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Top 30 Best Emoji Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

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When sending text messages, sometimes simple words can’t really express feelings or thoughts to the other person. Therefore, you start looking for other ways that will guarantee that your communication is precise and expressive. For these reasons, there are several emoji apps for Android phones and iPhones that makes communication easy. However, not all funny emoji faces are suitable for assignment help. According to assignment help expert, there are specific emojis for assignment in Australia.


Here is a list of the best Emoji apps.

Best Emoji Apps for iPhone & iOS Devices:

1. Animoji


Animoji combines your expressions with a favorite emoticon and brings it to life in a fun way. It allows you to create emoticons that match your mood and personality.

2. Emoji Me Animated Faces


With this app, you get unlimited access to what the brand releases every week. The best thing is that you can use this app to send messages across all messaging application like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MMS, and regular text messages.

3. Bitmoji


Bitmoji is not only available for Android and iPhones but also can be used in Сhrome. This guarantees that you can make a difference in the way you communicate all the time.

4. SUPERMOJI – the Emoji App


With this app, you can have a 3D animated emoticon that mimics you all the time. The app uses your face as a controller, which assures that it captures your expressions better.

5. SwiftKey Keyboard


Swiftkey Keyboard adapts to your typing style hence saving you more time. With this app, typing will be entirely fast and will follow your trends. The autocorrect will be adjusted to include your nicknames and slangs in every typing.

6. Adult Emoji for Lovers


Looking for a way to send messages and keep your partner in the mood while you are away? Adult emoji for lovers is the app for you. It helps you share your expectations and entertain your partner at the same time.

7. Emoji>


Unlike other application, this is super-improved, and it integrates with all the others. It offers over 200 in-text emojis including the new ones. With this app installed, it will be easy to say it with emojis at the comfort of the couch.

8. GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine


GIFs allow you to express your feeling with a motion. There are over 200 GIFs to choose from and ensure that your recipients understand you better.

9. Emoji Keyboard Emojis Me Maker


Instead of using the same emoticons as everyone else, this app allows you to make your own emojis and give them a personalized touch. The app allows you to edit and improve things to meet your expectations. Additionally, it is absolutely free, hence making it convenient for everyone.

10. Guess The Emoji


This app has taken the emoticons puzzle to a brand new level. With the app installed on your phone, this type of emoji will entertain you for a long time. Playing the emoticon game tests your reasoning and logic in solving puzzles as they display on your screen.

11. EMOJI Face Recorder


This face recorder allows you to record your face and emotions in 3D models. Your recording takes on any form to express emotions in the most appropriate way possible.

12. Moji Maker – Emoji & Avatar


This emoticon maker app allows you to put together different parts and make a personalized emoticon. With it, adjusting eyes and face to fit in your emotions is quite easy. Additionally, you can sync your custom emoticons to your keyboard for easy access.

13. 5000+ Emoji


Expand your typing with over 5000 animated faces. This app helps you decorate your messaging and express different feelings in a more expounded style. The app is easy to use, and it features excellent improvements to give your texting a personalized experience.

14. Emoji Elite


Emoji elite contains everything you want to ensure your texting is convenient and has a personal touch. The app has a mixture of GIFs and stickers for fast and direct typing. The great thing is that it has high-definition images that guarantee incredible results.

15. Emoji Keyboard by LINE


Stop trying too much to impress others with words and include emoticon keyboard byline in your device. It is easy to use and provides you with over 3000 emoticon and stickers to choose from.

16. Emoji Free


If you are looking for a simple and direct way of expressing your emotions, all you need is to say it with an emoticon. This app provides you with well-designed cartoon images which include colorful expressions and actions.

Best Emoji Apps for Android Phones:

17. GO Keyboard – Cute Emojis, Themes, and GIFs


Be part of over 200 million users worldwide and enjoy texting and say more about your feeling in simple language. The app allows you to create a cartoon avatar that resembles you to ensure people understand you better.

18. SwiftKey Keyboard


Swiftkey Keyboard guarantees that your keyboard will learn your typing style hence make typing easy and fast for you. The app detects what you want to say and predicts the words suitable for the text.

19. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji


Bitmoji allows you to create your personal emoticons that will express what you feel in more personal experience. The app is convenient and allows you to chat on any chatting platforms.

20. Gboard – The Google Keyboard


Expressing yourself With Gboard is quite easy. It allows you to pick words with glide typing and ensure it takes less time in typing. The app is convenient as you only slide your finger across letters as you write.

21. TouchPal Keyboard-Cute Emoji, theme, sticker, GIFs


As 2019 progresses with innovations and technological upgrade, including new techniques as your text is an excellent way to go. The touchpad keyboard provides you with a variety of stickers, emoticon, and GIFs for all time uses.

22. Emoji keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers


Looking for cute emoticons that will give your thoughts on everything as you send that text? This is the best app for you. It has fantastic features of stickers and GIFs that touch on everything.

23. Flash Keyboard – Emoji & Theme


Flash keyboard makes your typing easy and straightforward. The app is packed with thousands of emoticons, stickers, and themes that will change the way you type and express your emotions.

24. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons – Theme, GIF, Emoji


You don’t have to have the same wallpapers as other people with the same phone. Instead, install this app and enjoy a whole transformation on your phone. It has customized wallpapers, swipe typing, and word prediction to make it easy for you to use the phone.

25. ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard


Customize your keyboard and ensure it fits your typing style all the time with ai.type free emoticon keyboard. This app allows you to pick what you want to say with simple clicks.

26. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard: GIF, Emoticon, Keyboard Theme


Spice your chatting on various platforms with a customized app that uses your face as the controller.

27. Funtype Emoji Keyboard: GIF, Emoticon, Keyboard Theme


This app is compatible with various social media platforms and allows you to share your feeling easily. It is free and provides you with unlimited opportunities to improve your communication.

28. Textra SMS


Textra as everything you need to spice your communication from colors, gifs, stickers, and many more. Depending on what you want to pass across, the app will customize every message.

29. Disney Emoji Blitz


Disney emoji allows you to collect and play with numerous Disney, Star Wars, and Pixar emoticon items for improved texting.

30. Emoji Launcher – Stickers & Themes


Change the face of your home screen with this launcher app. It helps to personalize your phone in a simple and unique style.

To sum up, don’t forget to brighten your speech with cute emoticons from different web sites to accurately express your thoughts.

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