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15 Tips for Hiring the Right Tech Talents

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In today’s time, Technology continues to evolve in a rapid rate. It can be obviously seen with all the current trends of our lifestyle as we keep a hold of those smart phones and laptops. The youth, as early as the age of 10, are exposed to gadgets and gizmos which encourage them to learn the tricks of today’s technology. And as the year continues on, it is likely that there will be more of these innovations produced in a short span of time given that a fast-paced advancement of science and mechanical journey is a natural course for technology.


Now our job is to make sure that we also adapt in chorus with it due to technology growing to be an essential part of our lifestyle, and even more so in the business department.

With that said, the competition for businesses and dominant companies in securing fastlearners and technical people is evident and becoming more cutthroat. People of all ages are knowledgeable in basic computer skills and able to navigate across other tech tools which only tells us that people are involved with their technical skills every single day. It only means – Any working professional is suited for a technical job.

Which is why businesses and the like are having a hard time filling roles. So the goal now is how can a business stand out from the crowd so that it can acquire such strong talents and identify which are the best suited from all the candidates?

Here are fifteen tips to effectively fill up those vacant positions with the right tech talents!

1. Host an Event


To attract possible candidates, hosting an event or party for them shouldn’t be a problem. This said party is solely for your tech talents – web developers, entrepreneurs, designers, etc. This is one way of getting their attention and putting your business in their radar. This way, you can share your experiences and expertise as well as gain their interest.

2. Assess Aptitude
At the end of the day, you will have to analyze all the candidates based from how you are able to communicate and work with them and if they are in fact a good fit to fill the role. It’s easier to assess the aptitude of certain people when you are able to talk and work with them personally. You can only gain a certain perspective on things when you see firsthand how tech talents work to solve a problem.

3. Build Relationship
Meeting people is the fastest way to reach out and communicate with possible employees. Building a relationship with new tech talents is good for the business since you can identify their personality and skills if they will be a good addition to your team. With a good solid relationship with potential candidates, it is much easier to reach out to them.

4. Search for Talents with a Large Amount of People
Call center services is one of the many options you can look for potential talents. They work well in a technical background and are able to learn quickly due to the fast-paced working environment. Looking for talents in areas wherein there is a huge number of talent can also mean a possibility for people looking for new working programs.

5. Referrals


A fast approach in finding the right people is by referral. Ask your current employees if they know a friend or colleagues who also have the same passion and determination in their career. Great people come together and work together, so utilize your connections.

6. Do not Underestimate Junior Hires
Like mentioned above, any working professional is a potential candidate as we are exposed to a variety of technological products. One can easily say that he/she has exceptional technical skills which is the truth. So, look past the experience. Most times you will be surprised that there are a fresh set of skills untapped in new hires. There is always time for growth and those junior hires can grow to valuable key members in your team.

7. Let Them Grow with You
One thing to keep in mind is that you are picking these tech talents for a reason, and also remember that they are also finding reasons to choose you. They want to grow and expand their knowledge as well as your business do, so let them. Keep an eye out for those individuals who possess skills like leadership and being a team player.

8. Look Beyond the Technical Skills
Being technically smart can be a talent for some people. It’s an innate ability for them. But effective companies need the type of “Jack of all trades” people so that it can thrive within. An efficient team requires both communicative dexterity and technical prowess to be able to work together as a unit.

9. Utilize Social Media


Many of the tech people, of course, have social media. And Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (to name a few) are tools you can use to reach out to millions of potential tech talents. It’s basically like – casting a huge fishing net into the hiring pool. Click ‘Post’ and see how fast the tweets, shares and likes spread out.

10. Tap into the Local Market
Broad online recruiting may work in some fields, but you should also know that each tech professional has their specific set of skills. When you are looking for prospects, you should also narrow down the field search and specify the criteria so that you can search for a more focused talent.

11. Describe the Culture
Top technical professional will look a working environment that will help them grow personally and career-wise. They want to see an open and collaborative yet challenging company culture that will test their skills for them to continue to learn and develop.

12. Share the Story of Your Business


Putting your business out there is one thing, and telling your story is another. Talents tend to ask – How the business came to be? What is its primary goal? and How them being in the picture matter? Telling them the story is an honest approach to also gain their trust.

13. Offer Training Opportunities
To have the best of the best, conducting training opportunities is the way to go. Great employment branding comes from the company itself and when you offer training opportunities then it is easier to gain a number of talents and train them to be better suited for the position. It’s a win-win situation.

14. Be Open to Hire Candidates with 80% Qualifications
Bob Waldo of LiquidHub said to use the 80/20 rule. A candidate is competent enough and if that eighty percent skills set qualifies for the position they why not hire him/her. They can easily learn and gain the twenty percent once they get the feel of things and through experience.

15. Treat Your Employees Right
Probably the most important rule (not tip) to take note of. If you do not take care of your employees and if they feel undervalues, they will most probably not recommend you to any of their colleagues. Word of mouth is a valuable recruiting force in any form of business. If you care for your employees greatly, they will return the favor generously and will most likely invite others to join the business.

As Babe Ruth says, The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.

Author: Randolph Hoover

Randolph Hoover is currently studying Business Administration in Umea University in Sweden. He does freelance work for several clients such as SPi Global and others.

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