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Top 20 Popular Emoji Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

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Why should you use words when there are many lists of emojis to choose from? You can either create a new one or copy paste, and you are good to go. Express yourself in a whole new way by combining emojis and text and win everybody’s heart.


To make your next chat wittier, we have got you covered as we have listed the best twenty emoji apps for iOS. Be it an angry bird face, cartoon images or funny face; it has all kinds of smiley in the listed apps. Better still, you can choose to create emoticons or even add more personalization to the game.

Best Emoji Apps for iOS


1. Bitmoji

This is a top-notch and most popular iPhone emojis that stands out from every other app. With Bitmoji app, you can create a comical avatar. It has a lot of stunning outfits you can choose from giving your image an attention-grabbing look. It has numerous useful features to embellish your avatar as attractive as you desire all featuring you. Still, you can use other apps such as iMessage, Snapchat, etc.

2. Disney Emoji Blitz

Gather and play numerous of Disney, Star and Pixar Wars smileys than you have ever played in a thrilling matching game. Earn prizes by playing fast stridden sequences of match-3, once you complete missions, new smileys are revealed.

Get new challenges and unique events every day. Collect and chat with lots of Star Wars, Pixar and Disney smileys, and other items.

Remember, it’s free to download Disney Emoji Blitz and play. Nevertheless, there are in-game items you can purchase with real money. To limit this feature, go to your device setting and disable this feature in-app purchases.

3. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is among the best emoji app especially since it comes with a specialized and a fantastic keyboard for both iPhone and Android users. This is the most used keyboard apps used as it has auto correct options, huge user-generated dictionary, jaw-dropping features as well as flow typing and suggestions.

With dozens of themes at your reach, you only need to customize your keyboard and match your style. With Swiftkey, you can send GIF and smileys to your friends and even learn your preferred ones.

4. Emoji

Emoji allows you to customize and organize all your smileys in a convenient way for quicker access. Also, it enables you to assemble them together by creating a bunch for future use. The best part is the apps keep intensifying its scope allowing you to get access to new different things in your app to use every day making your conversation indulging sand exciting.

5. Emoji Keyboard Emojis Me Maker

This is a free app that allows you to express yourself with your favorite emoji. It has Static Smileys, Text Art, Animated, Fonts Maker, Smiley Creator, New Smiley Keyboard, Static Emojis and it keeps expanding their scope, and all their smileys are absolutely free.

6. Moji Maker – Emoji & Avatar

This is another exciting emoji maker that allows users to create their unique one and send to their friends. You can customize them flip, film, and shuffle to resize and save to your gallery. The app has an amazing option that lets the user send multiple each at a time.

Moji Maker has numerous designs including animal faces, smiley faces, aliens and more. You can get rid of your tedious smartphone smiley and create your own using these designs.

7. EMOJI Face Recorder

This is a smart app that permits you to record your emotions and face on 3D models simply. The app has over 3000 different emojis, GIFs, stickers, themes, and many others and they are all free. The app also has a fantastic auto correction and word prediction options. The other best feature that EMOJI Face Recorder app has is that you can use over 150 languages allowing you to chat in a different language to strangers easily. Finally, you can use a custom theme by selecting your choice of wallpaper and photos on the app.

8. 5000+ Emoji

5000+ Emoji app is the home for an enormous smileys collection. There are whole lots of animated smiley arts, stylish fonts, text arts and 3D emoticons that make your chatting experience more exciting. With their vast collection of emojis, you can express yourself through MESSAGES, Twitter, Email, Facebook, Kakao Talk, basically, everyplace you can type a text. Also, remember to check out the side-splitting stickers which add extra magic to your conversation. The app has over 40 appealing fonts, over 500 smiley art presets, over 1000 3D animated ones, New stickers and vivid smiley icons you can use to decorate your chat.

Best Emoji Apps for Android Users


9. GO Keyboard – Cute Emojis, Themes, and GIFs

This app allows you to take a picture and create a cartoon avatar that has your look. Once you get your collection of all your avatar smiley, you can share them on messages, social networks or any other place you can chat. GO Keyboards has over 60 languages, over 800 emoticons, over 1000 GIFs and smiley, over 100, fonts as well as over 10,000 colorful themes at your disposal. With just a single switch, change the background of your keyboard and put your favorite photo as a keyboard background.

