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15 Best Apps to Optimize Your Android Smartphone

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Rooting, for those of you who don’t have the foggiest idea, implies giving yourself root consents on your phone; it is the equivalence of jail-breaking for iPhones. Its comparative running projects as overseers in Windows, or running an order with sudo in Linux.


With a rooted phone, you can run applications that oblige access to certain framework settings, and additionally streak custom ROMs to your phone, which add a wide range of additional components.

So, if you have decided to root your phone, we have a surprise for you; a radical new universe of changes, alterations and custom ROMs anticipates you. Once you’re rooted, you can introduce any of the extensive variety of root applications for Android.

These applications make utilization of root benefits to do a great deal of the hard work for you. Here is a list of the best and most handy root applications for Android devices; you can download them anytime, once you phone is rooted.

1. SuperSU
You may think that you do not need this app in particular, but think again. SuperSU is rated 4.3, it is by far the best root assistant. Its features are utterly tempting, as it grants you Superuser access prompt, Superuser access logging, Superuser access notifications, Per-app notification configuration, temporary unroot, deep process detection (no more unknowns).

It works in recovery; it also works when Android isn’t properly booted. SuperSU works with non-standard shell locations. It always runs in ghost mode, wake on prompt, and onvert to /system app. The app has complete unroot, backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies, icon selectable from five options + invisible, and you can select your theme from four different options.

2. AdBlock
The greatest thing about android apps is that they are most of the time free. Unfortunately in any case, they do accompany a cost, which are ads. There are a wide range of them; banner ads that never leave, flash ads that take up the entire screen and popup at any expected time, driving you to open them erroneously.


And there are also sensible ads that just appear during pauses or settings menu. In the event that it’s not you, advertisements are what pay designers’ bills; it’s what offers them some assistance with making magnificent programming and software. In any case, fortunately we don’t live in the realm of 1984. On the off chance that you think advertisements are excessively irritating to the extent that you cannot stand them, then you have the decision of removing them. All you have to do is download AdBlock Plus on your rooted phone.

3. System App Remover
I am personally convinced that most Android users have been subjected to this “drawing in” issue for a long while. Almost all Android phones accompany pointless programming pre-installed by producers or carriers. Indeed, even Nexus devices are preloaded with numerous Google-made applications.

As indicated by as of late released private records, “Google has been adding requirements for dozens of manufacturers like Samsung Electronics, Huawei Technologies and HTC that want to build devices powered by Android.

Among the new requirements for many partners: increasing the number of Google apps that must be pre-installed on the device to as many as 20, placing more Google apps on the home screen or in a prominent icon folder and making Google Search more prominent”. In the event that this ended up being genuine, uprooting bloatware could be the most needed things of Android users. So go ahead now and install System App Remover from your Google Play Store.

4. Viper4AndroidXDA
For those of you with a rooted Android cell phone or tablet, you likely need to realize that there’s a marvelous audio application that is free and you can introduce on any rooted Android device.

This application is superior to anything on the Play Store and surprisingly it is free. On the off chance that you thought rooting an Android device was pointless, Viper4Android is one application that is going to make you need to root your Android device.

Numerous custom ROMs do accompany Viper4Aandroid MOD yet in the event that it does not or you are on stock ROM, you can introduce Viper4Android manually and it’s simple. Viper4Android FX is similar to the “advanced” version of DSP Director/Beats Sound by giving you more propelled Encompass/Bass/Clarity/Pick up help controls notwithstanding an equalizer that you can use for your earphones, speakers, Bluetooth gadgets, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

5. Titanium Backup
A solid and reliable backup is an unquestionable requirement, particularly when altogether exploring your (new) Android phone, testing a great deal of applications, and playing with each one of those settings; so in a bad position you can just return.


On the other hand consider moving up to a more up to date/distinctive ROM: Would you like to put in hours a while later fluffing around re-installing and re-arranging every one of your applications and settings, if the same result can be accomplished by simply tapping three times and reclining? Most backup applications just cover parts of what’s included; they either backup (or restore) just your applications, or your SMS.

And to wrap things up, just a couple can even backup your applications’ settings. Those which can require root access – thus does Titanium Backup. It surly is the best of the best, when it comes to securing and backing-up all of your data.

6. DiskDigger Photo Discovery
DiskDigger is currently accessible as an application for Android gadgets! You can discover it on the Google Play Store via searching for “DiskDigger”. DiskDigger does not require your gadget to be rooted, but it will probably work better and recover more photographs and records if your device is rooted.


The app is compatible with any device (tablet or phone) that uses Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher. Utilizing DiskDigger for Android is extremely basic. In the wake of dispatching the application, it will show two alternatives: “Basic Scan” and “Full scan.

7. Greenify
This app is great on its own. This app works as an app-hibernation. Greenify offers you to have control over the apps existing on your phone when they’re awake and consuming your phone’s resources, and lets you decide when to put them to bed. The latest update of Greenify includes a shallow hibernation engine.

8. BetterBatteryStats
It is the dream of every smart phone owner to have a good battery stat. If you are an Android owner who is looking to root their phone, this app will surly get your attention. Better Battery Stats is a critical system that limits battery consumption. It gives you a detailed and organized breakdown of your battery consumption.

9. ES File Explorer File Manager
If you have a smart phone, then you should definitely have a quality file manager. The Google app store has lots and lots of solid file explorers around, such as Cabinet, but ES File Explorer is one of a kind. You can always invest in another file explorer, but this one is well-organized and a personal favorite.

10. DataSync
This is an application that feels like it’s out of this world; you wouldn’t believe it has been around for quite some time now. DataSync is magical, it lets you sync your devices together so you can put one down, pick up another one and it would feel exactly the same. So you can leave your laptop at the office and pick up your tablet to continue working on your way.

11. ROM Manager
If you are an experienced rooter, and you want to invest your time in great root apps, then ROM manager is a must have root app. This is the master of all apps, it helps you stay in control of recoveries, and this app is offered in premium version with even more advanced features.

12. Rec


Screen recording might not be very helpful for most Android users, but for some it is important. If you have a thing for games, or you’re a bug-catcher, then you definitely need a screen recorder. It is cool to have a recorder to track your success.

13. Device Control
Over-clocking and under-volting mean that you can control the consumption of battery usage flowing into your CPU. Device Control gives you this upper hand and puts you in control. This app gives you many options, including sound and display management.

14. SD Maid
Internal storage is a problem for all smart phone users. Root access, SD Maid controls ghost files and the folders that linger in the phone’s storage after you have deleted data. This app also has a file browser and app management options to make life easier.

15. Android Assistant
Android assistant is a must-have app for any android user. It blocks startup apps, installs or uninstalls more than one app at a time. It can help you move apps from the SD card to your internal storage or the other way around. This application is very light, and won’t occupy much of your device’s resources.

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