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15 Really Cool Fitness Gadgets to Keep You Healthy

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Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy today to lead a better life and looking out for gadgets that can help them to achieve their desired goals in terms of fitness. These days many health gadgets are available on the go that can be combined with your smart phones and help you monitor your workout plans.


Now by using these gadgets on the go, can help you make the best out of your workout session and enhance the experience of physical exercise. We can now combine the best modern technology available in the market and use them to achieve our fitness goals.

Below is the list of Top-15 mini health gadgets that can be used by fitness freaks on-the-go:-

1. iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter


If you are a sportsperson then probably it is one of the best gadgets for you to monitor your blood oxygenation levels, pulse rate, and Perfusion Index, by simply plugging in older iOS devices. It finds the best use for sports and aviation tracking, though it cannot be used for medical purposes. This device can be used while travelling and the data can be stored to record the athlete’s history.

2. Sportiiiis


Cyclists find it difficult and dangerous to monitor their stats while cycling. But this device can track your heart rate accurately while keeping you absolutely safe. By simply mounting the device on the sunglasses, the person can receive stats via voice prompts that relay the speed, heart rate, cadence, and power. The device manufacturers have their own line of monitors, and the device is compatible with other products as well.

3. Misfit Shine

It a very multipurpose health gadget that looks like a bracelet, pendant or can be put into your pocket. It can work as a watch and with just a coin battery it can run for a months’ time. Misfit Shine is a multipurpose activity tracker that enables you to track your movements and activities and helps you set goals on IOS device. Best of its entirely waterproof so you need not worry about its getting damaged and can count your movements during swimming too.

4. Finis Neptune

It is a very innovative health gadget and based on a study that one tends to run or exercise longer if he is listening to his favourite music, Finis Neptune can be attached to user’s eyewear and the user can listen to his favourite music during swimming too and can get that extra length during swimming. You don’t need ear buds to listen to music and this device uses bone construction audio to relay music to one’s ears. It comes with 4 GB ROM so that you can store a lot of songs and a rechargeable battery that gives you 8 hours non-stop music. It also makes music clearer and louder when submerged under water.

5. HAPIfork


If you want to get slim you need to control your diet and it is a problem with everyone that once they start eating they tend to eat more than required. HAPIfork gives you a solution for same and it can help your cut down your eating speed and volumes. It has an inbuilt sensor which via tiny vibrations notifies you when you are eating at a speed more than required. It also has a function to track eating duration, amount, and intervals of serving per minute. All this data is transferred to a storage device and can be used for analysis of your habits.

6. Trace


Trace is specifically made for people who love adventure sports and not for ones who are happy with running and jogging. The ones who like adventure sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding; Trace is the gadget you must have. Trace is mounted on the board and it logs various activities you are doing such as tricks, speed, maximum height and store all of the data with a smartphone app. This app also allows one to see how others are performing their stunts via social sharing feature.

7. Fitbit Aria

It is more than just weight measuring the scale and it can store body fat percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to 8 users. You can then sync the data to your laptop and analyze the progress. It also has scalability with other applications and has a rewarding feature too wherein you get achievement badges once you achieve desired fitness.

8. Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

It consists of 2 piece gadget; one is won in wrist and other in your shoe, This two piece set enables you to track specific workouts as it can differentiate between different movement and can check if person is cycling, swimming, walking, hiking, playing basketball, football, golf, water sports, even working with weights or cardio equipment etc. This makes it different from traditional set counter gadgets. It syncs data via Bluetooth and has an open source platform so as any third party developers can create an application to make it more efficient.

9. Umoro One


This consists of a bottle having your favorite whey protein mix and can release up to 1.5 scoops of same in a single push. It prevents us from a discomfort of carrying too many bottles and very useful for persons going to the gym. The ball in the bottle used for holding the supplement also multifunction as a mixer for harder-to-dissolve powder drinks. Also, this is very economic and can be used pre or post workouts.

10. Sensoria Smart Sock

Sensoria Smart Sock is a great discovery for runners as it has inbuilt sensors in socks and we can get feedback from ankles, yes you heard it right the ankles!! For a runner pressure signal analysis at ankles is very important as whole body pressure is put on same and it also acts as a virtual coach and gives tips how to improve performance over the time or how to land your feet properly. The great thing about this gadget is that you can wash it and it will be as good as a new pair of socks and is very comfortable.

11. LUMOback

In today’s world, its very important to look confident and have perfect body postures while at work or outside. Many persons tend to slouch and unconsciously get into a bad shape thus creating back problems in the longer run and gives wrong impressions while interacting with someone. Lumoback constantly monitors your posture and warns you with slight vibrations if you tend to slouch and though it is worn at the waist it claims that it can catch slouching of upper body too.

12. Withings Smart Body Analyzer


Withings Smart Body Analyzer looks like a weighing machine but is much more than that, it monitors numbers of things when a person steps on it such as your weight, BMI, body fat percentage and resting heart rate. In latest version is also measures indoor air quality such as CO2 levels and temperature thus tracking the environment so that you can have a healthy sleep. Data is transferred via Bluetooth or WIFI and can be viewed on IOS as well as Android.

13. Scanadu SCOUT

Scanadu SCOUT is a gadget that reads six vital signs of your body namely temperature, pulse transit time, heart rate, electrical heart activity, heart rate variability and blood oxygenation with a single touch on its temple. Data s transmitted via Bluetooth and is very beneficial to prepare your weekly medical report and you can show to your doctor complete week’s report and not just limited to single day tests.

14. MayFonk Vert

MayFonk Vert is designed for basketball and volleyball players and it measures the vertical jump you had by clipping it in your shorts. In these two sports lot depends on how high you can jump and coaches too is using this gadget on their players to get a detailed record of each player as how high he/she can jump and they can also make a descriptive progress report of each player.

15. Lark Life Wristband

Lark Life Wristband is different from traditional wristbands that just measures step you have taken, It can be used 24*7 and it asks you questions throughout the day via set algorithm converts everything into meaningful information. It consists of 2 Bands for night and day time while the daytime band is thermoplastic urethane with a magnetic clasp night time band is softer and made of lycra and microfiber materials. Night band tracks movements, monitoring sleeping schedule, and daytime band records movements, integrated nutrition tracking and a mood tracker and collectively it prepares report of your mental state and also gives tips if found any abnormalities to optimize your condition.

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