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20 Extremely Powerful Tiny Gadgets You Don’t Know

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Do you seem to lose your keys, wallet, and other important items on a regular basis? Do you forget tasks you had to complete? Who doesn’t? However, you’re in luck today! When the going gets tough, then it is time to turn to technology.


Below are a few gadgets you probably didn’t know about. These can alleviate the little frustrations and inconveniences of everyday life. Thank us later!

1. TV Tuner


If you have a mini computer with you, you can use this external device to make use of your cable. There’s no more need to be at home to catch up on your shows! Simply open up your small laptop and plug in the USB-like TV Tuner. This would translate both digital and analog signals, with little to no hassle. There is software already built into this device, which you can install on your cable box at home.

2. Power Bank For Computer Batteries


We’re all familiar with power banks for charging our phones. However, many don’t know that minicomputers have their own battery banks too. The smaller the laptop, the less its battery is able to withstand your usage of it. Worry not, though. You can always have a spare battery on hand in case you’re not within reach of a charging port. They can come in handy for charging other devices too!

3. Kensington Proximo


Everyone forgets where they put their keys; to investing in this gadget is a great investment. The Kingston Proximo is shaped like a key fob with a tab attached. It could prevent your small items from getting lost altogether! What’s more, the setup is extremely simple and can even track five items at once. It also has a corresponding app, which is available for both iPhones and the Galaxy S phones.

4. External USB Hub


Many gadgets are shaped like USBs and work like them, but there are only so many USB ports a laptop can have. this is where an external USB hub comes in. you may not be aware of this, but the USB hub can keep up to ten USBs safe and sound when you’re on the go. You can also use this hub to connect several USB to your laptop at once.

5. Air Mouse


There are still many people who prefer using a mouse to a touchpad or touchscreen. If you’re one of those, the Air Mouse is a sound device to purchase. A graphic designer would also find this tool quite useful and a productivity enhancer. Many external mice are now battery operated and don’t require wires. The Air Mouse, however, take this technology one step further by not even needing a flat place or a mouse pad!

6. Fingerprint Reader


In this digital age, much of our private and sensitive data is on our computers with the fingerprint reader; we can protect this from prying eyes. You can use this gadget to keep your data safe with a fingerprint lock. You can also child-proof your laptop by restricting access to certain sites or accounts. One can even prevent the computer from being opened without a fingerprint.

7. Mini Lamp


If you don’t have a backlit keyboard, typing in dark places could be difficult. This is a serious problem sometimes, but not when you have a USB lamp! All you need to do is plug in the cable to a USB port and you can type away to your heart’s content. This gate is also excellent for college students with roommates and those with children.

8. Creative 5.1 External Sound Card


Laptops are great for storing everything, but their speakers aren’t usually anything outstanding. Luckily, this sound card and its accompanying gadgets can change your audio experience into something like surround sound. Some of these gadgets include Sound BlasterXi-Fi Surround 5.1 and the Sound Blaster X7.

9. Laptop Cooling Stand


We’ve all experienced how heated a laptop can get when it’s overused. The processing power is sometimes too much for a little machine, but a cooling stand usually works wonders. These stands not only keep the laptop off any surface but are equipped with fans to speed up the cooling process. This could extend the life of your laptop by quite a bit. There is also a USB fan available to keep things cool when you’re working.

10. Mini USB Fridge


That’s right; you can even plug in a fridge to your computer now! However this is a really tiny fridge, so it’s usually just used for once can. This is probably great for travelers who are also working on the go.

11. WiseButton


This yellow device can instantly enhance your routine by acting as a universal remote and tracker at the same time. Its size is no bigger than a keychain, and it works on Android, Windows, and iOS. Simply put, this gadget notifies you when your needed item is within a 20 feet radius. You have to hook up your important devices first. The battery does run out eventually, but only around once a month. It recharges through a USB cable, so that’s a plus!

12. Locca


This extremely handy gadget allows one to track any person and any item at any given time. The Austrian company of the same name has the LoccaMini for tracking bikes, keys, etc. There is also a larger device called the LoccaPhone that you can use to secure your cars and even children. This tracking device is a bit more advanced than other, with its own SIM card and no need for a smartphone. All you need to do is make sure the tags are on the objects or persons you want to keep track of.

13. Gecko


All you need for tracking and securing can be found in the Gecko. One tracker is quarter-sized and can be stuck onto anything you need safeguarding against loss. Gecko then remembers the location of every tracked item and even notifies you of its movements. What’s more, you can also control your music by gesturing with Gecko and even trigger your camera.

14. Tile


Perhaps the smallest and most effective of tracking gadgets, the Tile is perfect for attaching on to small objects to ensure they’re never lost. You can stick these tiny tiles onto objects or hand them like you would on a key ring. The companion app would make you able to find anything when you need it. The trackers are small, sleek, and waterproof. They are also crowd-sourced so that other users can be of help in finding your lost items.

15. Gloves/Slippers’ Warmer


Winter is coming; our freezing hands and feet can testify to that. However, you don’t need to suffer from frozen digits when you can power up a warmer for gloves and slippers! The power comes from your laptop’s USB port, so you can work comfortably while staying warm!

16. External Keyboard


An in-built keyboard could cost quite a bit, so external keyboards are the way to go. They come in all shapes and sizes, along with backlit and multimedia options.

17. Touchjet WAVE


This device is also in the shape of a USB, and can convert your regular screen into a touchscreen! You don’t have to pay extra for a touchscreen laptop. You can simply make presentations or graphic with the special pen provided after you hook up this gadget.

18. External Wi-Fi Hotspot


Don’t overlook the power of a simple Wi-Fi dongle. This is essential for all freelance workers and frequent travelers. You don’t have to be dependent on local wifi hotspots. This can save you a lot of trouble and frustration in the long run.

19. Mug Heater


The cold weather also makes you crave a cup of coffee or tea. However, drinks can cool down all too quickly while you’re working. Don’t worry, but get this USB-powered mug heater to enjoy your steaming drink for much longer!

20. Humidifier Or Aroma Diffuser


If you’re a lover of good fragrances or suffer from a blocked nose quite often, you can use your laptop to change the air around you! A little USB humidifier would provide you with the steam you need to unlock your sinuses. It can also be used as an aroma diffuser if you put a few drops of essential oil in it. Quite handy and life-changing!


Technology is hurtling forward at an immeasurable rapid speed. We don’t know just when we would hit the limits of possibility, but it still seems quite far away. Hence, now is the time to enjoy technology and make use of it to better our lives.

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