high adoption rates and in some cases are the preferred choice for new implementations.


In addition, many other basic business functions have cloud solutions which have high adoption rates – across bookkeeping, human resource management and customer relationship management. Cloud platform adoption rates in marketing functions is however a mixed bag. As can be expected, adoption has been high around the online marketing areas – for example in online marketing analytical systems which naturally lent themselves to cloud based solutions. Read more…

Tips: Hiring the Right Digital Agency for Your Online Business

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Here at Quertime, most of the articles are written by people who are in some way involved in the tech industry, web development and so on. They are all super-useful and interesting articles that can help pretty much anyone with the issue at hand.


This article, however, will be written by someone who has very little tech education and experience, someone who has been involved in brand promotion and marketing for the most part of his professional life. The goal of this article is to help new business owners venture into the world of online business. It will not be particularly tech-lingo-heavy article as there are many business owners who are not that versed in the world of web development and design. Read more…

How Can Your Company Benefit From Moving Files Into The Cloud

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The cloud is here and it looks like it is here to stay. As a relatively new technology, it has been embraced by some and ridiculed by others. The fact of the matter is, for businesses the cloud can be a business saver when a disaster strikes. It can also allow coworkers to work even closer, making the team more unified, even when its members are spread across the globe. There are many good reasons your company should utilize the cloud.


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6 Tips for Avoiding Bad Business Decisions

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Whether you own a business or you work for someone else, bad decisions are always hard boilers. The role of entrepreneurs or designers are much more than you imagine, and include much more than just injecting life into creations. Apart from imagining what the web page will turn out to be, it’s even more important to assess the reaction of the target audience. This article will be about how web designer can avoid bad decisions and here are my takes:


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Billions at Stake for Small Businesses: How to Cash In

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You won’t be getting billions in government funding or grants or legendary IPOs, but consumer dollars are up for grabs if you just do a little work to be sure they come your way. According to Bob Parsons, founder and chairman of, small businesses can cash in if they just do one thing. Offer a mobile website.


Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. If you’re part of the more than 75 percent of small businesses without a mobile website, you’re missing out on business. Check out Parson’s video blog on the topic below. Read more…

Importance of IT Support for a Small Business

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It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is, there’s no escaping the fact that a good IT infrastructure is essential to ensure that your business will be a success. However, it doesn’t matter if you have the best software and hardware because that will quickly prove to be worthless when things go wrong if you don’t have the best support structure in place to ensure that your IT systems are running smoothly when you need them.


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