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7 Tips to Build a Platform as a Social Media Influencer

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There are so many factors to consider when you’re looking to create a name for yourself on social media. Often times, people look at the number of social media influencers and assume that the market is already saturated. Truthfully, you’ve only seen the beginning of social media influencing. This niche will continue to expand. As a result, brands and major companies will continue to look for people who are willing to promote various products on their respective pages. If you’re truly interested in making this a career, consider the following seven tips to get started.


1. Decide Your Niche

In most cases, people create content based on their passions. Take a look at what you’re most passionate about. If you love food, you can create content that teaches people how to create stunning and delicious food. If you’re a lover of fashion, there’s always room for another amazing fashionista at the influencing table.

2. Create a Content Calendar


Once you’ve decided what you’d like to write about, become intentional about creating a content calendar. Always plan your content well in advance. This will help you as you work towards creating a platform for yourself. If you’re constantly scrambling to get content prepared, you’re going to fall behind. If anything, try to plan out your posts a few weeks in advance. Once you’ve created, edited and finalized your posts, upload them to a scheduling program like Buffer or Hootsuite. When you automate the posts, you can set them on a timer. Once you’ve scheduled the publishing process, the program will take care of the rest.

3. Collaborate on a Regular Basis

Though it might be nerve-wracking at first, put yourself out there even more by collaborating with other influencers. Whether it’s a photo shoot, podcast feature or a video marketing series, find ways to develop a rapport with other influencers and content creators. It can be a lonely field. This is why it’s best to reach out to those who really understand what you’re doing. Plus, you can benefit from gaining more followers when you collaborate with new audiences. Simultaneously, you’ll build your brand and help others build theirs.


4. Reach out to Brands

Think of social media influencing in the same vein as freelance writing. You’ll need to pitch your content and brand to other brands and companies. While it’s one thing to put your head down and work consistently on your content, there’s nothing wrong with making money in the process. No matter what your following number is, do your research.

Find out how many followers you need in order to achieve certain brand deals. Then, make those numbers your goal. On the way to reaching various following numbers, reach out to brands and pitch yourself. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t reach out through the direct message or private message on the actual social media platforms. That’s a great way to get lost in the bunch. Instead, draft an email that’s concise, informative and intentional.

Visit the company’s website to see if there are any directions for those who are inquiring about social media influencing opportunities with the company. Be mindful of the fact that you’ll get declined or ignored for a while by some companies. However, the right ones will say yes. Don’t get discouraged by the rejection. Instead, develop a thick skin and keep progressing.

5. Create Separate Business Accounts

As you will be getting compensated for your social media influencing efforts, you’ll want to create a separate business bank account and set up a legal business entity. Whether you choose to set up a sole proprietorship or an LLC, get these tasks done. You don’t want to mix your personal expenses with your business expenses. Additionally, business accounts on social media are extremely wise for research purposes. Social media business accounts are also helpful in legitimizing your presence on the platform.

6. Pay Attention to Your Analytics


Your analytics will tell you almost everything you need to know. From a social media perspective, a business account is so helpful. An app like Instagram provides tons of statistics that will show you how many people have seen your content, saved it or shared it with others.

7. Look for Ways to Improve

It’s easy to get into a rhythm. Once you’ve found a formula that seems to work, it only makes sense to stick with it. However, it’s essential that you test different strategies and look for new ways to grow. You never want to get stagnant and stale. If you don’t push yourself, this can easily become a mediocre hobby. Get a mentor or a coach who can show you ways you can improve. Pay attention to marketers and their messages to those who are looking to improve their craft. From time to time, try a different photographer for content. New perspectives make things interesting.

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