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Top 20 Music Streaming Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

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Listening music for many of us is just like eating chocolates while doing anything to keep stamina and spirit intact. People love to listen to music for several known and unknown reasons. However, data on music consumption reveals that it is billion-dollar industry and with a worldwide presence.


Why people prefer to listen to streaming music more now?

Until yesterday, music lovers were downloading heavy audio files from the web on their devices by pre-paid methods. Hackers and online stalkers were on their course to cut the revenue stream for music sellers and producers.

In such dismal scenario, streaming music that is available only in real-time with subscription and leaves no trace on the memory disc of the client devices, which is a savior for both ends, producers, and consumers.

Prepaid subscription, assure revenue stream for the broadcasting agency hence, for the producers. For instance, Spotify has 30 million subscribers, Apple Music has 15 million, and cumulative figure worldwide reaches 100 million for the entire streaming music industry.


For customers, it is only $10/month to spend for the Golden Ticket to listen to sweet lyrics of their favorite artists. Therefore, 10 dollars for customers have no impressive value against they get in return.

Apart from these, we have mobile devices, which allow music fans to enjoy live streams of music anywhere and at any moment they wish. Improved media players, browsers, mobile hardware, connectivity, and the advent of streaming technologies have augmented overall user experiences of music streaming.

Compared to mobile browsers, mobile applications for music streaming consumption deliver excellent user experiences, convenience, and affordability. Therefore, music lovers prefer mobile apps for music streaming the most and today we are going to know the top 20 music streaming apps for iPhone and Android in this post.

Music Streaming Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android like iOS Devices

#1: Apple Music

If you want to listen to albums and songs, which are newest, hottest, and from the biggest musicians of the world, Apple Music is the place to get all.


It can stay on the top of the list of streaming music app due to following characteristics:

  • It can integrate your iTunes library and enables you to access music that you don’t own
  • It has excellent search and music algorithm combined with human music experts in services so you can find instantly whatever you want
  • With the help of Siri, a voice assistant on iOS devices, you can search new music and hear with desired controls
  • Using iTunes Match, you can control music access to from Music Locker

#2: Google Play Music


It is a streaming music service with music locker. It has a big catalog of nearly 30 million songs. Google play is standing out from others in a way that it offers radio station feature instead of a playlist, it becomes easy to play endlessly and often update with radio station feature as well as view the entire track list and save it as a playlist.

  • Hybrid types of service allows you to integrate your personal collection with streaming catalog
  • With monthly subscription, you users can access YouTube Red, commercial free streaming on YouTube, and music on YouTube
  • Free service for music locker

#3: YouTube Music

  • It needs YouTube Red or Google account to sign up
  • It offers personalization features and lets you select only streaming music or with video
  • Since YouTube is king in video, it also has endless catalog of music
  • Add free audio streaming and video streaming
  • You can play streaming music even your phone screen is on or off

#4: Amazon Music

As Amazon is famous for its service quality and tech advancements, the same is reflecting in its cloud-based streaming music delivery model.

  • It offers the cheapest subscription rate per month for Amazon Prime member
  • It has a deep catalog and interesting playlists
  • It is stocked with hundreds of themed-playlists
  • In a playlist, you can find a track listing, name of curator, and total runtime
  • It lets you select singles and albums
  • Music quality crisp and satisfying

#5: Spotify Music


It is one of the first streaming music services in the market. It has earned a big reputation by delivering custom recommendations personalized according to your taste. With Facebook integration, it enables music lovers to share the music on social media.

  • It offers an impressive and robust free version that has won the heart of streaming music fans
  • It makes custom playlist building and syncing easy
  • Feature-rich mobile apps with frequent updates
  • You can get alerts and notifications for updates for the followed artists
  • Personalized custom playlists formation is possible

#6: Tidal

It is an eminent service for high-fidelity streaming with superior quality.

  • It provides tons of video content such as concert live stream
  • Exclusive music from big names
  • Occasional pre-sale of tickets
  • Focusing on under-the-radar artists
  • It has 25 million songs in library

#7: TuneIn Radio

It has 100K+ live radio stations across the globe, and with its apps, you can assess anyone in your vicinity and enjoy local content too. It has more than 40K audiobooks and 4 million podcasts.

  • It offers on-demand streaming music with several stellar offerings such as sports, news, and talk shows
  • The apps enable music lovers to rewind and record live radio
  • It lets you tune in talk radio and sport events
  • It allows tailoring content with local and international choice
  • With a number of ways, you can find content like browsing, keyword search, browsing a list of categories, and by exploring local stations
  • It lets you share content through various online channels including email and social media networking sites
  • High audio quality using the latest streaming technologies

#8: Soundcloud


It is a big music streaming service and popular across the world by offering music of emerging artists with free subscription as well as famous labels with a premium account.

