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20 Must-Have Blogging Tools to Promote Your Content

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Many bloggers sometimes wish that some aspects of their profession were easier. Content promotion certainly leads the list of these aspects, as it requires a tremendous effort and time investment. Besides, the competition is fierce. According to the 2017 data presented by Hosting Fact, there are more than 2 million blog posts published on the Internet every day. Worldometers even has a feature that shows how many blog posts are written each day.


How does one increase the chance for success in this vast sea of content? Clearly, standing out among millions of other bloggers is overwhelming. But there is no reason to panic. There are different content promotion tools for you to use. In this article, we’ll review twenty tools just for that.

1. Post During High Engagement Times with Buffer

With millions of daily users, social media can provide the kind of exposure any blogger would want. The time when you upload your blog post to social media matters, though. The research has found that even though social media is an active spot every day throughout the week, some days yield better engagement than others.

An infographic on Kissmetrics revealed that the best time to post on Facebook was Saturday by day and noon by hour. That’s when posts enjoy the maximum attention.


This data suggests that you need a tool that helps to post at these high engagement times. That’s Buffer. It allows managing multiple social media accounts and scheduling when your posts appear. Using Buffer is quite easy:

  • Select your social media profile
  • Enter the information about the post with the link
  • Add the post to the queue


2. Reshare High-Performing Posts Using Hiplay

Let’s assume your blog uses a lot of evergreen content. This type of content does not lose relevance over time if compared with time critical one, so it can perform well on a consistent basis. A good example of evergreen content is how-to articles (“How to Learn a Foreign Language” etc.). According to experienced bloggers, timeless blog posts provide a long-term approach to content strategy and an increase in your voice in the online world.


But what if evergreen content on your blog gets lost in the sea of new posts? If you’re facing this problem, you have to use Hiplay. It allows to re-post popular articles such as evergreen content to the Buffer queue.


As the result, you can save selected posts and share them multiple times. A complete integration with Buffer makes the process a lot easier.

3. Build Relationships with BuzzStream

Inserting external links to reliable sites into your blog post allows to increase the chances of being found on Google and establish relationships with the owners of sites who share your articles. However, if you insert around 20 links in every article, you might have a hard time emailing everyone.

Don’t worry, though, BuzzStream makes it easy. With it, you can research, organize, and plan your outreach as well as keep track of all your conversations.


4. Research New Ideas for Posts with BuzzSumo

Writing about new, creative ideas is something that all bloggers need to be popular. To get inspired, knowing the latest and trending topics could be a great advantage. BuzzSumo is a tool that helps with getting inspired and performing the research of the most popular topics on the Internet. Here’s how it’s done.

Type in the keywords in the search bar at BuzzSumo’s site. We’ll be using “iPhone.”


Then, click on Go! button and wait for a second while the system generates results. Here’s what we found.


The most popular articles, topics, all filtered by date, language, country, word count etc. are there. Time to get inspired!

5. Increase Your Bottom Line with Click to Tweet

You should know this one. Remember those boxes in articles that invite you to click them to tweet the most important findings?


This nifty tool can make your readers interact with the content, and we all know how great it is for content promotion. Let’s get you this small but effective tool! It’s called Click To Tweet, obviously, and it is a free plugin created by Coschedule.


After installing it, you can add these boxes to your content as well, all with one click.

6. Promote Content to Readers with Quuu Promote

If you’re experiencing a bit of content exposure crisis, this tool can be a huge help. It was designed specifically for helping people to promote their content to large audiences. Every article submitted to the system is checked by real curators to ensure it meets the standards.


7. Create Beautiful Visuals with Canva

Over 50 percent of all people are visual learners. According to Jeff Bullas, articles with images receive 94 percent more total views than those without. That’s why your blog should contain powerful visuals to make the content more attractive to the visitors.

Canva is a free online tool for creating stunning original visuals for great blog posts. You can use a vast collection of templates or create your own templates.


8. Increase Effectiveness of Marketing Effort with Instapage

Many bloggers do not understand what is the big deal with landing pages is. Does a blog really need one? Absolutely! Conducting a marketing campaign without a landing page is like going fishing without a net!

Instapage is a tool that ensures your fishing will be effective. You can welcome new readers to your blog or offer them some products with a good-looking landing page, which is something this tool can help you create.


9. Create Quizzes with Qzzr

Interactive content such as quizzes is a great tool for increasing the interest in your content. According to Klick, 81 percent of marketers said that interactive content was more effective at grabbing the attention of viewers than static content.

Make a quiz with Qzzr and embed them on your blog to improve the popularity of your content.


10. Create Infographics with Piktochart

When creating visuals, every blogger should remember about infographics. Their effectiveness could be demonstrated by the fact that 41.5 percent of online marketers viewed them as producing the highest engagement among the other types of visual content.


Piktochart is one of the most popular and easy tools for creating infographics that work. A wide variety of customization features ensures your visuals are unique and appealing.

11. Choose How Your Blog Content Appears on Social Media with Social Warfare

Every blogger knows that visuals increase the interest to the content on social media. But how does one ensure that the way a blog content appears there is appealing to viewers? By using a tool called Social Warfare. It customizes images and text to every social network to ensure good appearance and allow more customization.


12. Produce Perfect Writing with Hemingway Editor

A poorly-written, low-quality content is #1 killer for your blog. Hemingway Editor allows you to improve the quality of your writing by eliminating typos, long and complex sentences, and irrelevant content. Become a professional essay writer with this tool.


13. Create Opt-in Forms with OptinMonster

If you need opt-in forms for your blog to increase conversion rates, you can use OptinMonster. The tool allows to manage multiple websites, too.


14. Produce Engaging Headlines with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

On average 8 out 10 blog viewers read the headline, and only 2 proceed to read the rest of the article. The research by OKDork and CoSchedule revealed a number of factors involved in an appealing headline, such as length and common words/phrases.


That’s why it is so important to produce appealing headlines. To ensure that your own ones are attractive for visitors, use the most popular Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule. We analyzed the title of this article, and here’s what we found.


15. Promote Content More Effectively with Mailshake

Are you thinking about writing influencers about cooperation with you? If yes, here is a great tool for connecting with them in an efficient and effective way (a Gmail is needed to start).


16. Automate Content Sharing with IFTTT

Wouldn’t be great if your new blog post was automatically posted on social media? It’s possible with IFTTT! It’s compatible with all popular social media and blogging platforms, and allows to automate sharing for free!


17. Increase Reach with Medium

This is a popular publishing platform that allows to increase your reach in the way you cannot if you’re a beginner blogger.


18. Collect Emails of Your Visitors with Hello Bar

Every blogger wants to connect with the visitors and build a vast base of readers to send promotional and educational emails to. Now you can accelerate your email collection effort with Hello Bar that shows the message when the visitor is reading your articles.


19. Grow Your Traffic with Taboola

This is one is a publishing platform just like Medium, but we recommend to use both to maximize your content promotion effort.


20. Automate Social Media Promotion with MeetEdgar

This scheduling social media scheduling tool that never runs out of content. For example, if it shared all posts from your blog that you’ve added, it begins resharing older articles that some of your readers might have missed.


The Bottom Line

Hope these tools are useful for accelerating your content promotion effort and expanding your reach like never before!

Author: Tom Jager

Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Proessaywriting. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals.

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