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Top 20 Platforms to Build Your Own Mobile App

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Smartphones have indeed made our life easier as they assist us in performing a lot of tasks easily which would otherwise consume a lot of time and energy. As the computing power of these devices surges, they are becoming indispensable for us. Whether you need to buy grocery or find the correct way at an unknown place, smartphones can accomplish these tasks for you in just a few clicks and taps. These devices are indeed very powerful, but it is the mobile application that unleashes its real potential. Mobile apps make the use of the advanced logical and computational abilities of these devices and help you perform the most complex tasks with utmost ease. Whether you wish to develop a HTML5 or a native app, the app development platforms can come in handy for you.


Gone are the days, when the development of the mobile apps was restricted to a few developers and others had to rely on them for the apps and games. It is the era of mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows which have pursued the app development process very aggressively and have come up with IDEs, SDKs and APIs which makes the job of the developers quite easy. The developers can use these platforms to their maximum advantage and in return, create apps which can be the potential game changers.

The best part of some of these mobile application platforms like Android is that they are open source and do not require any license to be purchased. Moreover, they also provide guidelines, tutorials and other manuals for the developers to help them tide over any issues that they may face during the development process.

popular-mobile-apps-development Platforms

Publishing the apps has also been simplified as most of the mobile platforms have come up with their own application stores which act as one-stop shop for downloading free and paid mobile applications. There are easy ways which you can use to monetize your app and make good money out of them. You can either sell the app for a fixed price, earn revenues by posting ads on them or offer in-app purchases. All these features are handled efficiently by the app stores and developers are given their due.

Easy monetization and development support from the mobile platforms also means that anyone interested in programming and ideas in the mind can create his or her applications. Apart from the platforms provided by the mobile operating systems, there are hosts of other platforms that can come in handy when you develop your own application for the smartphones, tablets or even wearables.

Most Popular Mobile App Development Platforms

Mobile Roadie


It is a simple app creator which allows the users to build their own Android or iOS apps and manage them with ease. You can incorporate any media type as it supports a wide range of them. It is also possible to import the RSS feeds and Google/Twitter news keywords automatically. A fan wall is provided which refreshes on its own and keeps you connected with your friends over chat. You can easily push and pull content using several methods like XML and JSON parsing or formats like HTML, CSV and PHP.

This app creator runs on the cloud and takes the paradigm of DIY to the next level. Apps for Windows, Android and iOS can be built without the knowledge of coding. You just need to drag and drop the pages and you get a cross-platform HTML5 app in return which is compatible with all the platforms including Blackberry.

Good Barber
Good Barber is an app development platform where you can create custom Android and iOS apps with control over every feature without writing a single line of code. Several icons, Google Fonts and templates are offered to get started.
It is an app developer that requires no coding and is based on cloud. Using Appery, applications for Android, Windows and iOS can be built with ease. The app builder also includes Phone Gap. The users do not have to download or install it as it runs on the cloud.

The App Builder


A range of apps are made available to the users using which they can build their own application. The online toolkit can be used to create the applications that can be customized by using App Library.

This app development platform is a boon for small businesses. You can build the app on your own or get it developed by a BuildFire developer free of cost. The dashboard provided, can be used to create apps without any knowledge of coding.

MobiCart is especially for e-commerce companies who wish to take their store to the mobile ecosystem. It connects your mobile store to PayPal and let you send and receive payments online securely and conveniently.

BiznessApps makes the process of developing a mobile app for your business, a simple and easy task. An easy-to-use CMS provided along with it helps you push and modify the contents for the app.



This app maker has everything that is required to develop a mobile app replete with features and also its publishing and monetization. The content management system of ShoutEm can also be integrated with sources like Facebook, WordPress, and many others.

With this DIY application development platform, you can create diverse apps with lots of features without any knowledge of coding. Features like push notifications, live-updates, Google Map integration and many more can be incorporated into the apps.

GENWI is an app publishing platform which allows you to build and manage the apps on several mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and HTML5. Different media like photos, videos and audio can be added to the apps. Other features that generate revenues can also be incorporated into the applications.

This app builder platform is especially for singers and bands. Using MobBase, you can create apps that let you connect with your fans, upload your songs and do various other stuff by adding the RSS feeds. It thus, becomes easy for the fans to book the tickets and stay apprised of your schedules.

This platform for app development is popular for its ease-of-use. You can create apps for Android, iOS and Windows and distribute them through Mippin. The platform offers flexibility in designing the app.

This app maker platform is very simple to use as the users have to just worry about the content and rest of the job will be done by it. MyAppBuilder even publishes the app on your behalf on different app stores.



It is an ideal tool for creating native iOS or Android app for your business and take it to the next level. Offering a drag and drop interface, AppMachine allows you to add a host of features without actually coding them.

It is one of the most inexpensive ways to create, manage and update the apps for your business on different mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Content can be updated through SwebApps in real time.

RunRev can be used to develop mobile application using LiveCode which is a language much like English. You can build iOS and Android apps which can utilize the full potential of operating systems and can be deployed to any platform.

Taplytics is basically a testing solution for mobile application which allows project managers and developrs to test and update the apps without any knowledge of programming. Instant updates can be provided by the use of visual app editor.



Game Salad is a platform that lets you create games and publish them on several platforms like Android, iOS, OSX, and HTML5. The interface is quite simple and you can drag and drop components of the app.

It is a browser based app builder with drag and drop features that you can use to create customized and feature-rich mobile apps for Android, iOS and HTML5. Advanced app management tools are also provided with EachSpace.


These mobile application development platforms have been designed so as to assist the developers to program great apps using minimum lines of code as many of the functionality have been made available through the APIs and drag and drop interfaces. Even the non-developers can create their own mobile application with little practice and even publish them for the world to see. It is also a great way to earn a good amount of money if the app developed is downloaded by a number of users. Make a choice that best suits your business requirements and model.

Author: Ashni Sharma

Ashni Sharma, the author of this blog is an application developer working with AppsChopper, a pioneer in application development industry. With an extensive experience in designing and development of mobile apps, Ashni also takes out time to write about various aspects of application development. An avid supporter of innovation, she has inspired many novice developers to build applications with brilliant ideas.

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