  • It makes 115 million tracks available for free
  • Emerging talent of musicians are uploading tracks and makes the platform rich with new content
  • It strengthens the sense of community by likes, shares, and reposting songs
  • It has pleasant comment system that encourages positive interactions
  • Enables artists to upload music with a distinct URL
  • Besides the algorithmic suggestions, you can see additional data like people follow and listening to the music in the search results
  • It has 175 million active listeners per month

#9: Pandora

Pandora is one of the highly prestigious names in streaming music service industry.

  • It offers early access to virgin music
  • It has powerful search engine to get recommended songs
  • It provides near ubiquitous streaming music service
  • Premium plans offer ads-free services
  • Mobile app based premium plans provide unlimited skips, replays, and offline music services
  • It allows customization of its radio station features and offerings

#10: Vevo

MTV has gone but a personalized music video with Vevo still there to offer streaming services.

  • It enables music fans to enjoy live performance with notification services on your favorite artists
  • It allows you to favorite playlists for streaming music and videos
  • It offers smarter, faster, and personalized feed on home page
  • It provides favorite music and video in sweet video player
  • It lets you create genre-spanning playlists

#11: iHeartRadio


It makes streaming live FM/AM stations simple and covering everything from country music to pop music.

  • It allows music lovers to select music befitting to their moods
  • It lets you build customized station from a catalog out of publications of 450K artists
  • It brings custom built channels and stations for mobile app users
  • Have abilities to skip tracks, add live songs to music collection, and on-demand streaming songs
  • Irrespective of location, station recommendations are based on genre selection and listening habits of users
  • App has podcast library with podcast selection option
  • Like and dislike options and sharing provisions
  • The catalog has 20 million songs from 400K artists

#12: NPR Music

It is predominantly an iOS app available through iTunes store. It is famous for its indie rock and some new music.

  • It is a way to access new music
  • It gives access to 75 public radio stations too
  • Public music stations also deliver music podcast
  • Besides music you might have music news, interviews with music artists, and music editorial reviews

#13: Qello Concerts

If you think hearing only is not enough to satisfy you music appetite, live concerts with streaming may fulfill your desires. It is Quello (Kwello) Concerts app for iOS and Android users to enable them to see their artists in actions!

  • It is full-length concerts and on-demand music documentaries
  • It has ever-expanding libraries
  • Libraries contain all music genre from Classic Rock to Jazz
  • It lets you discover and see music artists you might have never seen
  • Allows sharing on social networking sites

#14: Musixmatch


It has the largest catalog of lyrics so app users can listen to music from app library with synced lyrics.

  • It allows you to search song lyrics by title or lyric
  • It helps you to recognize music playing around you with a simple tap
  • You can link other music streaming services directly from Musixmatch
  • Lyrics come with translation in your local language
  • It offers fun contribution into a game
  • It allows sharing of lyric quotes

#15: Slacker Radio

It brings curated music with customization ability to meet your bespoke taste.

  • It brings music fun way
  • You can get crisp audio and informative DJs
  • It supports offline playback
  • It includes lyrics
  • It brings live ESPN radio
  • It integrates updates from other channels like weather, lifestyle, and so on
  • It lets you create playlist and bookmark station

#16: Deezer

It is older services to Spotify and Apple Music with diverse catalog and a massive library. It launched in France and

  • Auto-learning algorithm of app learns your favorites and creates a mix of music and artists
  • With premium account, you can get unlimited access, offline playback, and ads free music experiences
  • It is compatible with iMessage and Apple Watch like wearable technologies
  • It has 35 million songs in catalog
  • It has 28 million High Definition audio files encoded in FLAC

#17: Jango Radio

It is completely free app with no hidden cost or in-app purchase compulsions. Their monetization is through ads, but unobtrusive way.

  • It offers excellent sound quality
  • Provides music videos
  • Offers unlimited skips
  • It provides two dozen genre stations per music genre
  • It streams clear and hiccup-free music

#18: Shazam


It provides music identification app for music lovers so app figures out title, artists, and album.

  • It is capable of handling ambient noise fairly well
  • Free to Premium upgrade experiences are seamless
  • Lifetime premium membership through encore version
  • Integration of other music services easy
  • Allow unlimited song tagging

#19: Rhapsody

It caters to novices with the simplest interface and discovery features.

  • It lets you play purchased track on iPod and have tools for migration to iTunes
  • It offers 25 plays per month and without any subscription
  • You can stream to dozens of audio devices
  • It has simple tab-driven interface


The list of 20 music streaming apps for iOS and Android devices may make you indecisive for a while, but careful selection out of it may save your time and energy to get the right music streaming services to meet your music appetite at the cost that your budget can afford.

Author: Tarang Vyas

Tarang Vyas is a head of development team at Perception System, the leading mobile app development company. He has been in the industry for 15 years.

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