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12 Best Pro Hacker Apps to Hack Android Phones

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When we utter the word Hacker or hacking, some dangerous elements and images spur up in our imagination. However, hacking could be ethical and non-ethical, and unfortunately, we are aware of the only non-ethical side of hacking and hardly familiar with ethical means of hacking.


The term ethical hacking straightforwardly denotes various testing methods, particularly penetration testing where testers enter into the system, of course, with legal permissions, and carrying out various security breaching related tests.

Therefore, ethical hacking has got interests and attention to make the system safe and secure against all possible hacking technologies, tools, and techniques. In due course, mobile quality assurance departments and companies are taking help of various pro hacker apps to test their mobile applications and devices against possible hacking in the real world.

If you are involved with Android application development, the current post may prove interesting and value adding to know the best pro hacker apps to hack Android phones in 2018 for app testing and security testing purposes.

1. Droidsheep
It is a hacking app developed for security analysis with Wi-Fi network.


  • It is capable of hijacking the web session profiles over a network.
  • It works with most of the web services and websites.
  • The app act as a router when user fires it up.
  • App monitors and intercepts Wi-Fi network traffic to fetch the profiles of active sessions.
  • Thus, app allows hackers to sniff various social media networking accounts and data of own accounts as well as of others on the network.
  • It can detect app spoofing like attack by FaceNiff and similar software.
  • It opens the security holes of the software on Wi-Fi and other networks.

2. Hackode
It is a collection of multiple toolsets for ethical hackers in 2018.

  • It is an ideal app for admin, security analysts, and cybersecurity experts.
  • The app has three modules – scanning, reconnaissance, and security feed modules.
  • It supports Google Hacking and Google Dorks like functionality.
  • It supports testing of SQL injection, MySQL server, scanning, and DNS lookup.
  • It allows testing of IP, MX Records DNS Dif, Security RSS Feed, and Exploits.
  • It is considering safe Android app for ethical hackers because it doesn’t ask for private information.

3. AndroRAT
It is a remote admin tool and released as a client/server app.

  • It takes control of Android app system remotely and fetch required info from it.
  • It runs as a service right after the boot and eliminates user interaction with the service.
  • It can trigger the server connection with a call or SMS.
  • It can collect various types of information including contacts, call logs, messages, and location.
  • App allows hackers to monitor several activities remotely such as messages, calls, photo capturing, browser activities, and much more.

4. zANTI
It is a hacking suite from Zimpremium and used for penetration testing purposes.


  • It allows hackers and researchers to scan the network.
  • It permits IT administrators to simulate an advanced hacking milieu to trace various malicious techniques.
  • It brings power of Backtrack on Android device.
  • It sniffs the websites along with cookies using AR cache poisoning.
  • It harbors different modules such as network mapping, port discovery, sniffing, packet manipulation, DoS, MITM, and much more.

5. FaceNiff
It is decent Android pro hacker app to hack Android phones in 2018.

  • It allows interception and sniffing of Wi-Fi network traffic.
  • It extensively used to snoop into the social media accounts of people using Android devices.
  • It can steal cookies from Wi-Fi network and provides hackers unauthorized access to accounts of victims.
  • It is available as paid version but cracked versions also available on the web with some efforts.

6. SpoofApp
It is useful in spoofing Android calls using account available through the app.


  • It allows hackers to place calls using caller ID number of their choices.
  • It requires NO ROOT.
  • It is useful to download the recorded conversations.
  • It is anti-ban, safe, and virus free software.

7. Shark for Root
It is a traffic sniffer app for experts and hackers.


  • It can sniff any network also allows to collect tons of data from the Wi-Fi network too.
  • With the help of Wireshark software, hackers can read the downloaded data from the network by app.
  • It is compatible with 3G, Wi-Fi, and Froyo tethered mode.
  • Hackers need to use TCP dump commands for rooted Android devices.

8. dSploit
It is an advanced toolkit for professional hackers and researchers to run network assessments for Android devices.


  • It has extreme network analysis capabilities.
  • It has advanced and complete toolkit to accomplish network security.
  • It considered as the best Wi-Fi password hacking tool.
  • It can simulate different attacks such as real-time traffic manipulation, password sniffing, and much more.

9. SSH Droid
It is to test SSH server implementation.

  • It allows Android devices to connect to desktops.
  • It lets hackers to run various commands including ‘terminal’ and ‘adb shell’ to edit files.
  • It offers additional security layer when hackers connect the app with remote machines.
  • The app also provides features such as Wi-Fi auto-start whitelist, shared key-authentication, and extended notification control.

10. Wi-Fi Kill Pro
It is a professional tool for hackers targets rooted Android devices to test.

  • It helps hackers to disable the Internet connection of the Android devices.
  • It blocks the packet data going to device through Wi-Fi or other networks.
  • It has simple interface to use for novice hackers.

11. Fing Network Scanner
It is a professional hacking app for Android devices.


  • It helps hackers to discover which devices are connected to Internet.
  • It covers map devices.
  • It locates security risks.
  • It helps to find intruders.
  • It aids in solving network problems.

12. USB Cleaver
It is a free Android app for ethical hackers.

  • It is capable of stealing information from connected desktops or laptops.
  • It helps to access all passwords used in browsers.
  • It makes possible to know passwords for Wi-Fi.
  • It helps hackers to access network information.


Now, we know the significance of ethical hacking in the testing of various security aspects of the software application. We can implement the same to the Android devices and use various Android hacking applications available in the market to run various tests regarding safety and security of your devices and applications.

If you are interested in ethical hacking or performing various quality assurance projects and would like to know more, Perception System is the best destination. You can find a team of hackers, testers, and QA developers to help you in testing various applications, networks, and devices to establish a high-end quality in your software development.

Author: Tarang Vyas

I am Tarang Vyas, head of development team at Perception System, a leading Android app development company.

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