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15 Really Expensive Gadgets You Might Wish to Own

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There is a famous saying that money can’t buy everything but the things are contrary when you are super rich. You can own anything in the world when you have billions of pounds, invest in purchasing diamonds, gold, costly gadgets and other things that a normal person only dreams of owning it.


Speaking of gadgets, here is the list of world’s most expensive gadgets you might wish to own.

1. Swarovski DJ Headphone


If you love listening to music, having a good headphone is a bare necessity. If you really want to listen to music in style then having Audio Technica ATH-M50, priced at £ 1,799.99 is the best option. This headphone is studded with Swarovski stones which makes it dearer as well.

2. Gold Nintendo Wii
When you talk about gadgets, it does not only comprise of telecommunication goods, but it can also include gaming consoles. Nintendo Wii is unlike your Nintendo Wii. The game is studded in 24-carat gold and the pounds that you have to shell is £529. This is no it, as you can also make your choice from PS3M Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.

3. Prestige HD Supreme Edition


Bring home a luxurious flat screen TV that calls for admiration no matter from where you have a look. The TV is equipped with 55 inch screen which is made of 22 carat gold and studded with 48 diamonds with a crocodile skin. The television weighs at 19 kg and it costs a whopping £1 million.

4. Leica M9 Titanium
M9 camera is the first digital camera which comes with a full-frame CCD sensor. The camera is capable of shooting with 35mm format. The company only made 500 pieces and they were priced at £19,200 and titanium is used for making the camera.

5. Macbook Air Supreme Platinum Edition


We all are aware of the fact that Apple is known to manufacture premium products. But, will you believe that their Macbook Air is priced at £5495? Well, you have to believe it because this is reality. It is surely unlike other Macbooks available in the market. The Macbook is polished using gold sticker and you can make a choice between platinum, 18 carat pink gold.

6. MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse
Switzerland is not only known for its breathtaking beauty but it also has a company which is known globally to manufacture world’s costliest computer mouse. You will be amazed to know that the mouse is made using 18 carat white gold and around 60 pieces of diamonds. You can go for a custom made mouse by making a choice from the two options – Scattered Diamond and Diamond Flower. The mouse will cost you £16,200.

7. Motorola Motopure H12


Motorola headset output is included in the list of the expensive gadgets in the world. The headset is made of white gold and 18 karat yellow on the front with over 200 pieces of black, red and white diamond. It is priced at £4,000.

8. Gold and Swarovski Crystal USB Stick
With the advancement in the field of technology, today our valuable data can be stored in varied ways, out which USB is one of the effective ways to do it. But, this is not a regular USB, it comes with 4gb space and its decoration makes it unique. Crystals, which look like diamonds and crystals, enhance the overall beauty of the pen drive. Yes, the USB is priced at a jaw-dropping price of £ 117.44. If you are thinking, it is on a higher side then you can also go for a USB which is coated with 24-carat gold for which you have to pay £ 82.19.

9. iPhone 5 Black Diamond Smartphone


Probably one of the best gadget that helps you to show off your riches. This iPhone 5 Black Diamond has solid gold chassis with hand finished solid gold which is a treat to have it. The price that you pay for this iPhone is £10,000,000. This can be confirmed by calling at apple customer service.

10. Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure speakers
The audio world is filled with some of the costliest & advanced gadgets and this particular set of speakers are one of them. If you are a music lover, you will surely want to add this set of speakers in your living room. You can get them by spending £40,000, they weigh at 50kg and needless to say that it sounds good too.

11. Hasselblad H4D-60 Camera


Ask any photographer, they always dream of having the best when it comes to cameras. Hasselblad H4D-60 is a dream SLR camera that every photographer wants to own it. The camera is not just another SLR in the market, it comes with digital medium-format capture for the professional photographers. It has 60MP, 40.2 x 53.7mm CCD image sensor with 16-bit colour. The camera costs at £19,800.

12. Vertu Constellation Smartphone
Well, there is one element that is responsible for defining the luxury and that is the ‘price’. Have you ever seen a Mercedez or a BMW at cheaper price, the reply would be no. Same is the case with Vertu Constellation Smartphone, it won’t be wrong to call it BMW of the smartphones. It has a bold and aggressive look which makes it hard to ignore. The phone has a nice screen, comes with a contemporary design that makes it appealing to a larger audience. The best part is that the phone is hand-built and it is made using varied materials. The phone will cost you £4,500.

13. Alienware 17
The price that you have to pay for this laptop surely makes you think twice before you actually think of buying it. If you are interested in playing games with heavy 3D rendering and enhance your overall gaming experience, then you need to have Alienware 17. Now, are you thinking exactly how much this beast costs, then it is £1598.

14. Stax SR009 Headphones


Give listening to music a new dimension by investing in this headphones. This is one of the costliest headphones and there are various reasons for it. It’s frequency response is 5 – 42,000Hz and impedance is of 145k Ω. It is priced at £3,195.00.

15. 24ct Gold & Diamond Edition Bang & Olufsen Bespoke Music Center
Band and Olufsen is known to satisfy the needs of high-end music products. This particular product is the perfect example of it. The speakers weighs at 32kg with 24ct gold. The outer screen guard area is handmade using solid gold veneer. This is where diamonds are strategically positioned. This is a limited edition and only 5 units will be made.

All the rich people, across the globe, are aware of one secret. This secret actually holds the significance as it is sole reason why they are rich. If you are looking to buy an expensive gadget for yourself then you can make a pick from the above discussed choices. Enjoy your lavish spending.

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