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20 Powerful Mini Computer Gadgets You Must Try

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Mini-computers are awesome machines to carry your assignments with you. They liberate you from the need to carry bigger laptops all the while preserving the ability to edit your assignments. For this very reason all the leading PC manufacturers have come up with their own product lineups in this category.


However, there are some really cool gadgets which can convert your tiny beast into a monster. Today, we are going to share 20 of such powerful mini-computer gadgets available to you.

1. Creative 5.1 External Sound Card
This little device can change the ordinary music experience from your mini-computer into a super cinema standard 5.1 crispy audio. You can either purchase the Sound BlasterXi-Fi Surround 5.1 for gamers or sleek looking Sound Blaster X7 for Casual music listeners. Both of these have full surround, DDS, 5.1 Decoding apparatus to give you the best listening experience.

2. Cooling Stand


Mini-computers are a great solution for the mobile users who prefer work on the go. Since minicomputers are compact but they do have the processing power to get the task done but, there is an innate problem with the process of miniaturization – OverHeat. Cooling devices are also available to tackle this problem in innovative ways. Cooling stands with high speed fans and USB connections are also available in addition to some innovative designs like the actual USB Fan which radiates like a pedestal fan over the surface of computer.

3. Air Mouse
If you have a habit of using the Mouse instead of touchpad or if you are graphic designer who needs to make more precise selections through a mechanical mouse then, there are some really powerful external Mouse available, some of them work wirelessly and on their own battery. Interestingly, some manufacturers offer Air mouse which don’t even need a surface or mouse pad to hover around!

4. Power Bank
Minicomputers come in a variety of variants with a huge range of battery options however, there is still a need for more power as the small sized batteries fitted to the machine isn’t always enough to complete the task. For such moments, one may carry Power bank especially while travelling. They come in handy not only for charging the minicomputer but any other device you may carry.

5. Mini Fridge


No matter if you are a casual surfer who carries the minicomputer around the campus for watching cool stuff online with the pals or an office employ who carries his work with him, You are going to get more attention with this gadget which can hold a can for you and keep it cool, once it is attached to USB port of your machine.

6. TV Tuner


Yes you can watch your cable on your mini-computer as well, thanks to the external TV tuner devices which make this possible through a USB detachable setup enabled with translating the digital as well as the analog TV signals for you. A software shipped with these devices is installed on your machine to display the transmission from this device.

7. External USB Hub
Since all the cool devices we are discussing here do get attached to the machine via USB port. Therefore, it is imperative to have external USB hub, which enables you to connect upto 10 USB devices sometimes at the cost of external Power connection.

8. Fingerprint Reader


This cool device adds great functionality to your minicomputer. You can either secure your data with a fingerprint lock or link your fingers with particular accounts or webpages. And of course you can lock/unlock your computer with it.

9. Mini Lamp
This crafty gadget adds beauty to your desk either you are on your reading table at home or in your cubicle at office. USB lamp also illuminates contents on your desk making it easy for you to read or find things while you are working on your computer.

10. NFC Stickers
NFC is the new communication technology which is shipped almost all new models. Pasting NFC stickers to your machine can do variety of functions for you depending upon the service provider. For example, while traveling in metro you the fair can be paid with the tap of your phone.

11. External Graphics Card
This awesome little monster enables graphic enthusiasts to do the rendering work even with their tiny machines once it has this little devil attached to it. The external graphics card is enabled with all the capabilities of a generic GPU or even more to fulfill the requirements of a gamer to play high graphics 3D games or graphic designers work for rendering projects.

12. Solar Charger


Solar chargers for communication devices are readily available in the market. They are a great innovation especially for the developing economies where power outages affect the ability to work. Small panel chargers for notebooks are also designed to save the space and do the job well.

13. Dock with Hidden Camera
We’ve already discussed cooling stands with USB hubs but, there are even more cool docks which have a hidden camera inside that records everything as you sit quietly in the corner of the hall seemingly working on your minicomputer.

14. External Keyboard
Many notebook users already know the pain of replacement costs for built-in keyboard, therefore the prudent ones go for an external keyboard, considering the variety of options they offer like, Backlit, full sized, multimedia and even some keyboards have built-in fingerprint reader.

15. Touchjet WAVE


This little USB dongle projects content of your mini-computer’s screen on the TV/LCD. Touchjet WAVE converts any LCD/LED into a Touch Screen which you can use with the help of special Pen provided along with the dongle.

16. USB Fan
How about having a small pedestal fan type device radiating the air currents to you as you work on your machine. Some of the models even offer air cooling!

17. External WiFi Hotspot
WiFi dongles are provided by all major ISPs and even Cellular service providers. They add internet functionality at cheaper rates as compared to mobile data packages and get you rid of looking for public hotspots.

18. Mug Heater
Nothing comes closer to a cool winter evening with you working on your PC with a hot mug of coffee on your side. This gadget keeps your mug hot to let you work for longer periods and enjoying your coffee for even longer time.

19. Gloves/Slippers’ Warmer


Some of the companies go one step ahead in accommodating you, that they build some unbelievable stuff. For example, these Gloves/ Slippers warmers to keep you comfy while you work. They get their power from your machines USB.

20. Humidifier, Aroma Diffuser
Another gadget to serve the comfort of user. This USB connected Humidifier/ Aroma Diffuser works to maintain the room environment and keep your mode, pleasurable.

Author: Syed Irfan Ajmal

This article is written by Syed Irfan. He is a serial entrepreneur, a columnist and a certified inbound marketer. He curates content for Boloro.

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