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Top 20 Best Sites for Video Creators to Make Money

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From blogging, resume services, to vlogging, making money online has never been easier. Today, people make money uploading videos online hassle free not to mention that becoming a writer is equally rewarding. In this post, I walk you through websites that pay video creators who share their content online.


1. YouTube Partner Video Monetization

Have you ever wondered why daily video uploads on YouTube run into hundreds of millions? Well, from Top Musicians, Vloggers, Media houses to Individuals sharing their products online, YouTube video monetization program is perhaps the most popular today.


Those who wish to apply should meet certain thresholds such as 4000 video viewing within 1 year and at least 1000 subscribers. Next step is signing for Adsense program, and of course after agreeing with YouTube partner program TLCs. Choose how you want to make money with video such type of Ads to appear on your content.

2. Facebook for Creators-Ad Breaks


Facebook, since its inception, has never shied away from showing a huge interest in creative arts. Today, its monetization platform, Ad Breaks, is very popular. Once you are eligible to monetizing short video ads which can be up to 3 minutes, creators have all the control in their hands such as choosing the type of advertisers and video categories. Moreover, only pages with up to 10,000 followers and not personal profile accounts qualify. Set language preference and country for a more targeted niche then start to make money with videos on Facebook.

3. Amazon Prime Video Direct

You may have already heard about affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates and those who earn money by reviewing products on the platform, but that is not all. With Amazon Prime Video Direct, you get paid for creating your passion.


There has never been a better way for studios, independent filmmakers and video content distributors to reach worldwide audiences than Prime Video Direct by Amazon. Creators earn royalties depending on content purchases, rentals, views, and impressions.

4. Video on Twitter


Social media platforms continue to battle for numbers because nothing matters in the marketing world like data. Did you know one can get paid to upload videos on Twitter? Well, the platform has an earn money online platform, where brands get to make an impact via advertising. Vloggers are at the center of it, and knowing the power of the platform in building brands,Video on Twitter will take your love for tweets to next level when money starts coming in.

5. Partner Program partner program levels up your affiliate marketing. You get paid for streaming content such as videos, music download, art, TV talk show programs, and any other thing. Sign up for monetization programs such as bits, Ads, channels & emote. It is also important that one conforms to partnership criteria before he or she can start earning from sports streaming among other wide-ranging activities.

6. DailyMotion


DailyMotion is another popular website where creators earn money from their video content. There are three different ways of making money with your content at DailyMotion namely: paid content, website, and video monetization. Subscribers enjoy advanced features such as revenue analytics, logo overlay, and player customization.

7. Vimeo on Demand


Vimeo is another popular video platform where content creators can earn money doing what they love most. Here, you earn from selling videos directly to fans. The site provides you with powerful and professional support such API integration and is dedicated to supporting talents. You can go for a Vimeo on Demand free 30-day membership or sign up for a Pro account straightaway.

8. Disney Digital Network


Disney‘s Digital platform Network for content monetization, creators can now reach the right audiences with powerful brand stories told in inspiring videos and make money while at it. Here, you also have a chance of working with the best brands such as Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and professional editorial staff and creators who help spread your skills across over 350 social media channels.

9. Yeoh

There are plentiful make money video sites, and Yeoh is another one to consider. Once you sign up, one is introduced into a community of creators who share videos. You can make new friends, upload content, join groups and subscribe to channels.

10. The Vault-Video Monetization


The Vault-Video Monetization works in simple and easy steps. Capture your content, upload and start making money. The website also has a platform, Break Vault where one gets access to advanced properties that help make a video go viral, YouTube Premium CPM and you are also able to sell to partners looking for great content.

11. Brightcove Video Monetization and Advertising

At Brightcove Monetization platform, users who wish to make money from their content bypassing expensive in-house production costs. Some of the ways to monetize your content include: metadata-driven Ads, companion Ads, Ad cue points and through Ad server integrations.

12. Kaltura Smart Video Monetization & Marketing

To start monetizing your content on Kaltura, you will need to, first of all, create an account. Options for earning are creating Ads, content distribution and live streaming. Users can set prices, discounts and create coupons, of all of which they can do using devices such as tablets and smartphones.

13. Partner

smores-tv-partner Partnership program is another video for money platform. Start earning money by streaming content in no time. From gaming upgrades, skins, virtual currency, users have many reward systems from which to choose.Choose a platform and earn points the more people watch your content.

14. DTube


It is time to start earning beyond doing media resume jobs by integrating videos into your affiliate marketing program at DTube. The sign-up and video upload processesare easy and fast. The more hot, trending or new videos, the more one earns. Users can also mark videos as watch later, a feature which is similar to YouTube’s.

15. Ooyala Video Monetization Platform


If you haven’t heard about Ooyala, here is your real chance to do so and probably start sharing and earn when people download movies. There are many ways of making money on this platform such as from Ads, pay-per-view, and subscriptions. The platform provides you with publishing, analytics, and delivery tools. The website has many other impressive programs and resources to help make your work easy.

16. Playwire


Playwire, through revenue intelligence (data lake, machine learning, human intelligence, Ad serving, and Ad selection), connects advertisers and content creators who want to monetize their videos. It is a platform that gives you a voice to partner with the right people through digital advertising. There are plentiful packages and with over 1 Billon streamed videos, Playwire is worth giving a try.

17. is meant to help video creators grow their popularity on YouTube. On the platform, you get free access to thousands of sound effects and music tracks. Moreover, you choose from over 80,000 communities which you want to subscribe to. Creators get paid from brand deals, content claims, and referral programs.

18. Broadband TV


On this website, you earn by sharing inspiring stories captured in videos. Users have access to cutting-edge technologies, an enabling storytelling environment, and solutions to their everyday content creation challenges. Choose a community, build a brand following, be in charge of own content and start earning big at Broadband TV.

19. Wochit Publishers

Wochit gives you access to not only a video monetization platform, but also more than 108 million licensed editorial and creative tools to help tell your story. Create a storyboard, publish and start trending for more money on Wochit publishers’ platform. It gives you more power to share and earn the way you would with Photoshop online.


From news about politics, celebrities, fashion to movie trailers and entertainment, partner platform is another place where millions of people go to download films as you, the creator, earn from their activities. Moreover, Ad integration in your views scales earning options which is a great way to level your job.

Author: Neal Davis

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