10. Emoji keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers

This is a free emoji keyboard app that allows your typing to be more fast, accurate and fun. It has over 150 languages, over 3000 emoticons, and smileys, colorful themes, stickers, and trending GIFs. New themes and styles are added weekly which you can use your keyboard. Use your keyboard to make music with different sounds like a violin, piano, guitar and more.

11. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard: AvatarMoji, 3DTheme, GIFs.

This is a free and smart keyboard app that helps you to type more comfortable and faster. It has several options such as best swipe keyboard, emoji, and word prediction, autocorrect and fast typing. With over 5000 GIFs emoticons, stickers keyboards, and emoticons keyboards you can create your text face keyboards conveniently. The app is compatible with all social media apps. The app won the GSMA Global Mobile Award.

12. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard: GIF, Emoji, Keyboard Theme

This is a customized free Android Keyboard with over 3600 GIFs, emoji stickers and emoticons that helps to spice up your charts on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard also provides numerous downloadable cool keyboard themes, and you can stick and add your photo to the keyboard. New themes and styles are added weakly, and you can use them to beautify your keyboard. It also has a word and autocorrects prediction that offers you the next potential word prediction. With the emoji maker, you can take a short video or a photo and use pretty hilarious filters to create a photo with a face smiley. Examples ofa variety of trendy filters on this app include doge, smile smiley, a cute bunny, and many others.

13. Emojidom emoticons for texting, emoji for Facebook

Emojidom app is among the top of our list of the best emoji app for Android which has over 4000 free Massagers stickers, Whatsapp smileys, smiley for Facebook, Instagram, Hangout, Viber Snapchat, plus others for text messaging. The app also has more than 130 popular themes. The stickers and emoticons are unique such that you can’t find them anywhere else.

14. GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine

GIPHY for Android is the simplest and fastest method to search and share GIFs in your social network including on Snapchat, facebook, twitter, etc. it’s the world biggest collection of GIFs. Explore its world of variety and discover the whole world of memes, pop culture, music, movies as well as your favorite comedy central, Rihanna, Drake, etc.

With GIPHY you can save, text and share; save your GIFs on your gallery or copy to clipboard for later use. Text your friends’ astounding GIFs and Share them in emails, tweets, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social channels. With GIPHY app, you get a new way to say “happy birthday” “LOL,” “yes” anything you can think of; it has a GIF for it.

15. ai.type Emoji Keyboard Plugin

This is the most updated free emoji keyboard on Google Play. Take advantage of this app and enjoy the up-to-date and most relevant smiley experience with all latest text faces, smiley, icons, symbols, emoji art and tons of ASCII characters and your conversation will never be boring again. Ai .type emoji keyboard allows you to express and share your feelings by sending smileys to your friends on social groups and other texting apps in an excellent way.

16. Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji has over 2000 exclusive highs stickers and smileys of different categories to choose from. With only a single touch you can send them through Massager or Whatsapp. Explore the app and discover may humorous message suggestions you can send with smileys.

17. Free Samsung Emojis

Samsung devices have their personal emoji designs from other Android devices. They are updated often as a share of Samsung One UI interface layer that operates on top of Android. It loads super-fast with a 100% free smileys. It also supports every other chat apps.

18. AfroMoji: African Afro Emoji Stickers Black

This is a unique app with exceptional features that allow you to send funny GIFs to your friends. The app has African American GIFs, and they are more are added every other day. Your chatting and messaging will never be the same once you install black, emoticons, stickers iPhone and smileys of Afromoji. Express your feeling through cool black smiley when either kidding, sad, angry or smiling in a unique way. To keep you happy, new AfroMoji is updated now and then.

19. Sliding Emoji Keyboard

To see this emoji app, you will be required to install the app that supports them. Example of such apps includes WhatsApp, Sliding Messaging Pro, Hangout, etc.

The easiest way to switch your keyboard from your standard keyboard to a sliding Emoji keyboard is by long pressing the space button, an input switcher dialog box will appear, and then from your dialog choose “Sliding Emoji Keyboard. Once you are done, long press your delete icon and your keyboard will return to your standard keyboard.

20. StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji

StickerMe allows you to create your unique couple sticker with friends. The app ranked position one in seven countries with 2.7 downloads. You only need to take a picture of yourself and create over 60 labels form the photo. Stickerme has adopted the hottest photo animation tech of MortionPorrait.

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