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How to Find and Hire Top Tech Talents

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Hiring new employees is a commonplace for managers, especially, if we talk about large companies. In these cases, hirers often deal with new applicants weekly. Application process seems to be structured and well-known and there are no problems on the surface. However, sometimes hirers face with various tiny or substantial difficulties.


Let’s consider hiring tech talents. People who are applying for tech position must obtain particular skills and qualities. When it comes to tech jobs, vast knowledge is required as a lot depends on employee’s awareness. Moreover, it would be really good to be that one who has an experience or a passion to its work. At this rate, a company will manage to prosper with a help of real tech professionals.

‘Who is the best candidacy? Who will cope with import work? Whose skills and experience I can rely on?’ these questions arise in heads of every hirer. How to choose tech talents and don’t regret about your choice? Get the answer from our article.

Evaluate Abilities
The HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Report of more than 3,000 talent management and security professionals held in 2014 found out that 88 percent of respondents lied on their resume. Moreover, the information in resume is given in subjective way that doesn’t help evaluating. It means that, basically, it is hard to reveal full information about applicant’s skills and abilities during interview or from a resume.

Therefore, it must be a tool that objectively estimates job seekers’ resume data. We have found such tool. It is Plum. Plum has a powerful team of workers who defines the top skills required for particular position and then picks up applicants matching the requirements. The service assesses skills like communication, work ethic and problem solving to determine the candidates who best fit the job.

Don’t Limit Search


Some employers strongly believe that limiting geographic region of applicant is a good decision. However, unfortunately, it limits the chance of finding a good tech employee as well. Therefore, don’t think that finding someone from another state is bad. Maybe you will suggest a high salary and other privileges, so, your dream worker will accept your proposition with pleasure? Who knows? Anyway, let various gadgets and apps find a flawless and promising employee.

Create Long-Range Plan
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost of a bad hire is 30 percent of the person’s salary. What does it mean? It means that it is better to invest some time before hiring tech talents in order not to lose money and time due to wrong choice in future.

Make sure you have prepared the list of questions for interview before head. Be a psychologist – look deeper. Ask not only about skills and professional experience. Find out his or her qualities, abilities, goals and outlook. Save these questions and use them for other candidates. You have to be 100% sure that a person is a perfect match for particular position.

Write Clear Job Description


Mostly, job seekers pay attention to key words (skills they obtain, position they theoretically can occupy and salary) in job ads. Therefore, sometimes hirers suffer from a great number of applicants who totally don’t match particular position. The problem lies within advertisement. Here are some rules of good job ad:

  • In some cases it is really better to use a help of PR agent, who will manage to compose a catchy and effective ad. A knowledgeable and experienced tech expert can listen to your goals and recommend the right technical language, platform, etc. A promising tech job hunter will definitely notice such ad.
  • A title plays important role as it catches attention and helps to familiarize with a content of the ad. Thus, the title should be clear. It must reflect the position you are offering. Make it as narrow as possible (for instance, IT Specialist is a wrong title, if you are looking for a PHP Developer).
  • List only those requirements that are needed for particular position. Avoid information that doesn’t make sense (administrative polices, for instance).
  • Don’t make application process complicated for job hunters. If you can’t offer anything extraordinary, they will likely to apply to another company. Let them contact you via LinkedIn or GitHub as most of job seekers are using these tools.
  • Don’t forget to response every applicant whether they match to the position or not. A simple email telling that managers received applicant’s information really makes sense.

Pay Attention to Junior Techs
Some hirers tend to undervalue skills and potential of young applicants. Still, extraordinary tech skills are not about experience. Conversably, they are about passion and calling. So, look for aptitude and potential, not just experience. Some graduates can possess in-depth knowledge in tech field as nowadays there are lots of various extra classes and courses ready to improve learning. What is more, education in today’s world gives students an opportunity to study abroad or conduct individual researches. Therefore, their knowledge (sometimes) is really impressive.

Be More than Just Tech Company
Nowadays there are thousands of tech companies all over the world offering the same things and dealing with the same issues. How to stand out of them and attract the best tech talents? Everything is simple. In most cases, there are often bigger factors in a person’s job decision. Amiable and cohesive team, flexible schedule, corporate events, timely salary and, what is more important, understanding and honest employer can convince your dream tech worker to accept your job offer.

Where Can Right Tech Talents be Found?
Try to look for promising tech workers in the areas where there are lots of people but lack of opportunities. A good idea is search for candidates in China, for instance, where you can remain with your aptitude and attitude criteria scores and still have many candidates to choose from.

As you can see, there are lots of factors helping employers hire the right tech talent. By sticking to them you will definitely make the right choice and get a promising and good tech worker!

Author: Cindy Mayer

Cindy Mayer is currently working for Resume Writing Lab, company that helps people all over the world to start new career creating job application document.

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