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20 Chatbot Creators: How to Build Your Customized Chatbot

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A Chatbot is a program that mimics human interaction. It automatically chats with internet users and gives a series of pre-prepared answers according to what they ask. It is actually an interactive FAQ tool that becomes more and more useful as you add more and more questions and answers to it.


Examples of chatbots:

You can build anything you imagine, with chatbots possibilities is endless.

Creating a Chatbot used to involve a lot of programming and hard work, but now there are Chatbot creator apps and tools that help you create a Chatbot without any (and/or with minimal) coding involved.

1. Chatfuel


The interface makes programming your tool very easy. The Chatfuel creators have spent a lot of time making the Chatbot-creation function very user-friendly. As with most bots, it recognized words that are very similar to the ones you have entered into the tool, which means your users may make spelling mistakes.

2. Botsify

It has a very simple bot design interface and allows for a series of different greeting configurations. It works with WordPress, and it has media support that allows you to use video, image and audio files as part of your Chatbot answers.

3. Smooch

With this tool, you are able to integrate the Facebook messenger into your website and/or communication process. Smooch’s power comes from its ability to integrate with numerous other tools, which makes it a very flexible and almost-unique chatting tool.

4. Facebook Messenger Platform


Just like Smooch, the Facebook Messenger Platform uses Facebook Messenger as its Chatbot. However, Smooch’s power comes from other-software integration, whereas the Facebook Messenger Platform’s power comes from the ability to specifically tailor your Facebook Messenger Bot.

5. Beep Boop

With this developer platform, you will be able to build your own Slack integrations. You may host, share and deploy your Slack integrations very quickly. With this tool and within Slack, you will be able to build your own customer support tools.

6. Telegram Bots

The Telegram Bots is a reasonably powerful tool for developers that want to do some, but not all of the legwork for their Chatbot. The tool allows developers to create a series of different bots. The tool is very flexible and the more time you spend on your bot, then the better it becomes and the better it looks.

7. Botkit

This is the botkit. If you have a little programming experience, then this should be a very big contender for your attention. It is an open-source tool for creating bots, and its simplicity is only matched by its expansive power. It is tricky to use, but it is worth learning.

8. Kit Bot


The Kit Bot is probably the most out of place on this list. It is a tool that helps you stay in touch with the people you know. It is a personal Chatbot that tells you things such as who you saw yesterday, and it reminds you about the people you haven’t sent a message to in a while.


Build chatbots with this tool, feed them information so that they become more useful, and launch them. The more you add to your tool, the more intelligent it appears. Reach users where they are with SMS, on the web, chat, or create a custom experience within your existing product.

10. FlowXO


With FlowXO, you are able to build bots for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack and SMS. You may build bots without needing to use any sort of code, and you may manage and scale your bots as you see fit. Build it once, and the same Chatbot works on Facebook messenger, Twilio SMS, Telegram and Slack.


You may use the API tool wherever you are using the Facebook Messenger tool. Have it create automatic responses for you. Enter enough information that is cleverly thought out and tested, and you may give the impression that the tool has intelligence.



Engage with your customers with a well-designed Chatbot. Create a Chatbot that easily integrates with your other tools, provide more than just text, and create instant responses for your users. Create push conversations and use the automated services to provide a better customer support tool.

13. Microsoft Bot Platform

Microsoft has a wide number of online and offline services, which is why a Microsoft Bot may be your best solution. It integrates with SMS services, Slack, Office 365, Slack and Skype. Building a Skype bot may be a great idea since Skype is very popular these days.

14. ChatScript

The ChatScript developer tool is very powerful and very flexible. It should be a strong contender for any developers that wish to do some, but not all, of the work required to create a strong and unique Chatbot that is as customizable as you allow it to be.

15. PandoraBot


The bot uses natural language processing and your inputted information to create audio and text-based conversations with users. They have a very popular playground, which is a sandbox method that allows you to play with the tool. It is a good testing function that helps beginners familiarize themselves with the tool and its many functions.


It is hard to figure out which target audience the developers were aiming for. It comes across as somewhat of a tool for casual users that want to play with the idea of a ChatBot. It may be useful for people that want to test the water with a new Chatbot.

17. Imperson


The Imperson Company has tried hard to make their tool less of an automated FAQ tool. The developers have created a system that encourages you to enter lots of information in a way that generates longer and more in-depth conversations.


The GupShup tools are mostly for people that understand a fair amount about programming. Yet, even with little programming knowledge, you are able to create a Chatbot very quickly and very efficiently. The website makes creating your bot very easy.


With this tool, you are able to create a Chatbot that appears personable and friendly. It is a good tool for getting people started with a conversation before a real-life person takes over. You may create interactive stories with branching plots.

20. Bot qq


Create a Chatbot that offers fast publishing, semantic understanding, and voice/image processing. Create custom scripts that you may build in your own language. There is also a release testing function that allow say to test your Chatbot before it goes online.


As you can see by this article, there is plenty of choice out there for people that wish to create chatbots. The most obvious piece of advice is that you should shop around to find one that suits your purposes and your budget. It is also worth learning as much as you can about each tool so that you may customize it more deeply and create a Chatbot that mimics artificial intelligence more effectively.

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